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Christian hip-hop artist Mission O.’s intense style leads the listener on a lyrical journey to the love of God. Admiring veteran talents like The Temptations, New Edition, Kirk Franklin, Kendrick Lamar, J-Cole and Lecrae, he fuses traditional music genres into what he calls a “musical gumbo” that uplifts, inspires and awakens one’s consciousness. BACKGROUND - Growing up in Orangeburg, South Carolina, Mission O., and his siblings performed at churches around the state. Later as a soldier in the Army at Fort Carson, Colorado, his affinity, and skills for music flourished while he performed as part of a local choir. As his reputation grew, he was repeatedly told he would one day minister to millions. After being deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom, Mission O.’s hopes were dashed. He not only feared a loss of his dreams, but also his life. It was then that God affirmed his desires with a vision of golden music notes in the sky. After realizing God had not abandoned him, writing, recording, and pursuing music became his mission. DISCOGRAPHY Just completed Love Unrelenting is ready for the airwaves. With the sincerity and simplicity of Stormzy, while harkening to Common’s social issues sound off, Mission O. is an artist the world will choose to accept.

To learn more about Mission O including scheduling for booking of events, and subscribing to his newsletter, please visit the website at https://www.mission-o.com

#MissionO #HOPE #AshleyBrown #LetsGo #MissionO4Sure

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According to Musk’s plan, if these can be realized, more than 370 original parts will be replaced, and aluminum extrusions will be directly replaced on battery trays, battery shells or some body structural parts. Whether integrated die casting can catch up in the field of automotive aluminum involves many factors, and traditional deformed aluminum alloy aluminum cnc machining enterprises need to carefully study and deal with them. For new energy vehicles, which are not bound by traditional design concepts and can be freely innovated, the suitable material has not yet been finalized. Whether it is integrated die-casting, aluminum rolling, or aluminum extrusion technology, I have mastered the technology. The law of development can only go further and have the last laugh.
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General Rule Of Knife Path

Rough opening: Under the maximum load of the machine tool, in most cases, the largest possible knife, the largest possible feed amount, and the fastest possible feed should be used. In the case of the same tool, the feed is inversely proportional to the feed amount. Under normal circumstances, the load of the machine tool is not a problem, and the principle of tool selection is mainly based on whether the two-dimensional angle and three-dimensional arc of the product are too small. After the tool is selected, the tool length is determined. The principle is that the tool length is greater than the machining depth. For large workpieces, it is necessary to consider whether the chuck interferes.

Smooth knife: The purpose of the smooth knife is to meet the precision cnc machining experience requirements of the surface finish of the workpiece and to reserve an appropriate allowance. Similarly, the light knife uses the largest knife and the fastest time possible, because the fine knife takes a long time, and the most suitable feed and feed are used. Under the same feed, the larger the lateral feed, the faster. The surface feed amount is related to the finish after machining, and the feed size is related to the surface shape of the surface. In the case of not damaging the surface, leave the minimum allowance, Use the largest knife, the fastest speed, and the appropriate feed.

Clamping Method

  • 1. All clamps are horizontal and vertical.
  • 2. Vise clamping: the clamping height should not be less than 10 mm, and the clamping height and cnc machining height must be specified when cnc machining metal parts. The cnc machining height should be about 5 mm higher than the plane of the vise, the purpose is to ensure the firmness, and at the same time not to hurt the vise. This kind of clamping is a general clamping, and the clamping height is also related to the size of the workpiece. The larger the workpiece, the larger the clamping height.
  • 3. Clamping of the splint: the splint is coded on the worktable with a code, and the workpiece is locked on the splint with a screw. This kind of clamping is suitable for workpieces with insufficient clamping height and large machining force. Generally, medium and large workpieces have better effect. .
  • 4. Code iron clamping: when the workpiece is large, the clamping height is not enough, and it is not allowed to lock the wire at the bottom, the code iron is used for clamping. This kind of clamping requires a second clamping, first code the four corners, process the other parts, and then code the four sides and process the four corners. When the second clamping, do not let the workpiece loose, first code and then loose. You can also code both sides first and process the other sides.
  • 5. Clamping of tools: if the diameter is above 10mm, the clamping length should not be less than 30mm; if the diameter is below 10mm, the clamping length should not be less than 20mm. The clamping of the tool should be firm, and the collision of the tool and the direct insertion of the workpiece should be strictly avoided.

Classification Of Tools And Their Scope Of Application

1. According to the material

  • White steel knife: easy to wear and tear, used for roughing copper and small steel materials.
  • Tungsten steel knife: used for cleaning corners (especially steel) and light knives.
  • Alloy knife: similar to tungsten steel knife.
  • Purple knife; used for high-speed cutting, not easy to wear.

2. According to the cutter head

  • Flat-bed knife: used for flat and straight sides to clear flat angles.
  • Ball knife: used for light and light knives on various curved surfaces.
  • Bull nose knife (with one side, two sides and five sides): used for roughing steel (R0.8, R0.3, R0.5, R0.4). Rough leather knife: used for rough cutting, pay attention to the allowance of the margin (0.3).

3. According to the cutter bar

  • Straight bar knife: Straight bar knife is suitable for various occasions.
  • Oblique bar knife: but not suitable for straight face and face with a slope less than the slope of the bar.

4. According to the blade

Two-blade, three-blade, four-blade, the more blades, the better the effect.

5. The difference between ball knife and flying knife light knife

Ball knife: When the concave ruler is smaller than the ball ruler, and the plane ruler is smaller than the ball R, the light will not reach (the bottom corner cannot be cleared).
Flying knife: The advantage is that it can clear the bottom corner. Comparison of the same parameters: V=R*ω, the speed is much faster (flying knife), the light is bright, and the flying knife is mostly used for the contour shape, and sometimes the flying knife does not need medium light. The disadvantage is that the size of the concave surface and the plane ruler are smaller than the diameter of the flying knife.

CNC With EDM, The Practice Of Copper

1. Under what circumstances do you need to be a copper worker:

The knife does not go down at all to make a copper male, and there is still a copper male that cannot go down. The shape is protruding and needs to be divided.

The knife can go down, but the knife that is easy to break also needs to be made of copper, which depends on the actual situation.

Products that require fire patterns need to be made of copper. If the copper male cannot be made, the bone position is too thin and too high, and the male is easily damaged and deformed. It is deformed during  cnc machining and sparks. At this time, inserts are required.

The surface of things processed by Tong Gong (especially the curved surface will be very smooth and uniform) can overcome many problems in fine gongs and many problems in drawing. When a precise shape or a large margin is required, a thick copper male must be made.

2. Tong Gong’s practice:

Select the surface to be the copper male, complete the supplemented surface, or extend the extended surface to ensure that all the edges of the copper male are larger than the edges to be punched and do not damage the surface of other products, and remove unnecessary cleaning. The plane angle (the intersection with the plane angle is a deeper glue position), and make up a regular shape; find the maximum shape of the copper male, use a boundary and then project it to the support surface; determine the size of the reference frame, cut off the support surface, and reach This copper public drawing is basically completed; material preparation: length * width * height, length and width ≥ Ymax and Xmax as the reference frame, the length and width of the actual copper material must be larger than the reference frame on the picture. Height ≥ theoretical size of copper male + reference frame height + clamping height.

The Problem Of The Number Of Drawings

  1. If there is no ready-made cnc milling surface, the plane is divided into four sides, the center is to the origin, the top is zero, and the top surface is uneven (for copper males) to leave a margin of 0.1, that is, when the number is touched, the actual value of 0 (z ), which is 0.1 lower on the graph.
  2. When there is a ready-made processing surface, make the ready-made face on the figure 0(z), and the plane can be divided into the middle, otherwise, the actual height, width and , the length is different from the drawing, and it is programmed according to the actual material. In general, it is first processed to the size on the drawing and then processed to the shape on the drawing.
  3. When multiple positions are required for processing, the first position (standard position), the benchmarks of the other positions must be set well, and the length, width and height must be
  4. The positioning of the inserts: put them in the whole, raise the bottom to a certain height, and then raise the height of the drawing. The plane is divided according to the whole, and the height is locked with screws under the drawing; The center can be divided into the middle; the rough point can be divided into the maximum shape; cut a fixture, according to the fixture, the relative position of the insert drawing and the fixture is determined, and then the origin of the drawing is placed at the center of the fixture.

The Choice Of Rough Cutting Path

1. Surface grooving

The key is the selection of the range and the selection of the face.

