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The Seasons of Our Love

The Seasons of Our Love:


People often relate seasons of the year to seasons of a marriage. While each marriage is unique, I have noticed similarities. My wife and I just celebrated our 43rd anniversary in 2019, so indulge me for a few minutes.


     The springtime of our love was our meeting, our courtship and the early years of our marriage. While not stress-free, it was remembered as young love, passions, can’t-wait-to-see-each-other, not-wanting-to-say-goodnight-to-each-other and just wanting to be together all the time. When we were married, it was a magical time of seeing your best friend and lover all the time while trying to learn to blend two lives together.

     The summer of our love was having and raising kids. At first, to see birth was magical…each time. But it quickly gave way to middle-of-the-night feedings and long walks burping the babies. Suddenly, there were little human beings interfering with our time together. Then, as the kids got older, we discovered that our ideas on discipline were different. That was fun (NOT)! School, sports, youth group and a myriad of other things all took time. Having time together with my lover and best friend took planning. The spontaneity was gone. And our finances got a lot tighter. Sacrifices had to be made. We seemed to argue more about everyday things. The heat of summer seemed to wither our love. It wasn’t dying, it was just changing form. It was deepening and maturing. Love making was no longer spontaneous and wildly passionate. It had to be planned and was more predictable. But sweet and very fulfilling nonetheless.

     We didn’t want to make the mistakes that our parents made. We were going to do a better job. But as time went on, we realized that we were making our own mistakes. We also realized that our parents did some really good things. And we understood them better and appreciated them more. We really wanted the best for our kids. We wanted them to learn the lessons that took us so long to learn. We also learned that God loves our kids more than we do and His love can cover a multitude of sins.

     In the fall of our love, we became empty-nesters. Once again, it was just the two of us. Best friends and lovers but older, wiser and a little more sag in our bodies. But the sparkle in the eye is still there. She can still melt me with her smile. We began to exercise the gifts God has so graciously given us. She to a ministry to women. Me to being an adult bible teacher in our church. Time together is easier to plan. We see our friends more often. Our boys bring their friends over to spend time with us. They start asking us for advice every now and then (surprise)! Then they enlarge our family by getting married and having kids of their own. We have daughters-in-love, not daughters-in-law, something my parents modeled for us. We include their parents and siblings in family get-togethers. God has created our own little family dynasty. Tough times still happen but we’ve learned to seek God’s guidance thru them. Our life isn’t perfect but its pretty darn good. Finances aren’t so tight. We can go on date nights again.



     Now is the winter of our love. We’re retired and busier than ever. Our individual ministries keep us running. We have a church small group of friends that are our age that we’ve walked thru life with for the last 10 years or so. Precious friends that we’ve laughed, cried and prayed with thru life’s experiences. We’re blessed with great grandkids that we’re very involved with. We’re passing on what we’ve learned in 43 years of marriage by teaching our church’s pre-marital class. We travel more.  We love each other more deeply. Patti walked with me thru throat cancer, just as we will walk with each other thru death’s door into the loving arms of Jesus when He calls us home.

     Our winter is the reward of walking with Jesus thru all the ups and downs of life. Our seasons of love have layered upon each other, like building floors on a foundation. There were times when the floors weren’t finished and didn’t look so good. The storms came and damaged the floors. Sometimes rebuilding needed to happen. But the foundation (Jesus) stood firm. And now, the building is finished. It looks great and is functioning well. And it’s all because of the foundation.

     These are the seasons of our love. No matter how your seasons have worked out, if you know Jesus when your seasons end, you’ll be welcomed into a new season of unimaginable joy that will never end.


For His Kingdom,
Dave Maynard

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Launch Day has arrived.
You can launch this Ministry Training School in your African church now.  Read below for details.

Today we launched Africa Network Ministry Training School for members of Africa Network BFTF in Africa to launch their own training schools and train others to train others to train others etc. You get the picture.

Studying the Foundations to be able to train others who train new believers. All the lessons from the Foundations are now on video along with review questions answered.
Register and set up a Ministry Training School for just $20. 
Are you a ministry in Africa - join Africa Network BFTF for free and apply to run a school today here.



Membership in Africa Network BFTF is free. 

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Healthcare.God, Part 5

Today we deal with the final installment of this series.  It is entitled "Better Than Just Healthcare!".

What could possibly be better than healthcare?  This has been billed as the greatest thing that could possibly happen to mankind, but those who present it this way are just wrong.  Let's look at the Word of God and see what could possibly top this.


Tell Them Outreach

Email: info@tellthemoutreach.com



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We know that there is a purpose in receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, to lift up and present Jesus.  But, there are also "tools" that the Lord has given us, by the Holy Spirit, that people may know that we properly represent the SAME Jesus that told us that " we would receive power".

Let's look at these "Gifts", their purpose and our responsibility.

Remnant Church Bible Institute



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We continue in the teaching on "How Do We Receive The Baptism In The Holy Spirit?"

The fact that Jesus told us to wait until we receive this Promise of the Father as His "Last Words" on earth is significant.  Let's take a deeper look into what He said, and is saying, to us.

You may lean more about Remnant Church Bible Institute by going to http://www.rcbi-edu.org  You may also contact me (Dr. A.S. Francis) at: rcbi-edu@outlook.com or call us at (409) 234-5854

We want to help you reach your full potential in your walk with the Lord and in ministry!

Remnant Church Bible Institute - How Do We Receive The Baptism In The Holy Spirit? - Part 2 at http://tobtr.com/s/6594037

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Much has been said in recent years regarding "character".  It is true that we need to have character before the Lord and those that we come in contact with, but what does that mean.

