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cnc machining can make raw materials or semi-finished products more perfect by using scientific production technology on the basis of making raw materials or semi-finished products into finished products. Under normal circumstances, the parts produced by machining of large heavy parts mainly refer to the parts that can be assembled into machines, instruments and various The basic components of this equipment. Starting from the outline of the cnc machining and manufacturing process of large-scale heavy parts, this paper briefly introduces several important construction processes of the machining and manufacturing process of large-scale heavy-duty parts, and explores in detail from the improvement points of the machining and manufacturing process of large-scale heavy-duty parts and its Analysis of improvement measures is only provided as a reference for the industry of mechanical processing and manufacturing processes.

Key Words: large and heavy parts; machining; manufacturing process

Introduction to the machining and manufacturing process of large heavy parts


From the current development situation in China, it can be seen that social technology is constantly developing, the production technology of various industries is constantly improving, and the machining and manufacturing process of large-scale heavy parts is one of the important foundations of China's industrial system. Therefore, it is necessary to timely pile up China's machinery manufacturing industry. Carry out reforms, so as to achieve innovation, and can actively promote the development of China's national economy. Judging from the current situation, the traditional mechanical manufacturing process has been unable to meet the basic requirements of the current manufacturing, so there must be certain improvements and innovations in technology. In order to innovate better and put it into production, it is necessary to integrate new computer technology, information processing technology, and advanced automation control technology. The common applications of large and heavy parts are metallurgical equipment, cement equipment, mining equipment, and large and heavy equipment in thermal power and nuclear power industries. The machining equipment commonly used in the machining and manufacturing process of large and heavy parts can be selected according to the processing requirements of different types of large and heavy parts. requirements and standards.

The main processing stages of the machining and manufacturing process of large heavy parts


Under the background of globalization, China's economic situation has also made great progress, especially in the field of machinery manufacturing. , so that enterprises can get better development space, it is necessary to scientifically and reasonably control the processing links of the manufacturing industry. At present, whether on the domestic stage or on the international stage, the development status and technological level of the machinery manufacturing industry are directly related to the country's market competition. Strictly supervise and manage each step of the manufacturing process, and at the same time improve the technological level, professional technology and proficiency of each manufacturing process, in order to optimize each processing process and step, and improve its overall manufacturing level and quality.

1. Product design stage

The product design stage is the first and most important stage in the machining and manufacturing process of large and heavy parts. Whether the overall design method of the product and the construction process conform to the standard will have a certain impact on the overall quality of the large-scale heavy-duty machining. In addition, the design of the large-scale heavy-duty product can also show the development direction and competition of the enterprise. Therefore, the relevant management personnel of the enterprise should pay attention to the above problems, strengthen the supervision during the product design process, strictly require the relevant designers, avoid major errors in the design process, and strictly check the design process and results. In the early stage of design, designers should also study the actual application of heavy machinery in order to better develop and plan the design scheme. In the process of obtaining various benefits, enterprises should not forget to pursue technological advancement and production process innovation. Only through continuous technological innovation can enterprises obtain long-term development space and social status. The design work of large-scale heavy machinery design mainly includes three major links, namely improved design, total deformation and innovative design. When designing and large cnc machining products, there are many factors that need to be considered for changes in the size and weight of the product, especially the impact on machining and manufacturing, which must be included in the design impact effect to ensure the scientificity of product design. accuracy.

2. Process design stage

The process design stage is the second stage of the large-scale heavy-duty machining and manufacturing process. When the design drawings of the large-scale heavy-duty products are completed, it is necessary to start a reasonable selection of machining and manufacturing companies to standardize the processing of large-scale heavy-duty products and make the products more in line with Customer and design requirements. The process design stage is mainly to determine the process documents required for processing and manufacturing large and heavy products. Since the process design stage is relatively complex, some difficult problems will be encountered during the design process, especially the machining of large and heavy parts. Therefore, attention should be paid to the process design stage, and the formulation of product plans should meet the requirements of customers and design as much as possible.