The area of ​​toolpath processing is: the selected surface within the selected range is the end surface, and the principle is all the places the tool can go from the highest point to the lowest point. The selected surface is preferably the whole surface, and the boundary can only be the area to be processed. The non-surface extends a distance of less than half the tool radius. Because there is enough margin for other surfaces, it is automatically protected; it is best to extend the lowest line, because There is an R gong at the lowest point.

Knife selection: If the tool cannot be fed spirally or obliquely, or the area that cannot be machined cannot be fed, the area where the tool cannot be fed is sealed and left for the second roughing.

Before the light knife, be sure to roughen all the areas that have not been roughened, especially the small corners, including two-dimensional corners, three-dimensional corners and sealed areas, otherwise the knife will be broken. Secondary roughing: generally use three-dimensional grooving to select the range, flat-bottomed knives, and those that can use plane grooving and contour tool paths. In the case of not hurting other surfaces, the center of the tool reaches the selected boundary. Generally, the boundary is not refined. Use a fast two-way angle depending on the situation. Helical feed, angle 1.5 degrees, height 1. The spiral lower knife is fed with an oblique line. Generally, the filter is turned on, especially when the curved surface is thickened.

  • Retraction: Generally, relative retraction is not required, but absolute retraction is used. When there is no island, relative retraction is used.
  • Plane grooving: milling various planes, concave and flat grooves, when milling part of an open plane, it is necessary to set the boundary, in principle, the tool can be fed (more than one tool diameter), the opening is more than half the tool diameter outside, closed peripheral.
  • Shape: When the selected plane is suitable for shape layering, use the shape layered knife (plane shape), when the point of lifting the knife and the point of the lower knife are at one point, the knife does not need to be lifted. ; The correction direction is generally right correction (smooth knife).
  • The tool path setting for mechanical correction: the correction number is 21, and the computer correction is changed to mechanical correction, and the feed is vertical feed. If the knife cannot pass, change the R to a larger value without leaving a margin.
  • Equal height shape: it is suitable for the closed surface. If the open surface is four circles, the surface should be sealed. If it is within four circles or non-four circles, the range and height should be selected (a certain arc-shaped feed and thickening are required.) ), used for roughing: the machining distance in any plane is less than one tool diameter, if it is greater than one tool diameter, a larger tool or two contours of equal height should be used.
  • Curved surface streamline: It has the best uniformity and brittleness, and it is suitable for light knives to replace contour shapes in many cases.
  • Radial tool path: suitable for cases with large holes in the middle (use less). Matters needing attention: bounce the knife, the knife is not sharp, the knife is too long, when the workpiece is too deep, it should go around and cannot go up and down; the surfaces on both sides of the sharp corner in the workpiece should be divided into two tool paths, and cannot be crossed. The edge of the light knife is the best Extend (advance and retreat with an arc).

Clear Angle

  • The clean angle here is the two-dimensional dead angle, which is the part that has not been reached in the previous process. If the light knife needs to go to the place, the angle should be cleaned first and then the light knife. If the angle is too small and deep, it can be divided into several knives. , do not use a knife to clear too many places.
  • Clear three-dimensional corners: open some small grooves and some three-dimensional corners.
  • The knife that is easy to break must be considered such as thin knife, too long, and excessive aluminum cnc machining volume (mainly z-direction, depth direction).
  • Tool path: Use two-dimensional shape to walk, only small corners (R0.8) and two-dimensional plane angles can be cleared; use parallel tool paths; use contours of equal height; there is a kind of curved surface and shape that cannot be reached by the knife. Dead corners should be sealed first, and then the corners should be cleared. Small gaps in the large surface are generally sealed first.

Medium Light

  1. Medium light: Steel and fine materials as curved surfaces are medium light.
  2. Principle: There is a lot of allowance between layers when the knife is roughened. In order to obtain a better effect when the knife is polished,
  3. Features: fast removal, large knife flying knife, large feed, large spacing; no need to worry about the surface quality; flat workpieces do not need to be in the light; workpieces with the same height shape do not need the middle light, when the contour shape is thick, it can be a little thinner Putting the two processes together, the finer point refers to the surface allowance and the distance between layers; whether medium light is required, another important factor is the material of the work, the harder the material, the medium light is considered; the cnc machining of medium light The direction and the roughness of the light knife are best relative to the processing of such things will have a good effect and uniformity.

Light Knife

The light knife is to meet the assembly requirements of various products and molds, so it must be very careful, and different tool path settings and parameter settings are given according to different requirements.

  • The lower and final height of the light knife are changed to 0. The tolerance design is within 1 wire, and no filtering is required (the smaller the workpiece, the smaller the tolerance, and the tolerance affects the appearance).
  • The front mold and parting surface should achieve the best finish, the rear mold can be inferior, and other non-matching and vacant positions can be rough.
  • The tool path design is determined by the following factors: specific shape (such as plane and other surfaces), steep surface and flat surface. Whether there is a sharp angle between the two sides (the sharp angle is separated). Whether the requirements of the two parts are different (whether or not to leave a margin, how much the margin is, and the requirements for the finish are different).

The problem of protecting the surface in the light knife is a big problem. The processed surface must be protected from errors during processing and protected according to the requirements of the protective surface. Range protection, 0 protection regardless of error, height range and plane range; protection surface protection. For the extension of the tool path, in the light knife, it is best to use an arc to advance and retract the tool when the tool path is processed to the edge, otherwise the surface is slightly extended in advance. Knife lift problem in Light Knife. Carrying knives is a waste of time, so try to avoid carrying knives.

  • Method 1: Set the knife clearance (small gap)
  • Method 2: Cover, seal the knife handle (small gap)
  • Method 3: Avoid gaps (large gaps)
  • Method 4: When the shape of the same height is extended to the feeding problem of the same height, the feeding of the first knife must be from the outside of the workpiece to avoid vibration and damage to the workpiece. All smooth knives must be equipped with feeding.

Tool wear problem: When the workpiece is large, multiple knives are required to finish the same repid prototyping parts.

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http://bhecrocks.com We help small businesses with regulation crowdfunding tactics and strategies  contact Rickey Johnson 623-455-6364


This is a great article!!!  Provide a great "picture" of how regulation crowdfunding works. Why it is an exceptional financial strategies for funding. How the banks may not help even if they are open to business proprosal.  If you would like to discuss this more, call me


Is the Future of Restaurants Grassroots Funded?
Regulation crowdfunding allows people to directly lend to businesses they want to see grow — and earn profits from having done so

by Emily Wilson Apr 25, 2022, 9:23am EDT

When Reesa Kashuk was ready to take the next step toward growing her Bay Area bagel business, she knew that she’d need to raise some money. A former account manager at an advertising agency, Kashuk started making bagels under the moniker Poppy Bagels in 2018, but only pivoted careers during the pandemic. Initially, she missed the New York-style bagels she grew up eating and over time, she created a local brand known for its chewy, heavily seasoned bagels with a touch of malty sweetness.

Currently, she takes pre-orders for bagel deliveries across the Bay Area and serves composed “sandos” — including a popular spicy and sweet number with jalapeno-serrano cream cheese and local honey — at Oakland’s Grand Lake Farmers Market on Saturdays. Like many other successful pop-up operators, Kashuk’s goal is to open a brick-and-mortar shop. As she worked to secure a lease for the bakery (which will be in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland), she projected she’d need $150,000 to complete the build-out of the space, buy equipment, and upgrade her website. Then she started exploring her options to secure the money.

Even though it seems like the obvious first step, getting a loan from a bank wasn’t really an option for Kashuk: It’s difficult for nascent businesses (particularly restaurants, which are considered risky) to secure a loan. “They’ll talk to you, and they might get your hopes up, but they do not want to lend to businesses of this size,” Kashuk says. She also considered the crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and GoFundMe, but not for long, because she felt uncomfortable asking her friends and customers for money without a tangible sense of what she owed them in return. Although Kickstarter allows its creators to issue rewards in return for money as opposed to GoFundMe’s donation-based model, “it’s hard to value them and know how much they’re worth both for me as a business giving something away and for the people on the receiving end,” she says. When she heard about SMBX, a platform that would allow people to invest in her business and get paid back over time, she was immediately drawn to it.