The Lord has allowed me to make some observations and has given me some direction in this matter. Join me today and let's take a look at this important subject.

You may learn more regarding Tell Them Outreach Church, Fellowship and Network by going to http://tellthemoutreach.org or email at: info@tellthemoutreach.com  You may also call us at (409) 234-5854


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The "Last Words" of Jesus, when He was physically on the earth, spoke of the Holy Spirit.  It is important that we receive The Promise Of The Father...

Listen to the new teaching session of RCBI - How Do We Receive The Baptism In The Holy Spirit? at http://tobtr.com/s/6588041

Enroll as a student in Remnant Church Bible Institute by going to the web site at:http://www.rcbi-edu.org or contact us at: rcbi-edu@outlook.com and you may call us at: (409) 234-5854

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Spirit Alive Magazine-August 2013 Issue

Spirit Alive Magazine-August 2013 Issue

Spirit Alive Magazine- Engaging, Informative and Powerful magazine for Christians.

Find out more on MagCloud

Spirit Alive Magazine is on the MOVE Transforming Lives for Christ.  We are gaining momentum in the Christian Media arena.  If you are interested in advertising your business, ministry or event in our magazine please contact us via email at spiritalive12@gmail.com For special price rating type in HeyPapi in the text area 
We look forward to advertising your ministry, business, event or talent.
Dr. Lila Robinson
Spirit Alive Magazine
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We come to you with another message dealing with the Great Commission.  Today we deal with two (2) words..."All Nations".

Please ... Listen to the message!


You may learn more about Tell Them Outreach Church and Tell Them Outreach Fellowship & Network by visiting our web site at: http://tellthemoutreach.org

We also have a Bible Institute, Remnant Church Bible Institute.  Please take a look at: http://www.rcbi-edu.org

You are also welcome to call us at: 409-234-5854

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This is our teaching broadcast of the Remnant Church Bible Institute for Saturday, March 15, 2014.  You are invited to learn more and become at student at RCBI.

Our web site is http://www.rcbi-edu.org

No one is denied based on financial or education limitations.  Diploma programs are available and credits are accepted, at select institutions, for degree programs.

Listen to today's teaching!


You may contact me at: rcbi-edu@outlook.com

Dr. August S. Francis

Chancellor, Remnant Church Bible Institute

General Overseer, Tell Them outreach Church, Fellowship & Network

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This recorded message is from our Blog Talk Radio Broadcast of Saturday, March 1, 2014.

We invite you to a part of our listening audience, via the live broadcast or listen to our archived messages.

Join us for this broadcast and visit our web site at http://tellthemoutreach.org



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The Lordship of Jesus!

This is taken from our broadcast on Blog Talk Radio.  We invite you to be a part of our listening audience.  We broadcast every Saturday morning at 9:30am (Central).

Tell Them Outreach Broadcast - The Lordship Of Jesus, Part 4 at: Tell Them Broadcast

You may also visit out broadcast page by the following link: Tell Them Outreach Broadcast on BlogTalk

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Beautiful space for rent. Office space for rent as well as space for worship services or special events.. Maybe you need space for a board or staff meeting. This is a perfect space for trainings. This space is perfectly locate in a prime area of Upper Darby, PA and is located within walking distance to several modes of transportation. The capacity of the common area is 80-90 people. Kitchen facilities on site. Beautifully decorated and perfect for intimate and cozy events.For more information, please contact Bishop Kia Everett, MHS,MS or Kimberly Corbett @ 610-228-0282.
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We invite you to become a part of Remnant Church Bible Institute.

RCBI is an online and physical Bible Institute dedicated to helping to prepare people who are serious about ministry.  We believe that Paul, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit told us to prepare others in the Body of Christ for working the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13).

We also believe that those who cannot afford to leave their jobs and go to a Bible College and those who cannot afford the financial burden should not be denied the opportunity to receive a "Practical Ministry" Bible Education.

Listen to the lesson in this posting and go to http://www.rcbi-edu.org and register to get things started.

Remnant Church Bible Institute First Things First - Chapter 3 Lesson 3 at http://tobtr.com/s/5065479.

Remnant Church Bible Institute

Tell Them Outreach Fellowship and Network

Tell Them Outreach

Email: info@tellthemoutreach.com

Phone: (409) 234-5854

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The Next Lesson from Remnant Church Bible Institute.  Become a part of RCBI.  Contact us at: rcbi-edu@outlook.com

Remnant Church Bible Institute (http://rcbi-edu.org ) First Things First - Chapter 3 Lesson 1 at http://tobtr.com/s/5043459

RCBI is a ministry of Tell Them Outreach Church, Beaumont TX.  We invite you to get details and register.  We are preparing people for ministry in the Body of Christ.  Find out more at: http://www.rcbi-edu.org

Call us at (409) 234-5854

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We continue in the teaching of Remnant Church Bible Institute.  This is our first core course, "First Things First" by Russel A. Board.

Your Instructor - Bishop August S. Francis, D.Min.; PhD Th

Chapter 2 of First Things First - Lesson 2a at:


For more information about Remnant Church Bible Institute, please contact us at: rcbi-edu@outlook.com

Or visit our web site at: http://www.rcbi-edu.org

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This is a special series under the general title, "Into All The World".  Jesus said to GO and preach the Gospel to every creature!  Who do we consider to be a CREATURE?

Follow this series and let the Holy Spirit ask you!

"Into All The World" on Tell Them Outreach Church broadcast, Beaumont TX at .

You may contact Tell Them Outreach

Email:  info@tellthemoutreach.com

Phone: 1 (409) 234-5854

Web Site: Tell Them Outreach Church

                    Tell Them Outreach Fellowship

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