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Bethel's Flood Relief in South India

Dear Friends in LORD JESUS,

Like in the days of Noah, since October 2015 to the begging of December 2015, heavy and non-stop rains; caused by El - Nino down poured and caused deluge, floods, deaths, damages to buildings, crops and many more things. 150 years of history has never experienced such a devastation. The Capital city of Chennai sank in 10 to 20 feet deep water. Total failure of electricity, telephone, and non availability of drinking water, food or shelter and total halt of bus, train and international flights is now "A NATIONAL CALAMITY".

I am giving you my blog link here and by just clicking the link you can read full details and see some pictures and video clipping.


We as a 26 year old, Registered national NGO, the most trust worthy Society are asking the Lord to give us resources and funds to go to Chennai with relief to Slum Dwelling people and give them some sustainable support. It will be helping them to re-construct and refurbish and repair their homes,To assist their children with study materials and to help some to start their small business..etc.

I want God's Children to Pray for the suffering people and for us to be provided with needed funds and materials. For more details you can contact me.


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