SMBX stands for Small and Medium Business Exchange and works by issuing bonds (loans that come from individuals instead of a bank) from business owners to everyday investors in increments of $10. Anyone with a credit card or a bank account can buy bonds in local businesses on SMBX, which entrepreneurs like Kashuk are then required to pay back with interest over time. Kashuk first heard of the exchange from other local businesses already using it, specifically the famed San Francisco ice cream brand Humphry Slocombe and the Salvadoran pop-up Popoca. “I was looking for a way to raise money that was relatively affordable and flexible, and SMBX fit that bill,” Kashuk says. “The bonus was that my community could get involved in a real and tangible way.”

The ability for anyone to financially invest in a small business and earn passive income is called regulation crowdfunding, and it’s beginning to gain traction with its promise of transparent, equitable, and collective investing in local businesses. Regulation crowdfunding didn’t exist until 2017, when Title III of the JOBS Act passed, making it permissible for businesses to publicly raise capital, including from individuals with less than a million dollars in net worth (otherwise known as non-accredited investors). Previously, investments in private companies had to be solicited directly, and only from wealthy citizens. “You couldn’t post on Facebook, ‘Hey, I’m looking for investors. Invest in my company,’” says Nick Mathews, the co-founder and CEO of Mainvest. His Massachusetts-based company is one of several SEC-registered intermediary platforms that launched in the aftermath of the new legal framework.

The difference between investing in a project on regulation crowdfunding platforms as opposed to making a donation through Kickstarter and receiving a reward with financial value (such as a free meal at a future restaurant) is the potential to earn a profit. Crowdfunding in general enables people to support the creative and business efforts of their peers, while regulation crowdfunding is also a way for individuals to diversify their investment portfolios outside of stocks. Mohammed Khonizi, a YouTuber who covers how to build passive income through financial technology companies on his channel Wealthy Panda, has invested in several businesses on SMBX (including Poppy Bagels), Mainvest, and similar platforms such as Honeycomb Credit and Republic Local. His reasoning for these investments, he says, is two-fold: to “help more businesses achieve their goals and help diversify my portfolio.”

For Chris Haugh, an author and friend of Kashuk’s, investing in Poppy Bagels was his first experience with regulation crowdfunding. He says his decision to invest over $1,000 into Poppy Bagels was not only about supporting Kashuk, but also because he believes in the business and thinks it will be a meaningful addition to the community. “Look no further than [Berkeley’s] Boichik Bagels selling out by 11 a.m. on the weekends, they just can’t meet the demand,” he says. “Not to mention Poppy did a pop-up in the same area that the store is going to be and there was a line three blocks long.” Furthermore, since business owners who fundraise on SMBX and other regulation crowdfunding platforms are required to provide their SEC filings, business statements, and financial records, Haugh was able to understand the potential for Poppy’s economic success. “I would like to think that I would donate as much as I did to her business regardless, but the fact that it’s going to make me some money makes it a lot easier to allocate the pool of cash [to Poppy Bagels] that I would have been investing elsewhere, whether an index fund or real estate venture,” he adds.

For her bond offering of $150,000, Kashuk received an interest rate of 7 percent from SMBX to be paid back over five years. She had also considered a loan application through the Small Business Administration, but ultimately decided on SMBX because it was simpler, more affordable, and more flexible. For an SBA loan, she says the interest rate would’ve been variable and higher, and that her use of funds would be more highly regulated. By timing her SMBX raise launch with some local press, Kashuk was able to meet her target in just 11 days. There were 173 people who invested, many for the minimum amount of $10. Her largest investment was $20,700.

“[A] $100 investment would yield $119 at the end of the term [for the investor], while a $1,000 investment will yield $1,188,” Kashuk explains. The final return is a compounded amount of the principal investment plus 7 percent interest, but SMBX bonds are designed to be paid back equally on a monthly basis — for example, $19.80 per month for a $1,000 investment — so that businesses can have (and investors can expect) consistent payouts. An investment in Poppy Bagels or another food business by way of regulation crowdfunding is low-interest compared to other financial investments, albeit one that has the primary goal of supporting one’s community. On Kashuk’s SMBX page, she laid out how the funds would be used: 78.5 percent for the build-out of the bakery, 16.5 percent for equipment, and 1.5 percent for website upgrades. The other 3.5 percent went to SMBX, which is the percentage that the platform takes to generate its own revenue.

Along with money to spend, regulation crowdfunding also gave Kashuk a way to make investors out of her customers, who are now intimately interested in her success. “I really felt like it’s a true win-win for the investor,” she says. “They can help support a business, they care about helping it grow, they’re eager to get involved, but they also get to make money at a competitive rate.”

That’s not to say there is zero risk involved for Poppy’s investors. If Poppy were to go bankrupt, SMBX says they would work with Kashuk to try and recover as much investment as possible, but investors would likely still lose money. Mainvest’s website informs potential investors that investments on their platform are “inherently risky” since “it is very likely that some of the companies listed on our site will fail to repay their loans.”

While SMBX and Mainvest do provide potential investors with information on how regulation crowdfunding works, there’s still a long way to go when it comes to educating the public and making this way of investing mainstream. Many people are confused by financial terms like “bond” and “securities” and are taken aback by the fact that you have to give your social security number as a means of protection to invest in companies on SEC-regulated platforms. Kashuk says she had to do an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on her Instagram and field a barrage of DMs to explain how SMBX worked. “As I started explaining it more and more, I saw more people from my community invest as they learned what it was,” she says.

As the regulation crowdfunding space grows, it’s important to note that there are differences in the way that each platform has designed the financial framework of the investments that they power. For example, Mainvest issues revenue-sharing loans for a minimum of $100 as opposed to SMBX’s $10. It also enables entrepreneurs to issue equity to investors if they want to, meaning that investors would be granted an ownership claim in the company’s profits — instead of their money paid back plus interest — and could stand to make a significant profit if the business became a runaway success.

Granting an equity stake in the business is a common deal structure when wealthy individuals give money to restaurants. A big reason that regulation crowdfunding is appealing to small food business owners like Kashuk, though, is that they aren’t required to surrender any of their ownership. “I own 100 percent of the business and I never considered giving up equity,” she says. Benjamin Lozano, the co-founder and CEO of SMBX, says that he has found that “most small businesses do not want to give up equity in their company, they want to borrow money at reasonable rates, pay off that loan, and walk away.”

Another draw of regulation crowdfunding is the lack of barriers that exist in more traditional methods, such as bank loans and venture capital. Racism is prevalent in institutional lending. Lozano, the son of a first-generation Mexican American, says that while working for his father’s boutique accounting firm in Santa Ana, California, he saw firsthand how minorities struggle to gain the same access to financial opportunities that people of more privileged backgrounds can acquire more easily. By contrast, SMBX doesn’t even require a credit check for those looking to raise money on the platform.

As Lozano points out, Americans already lend to small businesses indirectly through their banks, which borrow money from customers to support businesses in need of loans, and then reward those customers with minuscule interest payments. “The only difference is that we don’t have any say in who [i.e., which banks] lend it to, in what our money is being used to support and create — and then the bank keeps the profits,” he says. Regulation crowdfunding gives people a way to directly lend to the businesses they want to see grow, and earn profits from having done so.

This notion of built-in community validation is promising for the future of regulation crowdfunding, especially when it comes to restaurants and food businesses. That feels true for Kashuk at least, who is hopeful about how her investors will engage with her business in the long term as they continue to receive payments, whether that engagement is encouraging others to invest or simply getting others to buy some bagels. “They’re going to be constantly reminded that Poppy is earning them money, and maybe be more invested in my success, telling people about the business and coming to support,” she says.

Emily Wilson is a Los Angeles-based food writer from New York. She has contributed to Bon Appétit, TASTE, Resy, the Los Angeles Times, Punch, Vegetarian Times, Atlas Obscura, and more. Carolyn Figel is a freelance illustrator and animator living in Brooklyn, New York.

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El torno CNC puede procesar normalmente, además del hardware de la máquina herramienta, el software del sistema y la herramienta más importante es la herramienta de corte CNC, la herramienta de corte CNC se utiliza para mecanizar la producción de herramientas importantes, herramientas de corte que incluyen cuchillas, herramientas de rectificado, barra de herramientas, mango, etc. Los tipos de herramientas de torno CNC son muchos, según el uso, se pueden dividir en herramienta de torneado de círculo exterior, herramienta final, herramienta de corte, herramienta de torneado de roscas y herramienta de torneado de orificios, según la estructura y dividida en integral, tipo de soldadura, máquina tipo abrazadera y tipo especial.

En este artículo,CNCMACHINING.ES, un fabricante de piezas de mecanizado CNC, le presentará las herramientas de torneado del torno de acuerdo con la clasificación de la estructura de la herramienta de torneado, la clasificación del material de la herramienta de torneado, la clasificación del proceso de la herramienta de torneado:

1. Clasificación por estructura de herramienta

  • Estructura Integral de la Herramienta de Torneado: El cuerpo principal de la herramienta está hecho de una pieza en blanco sin separación, y es fácil de moler en un filo afilado. La herramienta tiene buena rigidez y es adecuada para herramientas de torneado pequeñas y procesamiento de herramientas de torneado de metales no ferrosos.
  • Tipo de soldadura de la estructura de la herramienta de torneado: está conectado por el método de soldadura, y el cabezal de la herramienta y el portaherramientas están separados. La estructura es compacta y la fabricación es conveniente. Es adecuado para todo tipo de herramientas de torneado, especialmente para herramientas pequeñas que son más prominentes.
  • Estructura de la herramienta de sujeción de la máquina: la hoja se fija en el portaherramientas con un soporte mecánico, y la hoja se puede reemplazar después de ser roma. Es una herramienta de uso común para tornos CNC, y el portaherramientas se reutiliza.
  • Un tipo especial de estructura de herramienta de torneado: como herramientas compuestas, herramientas amortiguadoras, etc.

2. Clasificación por material de herramienta de torneado

  • Herramienta de acero de alta velocidad: está hecha de acero de alta velocidad y se puede rectificar continuamente. Es una herramienta de uso general para desbaste y semiacabado.
  • Herramienta de carburo cementado: herramienta de corte de carburo cementado: la cuchilla está hecha de carburo cementado, se utiliza para cortar hierro fundido, metales no ferrosos, plástico, fibra química, grafito, vidrio, piedra y acero ordinario, también se puede utilizar para cortar acero resistente al calor, acero inoxidable, acero de alta resistencia, acero para herramientas y otros materiales difíciles.
  • Diamante: la hoja tiene incrustaciones de diamante, que tiene las ventajas de una dureza y resistencia al desgaste extremadamente altas, un coeficiente de fricción bajo, un módulo elástico alto, una conductividad térmica alta, un coeficiente de expansión térmica bajo y una afinidad baja con los metales no ferrosos. ser utilizado para materiales duros quebradizos no metálicos como grafito, materiales de alta resistencia al desgaste, materiales, aleación mecanizado de aluminio con alto contenido de silicio y otros materiales dúctiles de metales no ferrosos procesamiento de precisión.
  • Otros materiales: como herramientas de nitruro de boro cúbico, herramientas de cerámica, etc., se están desarrollando en la dirección del mecanizado de desbaste y el corte interrumpido de fundición de aleación de alta dureza.

3. Clasificación por proceso de herramienta de torneado

  • Herramienta de torneado externo: la herramienta de torneado externo de 93 grados se usa principalmente para procesar círculos externos y caras finales, y la herramienta de compensación de 35 grados se usa principalmente para perfilar contornos externos.
  • Herramienta de torneado de orificios internos: la herramienta de torneado de orificios internos de 93 grados se utiliza principalmente para el mecanizado interno.
  • Herramientas de torneado de roscas: Las herramientas de torneado de roscas incluyen principalmente herramientas de torneado de roscas externas y herramientas de torneado de roscas internas. Entre ellos, las herramientas de torneado de roscas externas se utilizan principalmente para el procesamiento de roscas externas, y las herramientas de torneado de roscas internas se utilizan principalmente para el procesamiento de roscas internas.
  • Herramienta de ranurado: la herramienta de torneado de ranurado externo se usa principalmente para ranurado y corte externo, y la herramienta de torneado de ranurado interno se usa principalmente para el procesamiento de ranurado interno.

4. Herramientas comunes y selección de tornos CNC

Herramientas comunes para tornos CNC

Las herramientas utilizadas en los tornos CNC incluyen herramientas de torneado cilíndrico, taladros, herramientas de mandrinado, herramientas de corte, herramientas de roscado, etc. Entre ellas, las herramientas de torneado cilíndrico, herramientas de mandrinado y taladros son las más utilizadas.

Selección de herramientas

  1. En la producción real, la herramienta de torneado CNC se determina principalmente a partir de la muestra de la herramienta de acuerdo con el tamaño de la instalación de la herramienta, el material de la pieza de trabajo, el tipo de procesamiento, los requisitos de procesamiento y las condiciones de procesamiento del portaherramientas giratorio del torno CNC. Los pasos son aproximados de la siguiente manera:
  2. Determine el material de la pieza de trabajo y el tipo de mecanizado (excírculo, orificio o rosca);
  3. Determinar el grado y la geometría del inserto de acuerdo con los requisitos de desbaste y acabado y las condiciones de procesamiento;
  4. Elija un soporte según el tamaño del soporte, el tipo de hoja y el tamaño.

Instalación de herramientas

Después de seleccionar la cuchilla y el vástago apropiados, primero instale la cuchilla en el vástago, luego instale el vástago en el portaherramientas rotativo y luego verifique el tamaño de instalación de la herramienta a través del diagrama de interferencia de la herramienta y el diagrama de carrera de mecanizado laton. 

5. Asuntos que requieren atención

Se debe prestar atención a los siguientes problemas durante la instalación de la herramienta:

  1. Antes de la instalación, asegúrese de que el eje y la superficie de posicionamiento de la hoja estén limpios y sin daños;
  2. Al instalar el portaherramientas en el portaherramientas, asegúrese de que la dirección del portaherramientas sea correcta;
  3. Al instalar la herramienta, asegúrese de que la punta de la herramienta esté más alta que el centro de rotación del husillo.
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The typical application of aluminum alloy

The typical application of aluminum alloy,Under the condition of the continuous development of industry, more and more is also high to the requirement of material, the suitable material not only on the performance is superior, and the cost is also a lot of improvement. Here are our detailed to introduce the use of various materials.

The characteristics of the various series of aluminum, bringing you:

1 series: features: contain over 99.00% aluminum, the electrical conductivity is good, good corrosion resistance, good welding performance, low intensity, strengthening heat treatment.
2: features: : containing aluminum alloy with copper as the main alloy elements. Also can add manganese, magnesium, lead and bismuth to machinability.
3 series: features: manganese as the main alloying element of aluminium alloy, heat treatment to strengthen, good corrosion resistance, good welding performance.
5 series: features: give priority to with magnesium.Patience can good resistance, good welding performance, good fatigue strength, strengthening heat treatment, only cold working intensity.
6 departments: features: give priority to with magnesium and silicon.Mg2Si as the main strengthening phase, currently the most widely used alloy.

1050:food, chemical, and brewing industry with extrusion coil, a variety of hoses, powder.
1060:requirements and formability are high, but the strength requirement is not high, the chemical equipment is its typical application
1100: is used for processing needs good formability and high corrosion resistance but does not require a high intensity of component parts, such as chemical products, food industry equipment and storage containers,custom aluminum parts, deep drawing of sheet or spinning concave ware, welding part, heat exchanger, printing plate, nameplate, reflective apparatus
1145: packing and insulation aluminum foil, heat exchanger
1199: electrolytic capacitor foil, optical reflective deposited film
1350: wire, conductive wire, bus, transformer strip

2011 screw and requirements with good cutting performance of mechanical machining aluminum products
2014 is applied to the high strength and hardness (including high temperature).Aircraft heavy thick plate, forgings, and extrusion materials, wheels and structural components, multi-stage rocket fuel tanks and aircraft parts, the first level truck frame and suspension parts
2017 was the first to obtain industrial application of alloy, department of XXX. The current application scope is narrow, mainly for the rivet, general machinery parts, structure and transportation structure of propeller and fittings
2024 aircraft structure, rivets, missile components, truck wheel, screw elements, and other various structures
2036 automobile body sheet metal parts
2048 weapons aviation spacecraft structure and structural parts
2124 aviation spacecraft structure
2218 aircraft engine and diesel engine piston aircraft engine cylinder head, jet engines and compressor impeller ring
2219 space rocket oxidant groove welding, supersonic aircraft envelope and structural parts, working temperature is – 270 ~ 300 ℃.Good weldability and high fracture toughness, T8 state has a high ability to resist stress corrosion cracking
2319 welding pull 2219 alloy electrode, and filling solder
2618 die forgings and free forging.The piston and aviation engine parts
The structure of the 2 a01 working temperature is less than or equal to 100 ℃ rivet
2 how a02 working temperature of 200 ~ 300 ℃ turbojet axial compressor blade
2 a06 working temperature of 150 ~ 250 ℃ of aircraft structure and the working temperature of 125 ~ 250 ℃ rivet of the aircraft structure
2 a10 strength is higher than 2 a01 alloy, used in the manufacture of working temperature is less than or equal to 100 ℃ rivet of the aircraft structure
2 a11 aircraft structure of moderate intensity, propeller blades, means of transport and architectural structures.Aircraft medium strength bolts and rivets
2 a12 aircraft skin, bulkhead, ribs, SPAR, rivets, etc., architecture and transport structure
2 a14 complex shape of free forging and die forging
2 a16 working temperature of 250 ~ 300 ℃ of aerospace aircraft parts, welding work at room temperature and high temperature container with airtight cabin
2 a17 working temperature of 225 ~ 250 ℃ of aircraft parts
2 a50 shape complex medium strength of the parts
2 a60 aircraft engine compressor wheel, guide wheel, fan, impeller, etc
2 a70 aircraft skin, aircraft engine piston, guide wheel, wheel, etc
2 a80 aeroengine compressor blade, impeller, piston, flange and other high temperature parts
2 a90 aviation piston engine

3003 is used for processing need good formability, high corrosion resistance, weldability good parts, components, or both require these performance and needs to have more than 1 XXX alloy high strength work, such as kitchen utensils and appliances, food and chemical products processing and storage devices, and transportation of liquid product tank, tank, with thin plate processing all kinds of pressure vessel and pipeline
3004 all aluminum cans cans, requires higher than 3003 alloy intensity of parts, chemical products production and storage device, sheet processing parts, construction mechanical parts, construction tools, lamps and lanterns of various parts
Room 3105 partition, dampers, trailer plate, gutters and downspouts, sheet forming machined part, bottle caps, bottle stoppers, etc
3 a21 airplane oil tank, oil pipe, rivet wire, etc.;Building materials and food and other industrial equipment

5005 and 3003 alloy are similar, with moderate intensity and good corrosion resistance.Used as a conductor, cooking utensils, dashboard, shell and architectural decoration.Anodic oxidation film than those of the 3003 alloy oxide film is more bright, and tonal and consistent with that of the 6063 alloy
5050 sheet can be used for lining board refrigerating machines and refrigerators, cars trachea, tubing and agricultural irrigation pipe;Can also be processed plate, pipe, bar, special-shaped material, wire, etc
5052 the alloy has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, can candle, fatigue strength, medium static strength, used to make airplane oil tank, oil pipe, as well as the transportation vehicles, ships, sheet metalparts, instrument, lamps stent and rivet, metal products, etc
5056 mg alloy and cable sheath rivet, zippers, nails, etc.;Clad aluminum wire is widely used in processing agricultural insect traps, and other places need to have high corrosion resistance
5083 it is applied to high corrosion resistance, good weldability and medium strength, such as ships, cars and aircraft plate weldments;Strict fire prevention of the pressure vessel, the cooling device, television tower, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile component and armor
5086 it is applied to high corrosion resistance, good weldability and medium strength, such as ship, automobile, airplane, low-temperature equipment, television tower, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile component and the deck and so on
5154 welded structure, storage tank, pressure containers, ships and offshore facility structure, transport pan cans
5182 can cover sheet is used for processing, automobile panels, wheel, reinforcement, bracket and other components
5252 used in the manufacture of a higher intensity of decoration, such as car decorative parts.After the anodic oxidation with light transparent oxide film
5254 hydrogen peroxide and other chemical product containers
Welding of magnesium content greater than 3% of the 5356 aluminum – magnesium alloy welding rod and welding wire
5454 welded structure, pressure vessels, Marine facilities
5456 armor plate, high strength welded structure, storage tank, pressure vessel, material of the ship
5457 after polishing and anodic oxidation treatment of the automobile and other equipment
5652 hydrogen peroxide and other chemical products storage containers
5657 by polishing and anodic oxidation treatment of the automobile and other equipment, but in any case must ensure that the material has fine grain size
5 how a02 aircraft fuel tank and pipes, wire, rivet, the structure of the ship
5 a03 medium strength welded structure, cold stamping parts, welding containers, wire, can be used to replace 5 how a02 alloy
5 a05 welding structure, the aircraft skin skeleton
5 a06 welded structure, the cold die forging parts, welding containers bearing parts, aircraft skin parts
5 a12 welded structure, bulletproof deck

A strong tall 6005 extrusion profiles and pipes, used for 6063 alloy parts, such as a ladder, TV antenna, etc
6009 car plate
6010 sheet: car body
6061 request has the certain strength, weldability and high resistance to corrosion of all kinds of industrial structural, such as manufacturing truck, tower building, vessel, trolley, furniture, machinery parts, such as precision machining with tube, rod, shaped material, plates
6063 building material, irrigation pipes and vehicle and bench for extrusion materials, furniture, fencing, etc
6066 forgings and welding structure extrusion materials
6070 heavy welding structure and automobile industry with materials and pipe extrusion
6101 buses with high-strength bars, electric conductor and cooling equipment etc
6151 for forging crankshaft rolling ring parts, machine parts and production, for both require a good forging performance, high strength, and good corrosion resistance
6201 guide material with high strength wire
6205 thick plate, pedals, and high resistance to impact extrusion
Corrosion resistance of 6262 alloy is better than that of 2011 and 2017 have thread high stress components
6351 vehicles of extrusion parts, such as water, oil pipelines
6463 buildings with various instruments profiles, and the anode oxidation treatment after the bright decoration on the surface of the car
6 how a02 aircraft engine parts, complex shape of metal forging and die forging

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Christian’s Merging Together Ministries Foundation, Inc. Is A Newly Established Florida Nonprofit Corporation With The Mission To Reach Out Into Communities And To Make A Difference With Young People, Senior As Well As Our Homeless People On Our Street.

Christian’s Merging Together Ministries Foundation, Inc. Is A Newly Established Florida Nonprofit Corporation With The Mission To Reach Out Into Communities And To Make A Difference With Young People, Senior As Well As Our Homeless People On Our Street.

Our Goal & Vision

Is To Start A Church, Day Care, Counselor Center And Young People Center With Different
Programs In Daytona Beach Area By 2019.

To learn more about our summer 2022 event, please visit our website at https://cmtmfoundation.org


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In the news...

Check out our Hey Papi Promotions Network member Johnny Parker LIVE broadcast interview this week on The Jeff Crilley Show. The host Jeff Crilley sits down with Dr. Johnny Parker, an Executive Coach and Relationship Architect to discuss his new Say Y.E.S. to Wellness cards.


The Say Y.E.S. to Wellness is a set of 31 cards that prompt you to be intentional about positivity and wellness.

Maximize your usage of the cards:

+ Positively start your day by reflecting on one card each morning

+ Build relationships and deepen trust by sharing the cards at your team meeting (in-person or virtual)

+ Enhance family conversations during meals by making the cards a part of the experience

+ Take date nights to a higher level by having inspiring talks around wellness


To learn more about Dr. Parker's speaking engagements including ordering these cards, please visit the website at https://johnnyparker.com/yes


#DrJohnnyParker #LezlynParker #SayYEStoWellness #Turn the Page

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My Story

Eric Reverence is a UK based Recording Artist, Worship Leader, Evangelist, Multiple award-winning Singer Song writer, Evangelist, Event Organiser and a pioneer of Kingdom works and Networking. He is the Co-founder of The Music and Media Platform Awards (TMMP), UK President of Gospel Industry Network (GIN UK), founder of Spontaneous Worship, founder of Pakistan Project and is a Youth Ambassador in the UK. Eric’s heart and passion is to spread the Gospel and love of God through his music, produce songs for everyone needs, charitable works, create platforms for upcoming artists and musicians, empower and build others especially young people with creative gifts.

Eric’s career started off in 2010 with a first single ‘I Give You My All’ which touched many lives and was aired on national and international Christian radio stations and TV networks including UCB Radio and Wonderful TV. In 2014 he released his EP ‘I Will Carry On’ followed by an international tour in Ghana and Netherlands which was phenomenally successful. In 2017, His rise to success landed him a record label deal with Nine Fruits Record where he released his single ‘I Believe’ and received major recognition including appearing on MOBO Awards article, StepFwd Christian Charts and many international articles. Eric became a Partner and Patron of Countrystyle Community Tourism Network/Villages where he worked with Diana McIntyre-Pike (President/Founder & Community Tourism Consultant) to develop the Christian Tourism Market in the Caribbean.

In 2018, Eric was appointed the Media and Communications director of Great Commission Society (GCS) and now holds the role as Membership Director. In 2019, Eric and his Co-partner hosted one of the biggest events in the UK ‘Gospel Explosion Summit- UK meets USA’ which was very successful and received lots of global exposure. His continued rise to success connected him with Visions TV Online and MHM Magazine as their Strategist Adviser.

In early 2020, Eric organised a successful global charity project called ‘The Believe Song’ which involved over 60 musical artists across the globe and raised funds for countries who were affected heavily by Covid 19. Eric worked with Great Commission Society (GCS), Visions TV Online and South African International Artist and Producer J Ross to complete the project. In May 2020, Eric and his Co-Founders Andrew & Shireen Morrison founded TMMP Awards with the aim to become the biggest Christian award in the UK.

Eric’s continuous rise to success has seen him shared stage with international Christian/Gospel artists and global icons including Hillsong, Tim Hughes and Sonnie Badu. Eric has also completed successful tours in the UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Ghana and Latvia. Eric has just released his latest hit single ‘Miracles’ and currently working on his album which will be completed in 2021 followed by Africa tour (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania) UK tour, Europe Tour, North America and Asia Tour.

Achievements and Honours:

2020 – Winner of International Artist of The Year (Gospel Choice Music Awards)- USA.

2020 – Humanitarian Awards Winner (Prayze Factor Awards)- USA

2020 – Believe Project 2020- Involving 60 musician artists across the globe.

2020 – Nominated for International Artist of The Year, Song of The Year and Contemporary Artist of The Year (Prayze Factor Awards)- USA.

2020 – Nominated for International Artist of The Year, Song of The Year and Contemporary Artist of The Year (Gospel Choice Music Awards 2020)- USA.

2020 – Nominated for International Artist of The Year, Song of The Year and Contemporary Artist of The Year (S & M Gospel Music Awards)- USA.

2019 – Nominated for International artist of The Year (Texas Gospel Music of Excellence)- USA

2019 – Organised Gospel Explosion Summit 2019 UK Meets USA in London, UK.

2018 – Winner of Male Artist of The Year (Gospel Touch Music Awards)- UK.

2018 – Appointed one of the Directors of Great Commission Society (2018).

2017 – Partner and Patron of Countrystyle Community Tourism Network/Villages- Caribbean.

2017 – Nominated for Role Model of The Year (National Diversity Awards)

2016 – Winner of Artist of The Year (BEFFTA Awards)- UK

2015 – Winner of Praise and Worship Leader of The Year (PraiseTek Gospel Music Awards)- UK

2014 – Nominated for New Artist of The Year (African Gospel Music Awards)- UK

2011 – Finalist at Gospel Rock Competition- UK.

2000 – Selected to represent UK at World Methodist Youth Conference- Atlanta Georgia USA

1998 – Won National 5-Aside Football Tournament at Wembley Arena- UK

#gospel #worship #ghana #nigeria

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Internationally renowned worship leader Eric Reverence reconnects with his West African roots on his new single, ‘Oluwa’, out now.

It’s a simple one-word title, but it says a lot. ‘Oluwa’ (the Yoruba word for God) is an exuberant, joyful Afrobeat Gospel tune, designed to usher in 2022 on a note of thanksgiving and expectation. Eric wrote and recorded the song during a successful tour in Nigeria in November 2021.

The making of ‘Oluwa’ marks a sort of homecoming in Eric’s own personal journey. British Ghanaian-born Eric moved to Canada in 1991 and eventually to the UK in 1992, but his memories of childhood in Ghana weren’t particularly happy ones. “Life in Ghana was a huge struggle as I was always told by my teachers and headteacher that I was useless and worthless,” he recalls. Eric’s ministry as a worship leader and Gospel artist has taken him across the UK and to the USA, Ghana, Netherlands, and Latvia, but it’s always been with a more western pop sound. And then in 2020 Covid-19 struck and George Floyd was murdered. Both those events got Eric thinking that it was time for him to return to his African roots - musically at least. A tour of Nigeria followed, and the concept for ‘Oluwa’ was born. Produced by Tobass Adolphus, the song combines the sounds of the various tribes of both Nigeria and Ghana. The joy and vibrancy of the song are expressed beautifully in the accompanying video, with its breath-taking choreography, made by the Nigerian production company Justice DH Films and creative director Austine Holy.

“God has seen us through a lot in the last year,” Eric says. “Oluwa’ is a song of thanksgiving to God for what he’s brought us through, and of anticipation for what he has in store for us next.”

‘Oluwa’ is out now. For further information or to arrange interviews, contact Eric Reverence at:
• Email: reverencee@gmail.com
• Social Media: @ericrevrence
• Website: https://www.ericreverence.com




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"Twas the Night of Christmas"

Are you looking for a good children's illustrated book on the story of the first Christmas?

"Twas the Night of Christmas"

You can purchase the colorful illustrated book by clicking below. Or you can also get the full story in a coloring book by clicking that link. Below is a free video of the story.
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🔥In the news...❤💙❤
The Prince George's County Drug Policy Coalition Student Scholarship Honorees Receive Care Boxes from Suntrust.

Fort Washington, MD -- November 23, 2021--The Prince George's County Drug Policy Coalition, Inc (PGCDPC) in partnership with Suntrust Bank (now Truist) was delighted to share the evening with bank executives to support our 13 scholarship award honorees. Ms. Sharol Henry (Vice President and Sr. Branch Leader) other bank executives Ms. Leslie Rush (Camp Springs Branch), School Board member Edward Burroughs, and some of our student honorees and parents were back in the area to accept their "care boxes" from the Indian Head Highway Branch. The care boxes included dormitory supplies needed by the students (such as: towels, sheets, socks, soap, hats, scarfs and gloves etc.)

Students or parents representing the University of Miami, Towson University, Morehouse University, and the University of Maryland were in attendance. The other Coalition student honorees will pick up their care boxes through mutual time arrangements with Suntrust bank. Vice President Sharol Henry told everyone, "We hope to make this an annual tradition." Dr. Campbell, President of the Prince George's County Drug Policy Coalition, Inc. thanked all of the attendees and said, "We are so excited that Ms. Henry and her team selected our nonprofit for this community project. We are looking forward to working with them for many years to come."

To learn more information about the Prince George's County Drug Policy Coalition, Incorporated or to read the recent Press Release, please visit https://www.pgcdpc.com

#PGCDPC #Suntrust #StudentScholarshipAwards



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Hey Papi Promotions Network November Newsletter


Greetings Network Members,

This month's newsletter will be some highlights from our members around the world. I hope you enjoy our November Newsletter! Share this news with your family and friends. Have a wonderful and blessed holiday. Love you all!


 Let's give a warm welcome to our 26 new members that have joined in the month of November. Here is the link to view our new members at https://heypapipromotions.com/members


We have some great nonprofit organizations in our network that are doing awesome community service activties around the world helping people in need. Please support our (4) Network nonprofit orgainzations with a donation. You can make a donation from their websites below:

1. The Prince George's County Drug Policy Coalition, Inc. awarded 13 $1,000 scholarships to students for its annual “Empowering Future Leaders” scholarship awards program. Over the past nine years, the Prince George's County Drug Policy Coalition, Inc. has awarded over $200,000.00 in scholarships to students, allowing them to continue their education in preparation for their future careers. To donate visit the website at https://www.pgcdpc.com

2. Since 2012, Pure Heart Children’s Fund in Managua, Nicaragua has opened a feeding center near the Managua city dump. They serve around 200 meals every day to the children that live in the communities along the dump site. To donate visit the website at https://pureheartchildren.org

3. The Thirst No More Corporation provides humanitarian aid in countries suffering from extreme poverty. Over the years, they have provided humanitarian aid in Africa and Central America through a variety of efforts including construction projects, educational resource provision, computer distribution, fresh water projects, food distribution, and more. As a result, they have helped hundreds of people in foreign countries by providing much needed assistance. To donate visit the website at https://www.thirstnomorecorp.org

4. The L.M. Foundation works to rebuild and restructure with those in need, those who are underprivileged, and those who are underserved. Their focus lies on community efforts, including small-scale construction projects, shelter, food supply, community awareness, and educational opportunities. To donate visit the website at https://www.thelmfoundation.org


Need Help With Your Holiday Gifting? 

Our network member Jacqueline Jones business called Divine Beginnings, LLC has a great Black Friday sale for Christian-Themed Boutique for Kids. To learn more information about her products or to shop visit the website at https://www.divinebeginnings.com


Our network member Sheron Mingo Y wants to share some of her Thanksgiving Recipes with you. She created a Blog on our network website called "Make Thanksgiving A Joyous Experience!" To read and download these free recipes visit her blog at https://heypapipromotions.com/blogs/happy-thanksgiving-2021 and if you will like to see more of her work visit her website at https://supermementosyea.bigcartel.com


Network member Pastor Joyce Nyante recently had her new book launch called THE MARRIAGE INSTITUTION 'Set Up By God'. The Marriage Institution describes marriage as instructed by God in the bible. The book sets out the origination of marriage from the garden of Eden when God made Adam and Eve and blessed them in a matrimony and then HE empowered them, and for that matter mankind, to rule and dominate the earth and multiply. You can purchase her book from our network's bookstore at https://heypapipromotions.com/bookstore or at Barnes and Noble Bookstore


If you have upcoming events including church services, please add to our network's EVENTS page so our members around the world can view and support it. Here is the link to our EVENTS page at https://heypapipromotions.com/events



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Press Release

Former Council Member and State Delegate Tony Knotts Announces His Candidacy for the Council District 8 Special Election

Experienced Public Servant Offers Stability, Accomplished Leadership, and a Steady Hand in a Time of Public Health and Economic Challenges

Oxon Hill, MD – Tony Knotts, who served as the District 8 Council Member from 2002 to 2010 and Maryland State Delegate for District 26 from 2014 to 2018, today is announcing his candidacy for the District 8 Special Election and is also filing his candidacy for the 2022 regular District 8 Primary to be held in June. Yesterday, District 8 County Council Member Monique Anderson-Walker announced her intent to resign her office, which, if effective before December 7, 2021, will trigger a special primary and general election in the early months of 2022. 

Today, Council Member Knotts issued the following statement:

"From my time as a U.S. Marine to my service to the residents of District 8 as County Council Member, including serving as Council Chairman, and representing District 26 as a State Delegate, I have dedicated my life to the cause of public service and, specifically, to improving our quality of life in Prince George's County. I am proud of the tremendous progress that I helped District 8 and our County realize during my tenure as County Council Member, including the development of our County's signature economic development achievement -- the National Harbor Project, building the Southern Area Technology and Recreational Complex in Fort Washington, and establishing the new Oxon Hill High School in Oxon Hill. In the wake of the most serious public health crisis in our lifetime, the COVID-19 pandemic, the residents of District 8 need an experienced, steady, and accomplished hand to lead our communities into the future, not on-the-job training or instability. I fully understand the need to establish smarter development and environmental policies, increased infrastructure investments in Maryland 210 and Southern Maryland Light Rail, new investments in our public schools, and more direct support and services for our seniors, veterans, minority-owned businesses, and returning citizens. Most of all, I understand that a County Council Member cannot get anything done for the residents of District 8 without knowing how to work as a team with his or her colleagues on the County Council and with the County Executive. I am ready on day one to lead as the next County Council Member for Councilmanic District 8."

Tony Knotts is a lifelong resident of Prince George's County. He is a Vietnam War Veteran having served his country in the United States Marine Corps. Knotts is married to Wanda Knotts and currently resides in Oxon Hill, Maryland. He is a graduate of Fairmount Heights High School, where he was a substitute teacher while pursuing a Master’s Degree. Knotts earned an Undergraduate Degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Administrative Management from Bowie State University. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the University of Maryland, College Park. Knotts worked for the Washington Suburban and Sanitary Commission (WSSC), one of the largest public utilities in the nation, as a Budget Analyst, Minority Business Enterprise Officer and finally retiring as a Strategic Management Specialist. Knotts maintains membership in a host of civic associations and an active membership in the Ebenezer AME Church in Fort Washington. Knotts’ professional affiliations include the Coalition of Concerned Black Christian Men and the South County Economic Development Association among many others.




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Today we’d like to introduce you to Akiva McClam. 

Hi Akiva, can you start by introducing yourself? We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today?
For a person who never took any classes in playwrighting or directing I realize now it is a God-given gift. Able to articulate line by line for actors/actresses, making sure the storyline flows from the beginning, middle, and the end, researching the right background music that enhances the scenes, etc. 

When I think back, I saw the pieces planted in me at an early age, during my adolescents and now adulthood. When I was little, I would spend hours in my room playing with my GI Joe toys, Transformers, etc. In my little room, I lived in a rhombus imagination. I created scenes for my toys to act in. I was the actor and director. 

Approaching my teen years, I lost my mom and dad a year apart from one another. At this point the writer in me begins to write down feelings, things I wish I had, things I experienced, saw in my family, among my peers, and in society. I would begin to write short skit in my journals. Now around this time, I am also a star athlete at Westminster Academy named All-County in Broward (Fort Lauderdale, Fl) for Wide Receiver. I was heavily recruited to play baseball after high school. After being timed as one of the fastest running the bases; they compared me to the next fastest ever ran that fast was MLB Otis Nixon of Atlanta Braves. I was for sure I was going to play in Major League Baseball especially playing against Alex Rodriquez (New York Yankee) and Danny Kanell (ESPN Sports Analyst and New York Giant). But God has something else planned for me. 

After graduating from Bethune Cookman University with a BS in Sociology. Another piece to the puzzle that I realized I needed later with my writing/directing. I worked three years with the Department of Juvenile Justice as a Group Treatment Counselor for youth first-time offenses in the judicial system. I also got married in June 1998. 

I will have to say while in college I became a Tyler Perry fan. I remember not having too much money as a college student purchasing a ticket to one of the plays he was producing in Orlando, Fla. Since then, I followed and watched Tyler. One thing I can learn from him is that he never gave up. It took that one experience of people wrapped around the building to kick start his career. My people wrapped around the corner to get in is coming. I had one experience in 2013 for Cain N Abel. What happened I got distracted after losing my job. I really felt that was the year I was supposed to have left the workplace of a 9 to 5. 

In 1999, I decided to enlist in the United States Air Force which brought me to the DMV area. I was stationed in Andrews AFB, MD for 9 years and 5 months receiving an honoring separation in 2008, but later in 2015 the USAF medically retired me. 

My first stage play. 

2009, I was attending Lighthouse Baptist Church; at the time the church wanted to do something different for the Christmas celebration. My wife at the time volunteered my name to write them a stage play. Yes volunteered. She reminded me that all the years in college I would write skits and always talk about production. For some reason, I stopped thinking about performance arts. I decided to say yes to the opportunity. As soon as I said yes, I began to have visions. I saw characters for the play, a storyline, supporting songs, etc. Next, I began to people watch; I personally chose everyone who I thought was qualified to play the roles I was writing. The play was called, “My Christmas Story.” The play received a standing ovation. At that point, I realized the gift God gave me is for real. 

I begin to write more plays that were dear to me because there were stories of mine hidden in different characters. A lot of people review my plays like an emotional rollercoaster. You will get your laughs, thrills, suspense, teaching, and a lot of tears. 

My motto is to provide high-quality stage plays that focus on the following cores from the play: comedy, teaching, drama, and ministry. 

The following stage plays I have written over time: 

2010, 2013 Cain N Abel; A grandmother took on a job to raise two of her grandsons. One grandson chose God and the other one chose the streets. It took the grandmother and her god-fearing grandson to go pull the other brother out of the darkness. I wrote this play to show how the effects of favoritism would do among family members, especially siblings. 

2015 Deep Cover Stage Play Production – A pastor lost his first love in Jesus Christmas. He was more worried about expanding the church. He was losing his identity until an invited Bishop for the revival called him out on his behavior. 

2016 Answering His Call Stage Play Production; An honor roll student finds herself In School Restriction. While in restriction the students opened up on personal things they were going through. At this point, she understood why she was there as she helped and encouraged each student that was going through depression, lack of confidence, and dealing with pregnancy. 

2018-2019 I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Dinner Theater) 

2019 Deep Cover “Let Your Light Shine in Dark Places” Pastor Wilson is challenged by his son to use his platform and speak out against police brutality, racism, and social injustice. 

2019 Deep Cover “Let Your Light Shine In Dark Places” Panel Discussion at Anacostia Arts Center, DC- food, live entertainment, and a panel discussion on police/community relations, racism in society and the church, social injustice, and rights to vote 

2020 Hired to write a book into a stage Play Production. The Storm Has A Ministry Stage Play Production. A mother’s story recovering from breast cancer, two divorces but wasn’t prepared to lose her son to violence in the streets of Atlanta, Ga. Instead of being bitter, she turned her pain into a ministry to teach others how to get through their pain. 

2021 Life N Music web series Musical Drama series; Season One Episode one will begin March of 2022. 

2023 Upcoming Stage Play Production, When Two Storms Collide. 

After putting all the pieces together, I can walk boldly that I am a playwright, director, and now a screenwriter. Life and other experiences have made me the writer I am today. 

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not, what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
A smooth ride not at all. I was raised by my grandmother. I never understood why I wasn’t living with my mother and my brother. My grandmother felt my mom was too young to raise me at the time. After some disagreement between mother and daughter my mother left and gave birth to my brother a year later. 

I spent some time with my mother when I guess I was allowed. I remember spending the night at her apartments and or even going to work with her. My mom was hard work. She kept a job. One of the hardest things as a young man is to see his mother get beaten by her boyfriend. One night my brother and I were locked in a room as we can hear our mom being tossed to the walls and punched by her boyfriend. I wish I could have done something but I was paralyzed with fear. I wasn’t used to seeing that living with my grandmother. I actually shared about that abusive night in my play, Cain N Abel. 

My mom received some bad news in 1986 that she had cancer. I think it was high in stages as she did not last long after going through chemotherapy. Jan 1996 my mom died in my room. For a long time, I couldn’t sleep in my room. 

My dad was always in prison during my growing up. When describing my dad, I tell people I saw him three times: 1. Visiting him in Radford Fl prison when I was very young. 2. In my senior year in high school, my dad came to visit me at my grandmother’s. We talked briefly. He promised to be the dad I wanted in my life. 3rd. Six months later from the conversation at my grandmother’s living room my father was murdered in Miami Beach, Fla. I stood before him as he laid stiff in the casket. I looked at him remembering our conversation and seeing our resemblance. 

Worked multiple jobs to take care of my family. I always had two jobs until 2008. I believe in taking care of my family by all means. That was a challenge especially on days I didn’t feel like going. 

Being a full-time student attending night classes to receive my Masters in Information Network Systems. The money I would receive from the military for being a full-time student I would use to finance my stage plays for years until the money ran out. 

Marital Problems- while writing my plays I experience some marital issues. The way I was able to handle it I developed a lot of characters in different plays. I was able to share how I felt through my actors. A lot of that was in I’ll Be Home For Christmas. It was my way of talking to my daughters and well to my wife. July 29th, 2020 received a divorce. 

September 2020 learned I had chronic leukemia after going through some testing and biopsy. I was torn in pieces. I wasn’t for sure how long I had to live. I went back to holding my mom’s hand while she was dying. Remembering how much she went through with chemo. I always feared having cancer all my life. 

In February of 2021, I did a short film with Kevin Simmons (Intentional Vision Filming). The short film was therapeutic for me. Kevin felt I was the best person to play me. I decided to come out of the director and become an actor. The film focused on me packing giving a sigh I lost my family and now dealing with the news of having leukemia. I called it “Faith Walk” 


During these trying times, I was about to be blessed to write my first song called “Time After Time”, co-writer Burnie Stevenson. 

More of the challenges now besides my health is trying to find sponsors and investors. I truly feel once I’m able to gain more help in that department we can reach out to some big-name actors, actresses, and or artists to appear in the plays I have already written. 

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about McClam Enterprise Productions?
McClam Enterprise Productions was founded in 2010. We are a faith-based production company that believes in creating believable scenes on stage where everyone from all ages and races can relate. We turn biblical scriptures and or parables into modern-day stage plays. One of the first ones that people still talk about is Cain N Abel's 2010 and 2013 productions. 

We are rapidly growing; our organization consists of the following: Casting Director, Stage Crew Director, Operation Manager, Transportation Operator, and Project Manager. In the beginning, I wore all those hats but over time I found the right people to trust to perform the work. Their main objective is to keep me busy focusing on production and execution with the cast, etc. 

Currently, we specialize in one-on-one consultation on how to put a production together and acting, review scripts, stage crew assistant, work for hire turn your book into a script. 

Our professionalism and high-quality productions set us apart from others. Our main objective to make sure our audience remember their experience with McClam Enterprise Productions. It reminds me when you ask a person how was church? Oh it was good, I can’t remember what the Pastor said but I tell you everything else was great!!! They are saying for that 2 hrs. their experience was great!!! That is what we want our viewers to experience!! The fun they remembered having. 

Planting seeds wherever we go is our branding. We want to use our platform to plant good seeds in the lives of the people. If a community is having a police relation issue; our plays know how to target that situation in an entertainment setting but at the same time we are providing a solution and creatively show the audience both sides of the situation where people can see the Officer as a human and the Officer (s) can see the citizen as a human. I call this both sides meeting in the middle. 

Our services are open to anyone! We ask you to have good energy and a passion to learn and take directions. 

So, before we go, how can our readers or others connect or collaborate with you? How can they support you?
We are always looking to work with other people or businesses that share the same vision to help our community. We are currently collaborating with Assured Business Organization Services (SheAbos) founded by Angela Middleton. Angela Middleton after attending one of my productions sat me down and showed me how she can help me free up more of my time. 

Since the coloration, we now work together in a group we called Network Link. We bring CEOs of other businesses in the community and give them the platform to share more about their organization. The main thing is to share, support, and network with one another. 

Anyone from the community ever attends our event we teach them how to start their business and educate them on the purpose of networking. 

You can reach us at mcclamenterpriseproductions@gmail.com or subscribe on mcclamenterpriseproductions.com 

Contact Info:

  • Website: mcclamenterpriseproductions.com
  • Instagram: akiva_mcclamenterpriseproductions mcclamenterpriseproductions lifenmusic_webseries
  • Facebook: McClam Enterprise Productions
  • Youtube: McClam Enterprise Productions


Nina Fowler

To read the full interview and press release, please visit the website at https://voyagebaltimore.com/interview/inspiring-conversations-with-akiva-mcclam-of-mcclam-enterprise-productions/

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The Marriage Institution describes marriage as instructed by God in the bible. The book sets out the origination of marriage from the garden of Eden when God made Adam and Eve and blessed them in matrimony and then HE empowered them, and for that matter mankind, to rule and dominate the earth and multiply. And there was no mention of same-sex marriage from the origination. The Marriage Institution goes on to illustrate marriage from different world cultures portraying a beautiful picture of the marriage institution from different ways and styles but all in accordance with a biblical perspective. The book goes on to mention how some African marriage cultures were dominated by the European marriage culture due to the introduction of Christianity to Africa and how that led to so much controversy and misunderstanding. Hence the Marriage Institution sets out what went wrong in the African church marriage when it comes to the two cultures, which are the European and the African cultures, and how the errors could be fixed. The Marriage Institution is good for teaching, marriage counseling can be a study book for couples, and even good to read by book lovers and added to collections. Pastor Joyce Nyante is an ordained reverend minister, evangelist, and teacher of the word of God. She is a mother and a wife, and her hobbies include writing, cooking, shopping, and being with family. Pastor Joyce has earned a degree from Thames Valley University, and Biblical Studies in Theology from the International Prayer Palace Church Bible Institute. She lives in Cambridgeshire in England with her husband and daughters. Pastor Joyce and her husband Pastor Simeon are co-pastors of the International Prayer Palace Church Empowerment Temple in Huntingdon Cambridgeshire. You can contact Pastor Joyce at https://prayerpalace.com or by email at pastorjoyce@prayerpalace.com

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Here is a review of my book from a good FB friend of mine...

"I received his book about a week ago.
I started reading it and was enthralled.
I was halfway through it before I realized it. I had bible study homework and chores that took some precedence for a few days. And recovery from a bad cold.
I picked the book up again at about 1:00 am and was just going to read a couple of the sketches.
It is now 5:24 AM and I just finished it.
I can’t say enough good things. I plan on giving copies to several friends and family for Christmas.
The book is a series of sketches including all kinds of subjects relevant to believers. Some are personal; some biographical; some just a lot of fun facts. I laughed, rejoiced, cried and thanked God.
Buy it; you won’t be sorry. "
(Thank you Jill for this great review)

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If you miss the Howard University Radio Station WHUR 96.3 FM Autumn Joi's WOW Wednesday Show LIVE interview with Hey Papi Promotions Network member Dr. Hattie N. Washington click the link below. The interview was broadcast ON-Air on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. Share the news with family and friends!

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Wow Wednesday LIVE Audio Interview

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