The main points of improvement in the machining and manufacturing process of large and heavy parts


1. Machining and manufacturing process specification

The important technical document of the machinery factory is the machining and manufacturing process regulations. In the process of formulating the machining and manufacturing process regulations, the principles of high yield, high quality and low cost must be followed to maximize the benefits under the premise of ensuring product quality. The machining and manufacturing process of large and heavy parts needs to ensure the advancement of technology. From the perspective of cost saving, it is necessary to choose a scientific and reasonable design scheme to reduce the cost of the enterprise. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the overall accuracy of the design, and on the basis of meeting the relevant requirements of the design, it can reduce the various costs of the enterprise and ensure the economic benefits of the enterprise.

2. The main points of blank selection in machining manufacturing process

Both the machining and manufacturing process and the quality of machining are affected by the blank, so the structure and type of the blank must be carefully and scientifically selected to make it conducive to the improvement of the machining and manufacturing process.

3. Selection of blank types

The more common blanks in the machining and manufacturing process mainly include castings, forgings, profiles, welded parts, etc., as well as some other blanks, such as cold extrusion parts, stamping parts, plastic pressing parts, etc. The type of blank is directly related to its performance and greatly affects the functioning of the hydraulic system. Therefore, in order to improve the machining of large and heavy parts, it is extremely necessary to select the correct type of blank, and it is also the primary consideration in the process of machining heavy machinery and equipment. For the selection of blank types, the following aspects should be considered: First, castings are mainly used for blanks with overly complex shapes. Such blanks need to be manufactured by casting. The commonly used casting manufacturing method is sand casting. Secondly, forgings are usually used for steel components, because forgings can have uniform and continuous metal fibers after forging, and this mechanical property can meet the complex stress requirements of steel components.

4. Several points to pay attention to when selecting the blank

In the selection of blanks, it is necessary to pay attention to some selection points. In terms of production program, some parts have higher requirements on the selection of blanks, and require blank manufacturing methods with high productivity and precision, which will cause the problem of high blank manufacturing costs. The method to solve the machining cost. In terms of material manufacturability, the appropriate blank manufacturing method is selected according to the manufacturability of different parts materials. Only by ensuring the rationality of blank selection can effectively improve the performance of the hydraulic system, improve the structure and function of the hydraulic system, and then improve the machining process of large and heavy parts.

Measures to improve the machining and manufacturing technology of large heavy parts


1. Optimize the design scheme

The design plan of the machining and manufacturing process for large and 3d printing metal parts is to draw drawings according to the needs of the finished product, and formulate the best product processing plan. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the design scheme, proofread the drawings in time, ensure the accuracy of the drawings, and improve the scientificity of the manufacturing scheme.

2. Select the blank

The blank mainly refers to the finished product and semi-finished product that has the required shape and needs to be processed again. The machining process and processing quality have high requirements on the blank. Therefore, the blank must be selected and carefully selected according to the material and type of the blank. pick.

3. Optimize the hydraulic equipment system

Because the mechanical processing and manufacturing are inseparable from the assistance of hydraulic equipment, the traditional hydraulic equipment system can no longer meet the requirements of modern mechanical processing and manufacturing, so it is necessary to optimize the hydraulic equipment system and improve the quality of the hydraulic press.

Conclusion: China's industrial technology has entered an era of rapid development, and traditional processing technology has been replaced by high-efficiency processing technology under the new situation. To ensure long-term progress and improvement in the field of China's large-scale heavy machinery processing and manufacturing, we must do a good job in the initial design work, ensure the overall quality of the design process, enhance the reliability of products, and reduce various risks in the production process. problem arises. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the use and innovation of mechanical processing equipment. While improving the current large-scale heavy-duty mechanical processing and manufacturing technology and design technology, it is necessary to learn from countries with more advanced technology in the world, and constantly introduce new technologies and new technologies. Process methods, continuously improve and promote the progress and innovation of China metal cnc machining machinery processing and manufacturing processes, lay a certain foundation for the development of China's machinery field, and can promote the development of enterprises and society, so that the development of China's machinery industry can be more Good service to people.

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UHMW-PE Machining

UHMWPE sheet is widely used in various fields such as fenders, carriage slides, coal bunker linings, roller skates, railway, highway and bridge bearing gaskets; Cnc Machining UHMWPE profiles can be prepared by machining the sheet, or obtained by injection molding

5.1 Compression molding

(1) Compression molding process

Compression molding is the earliest processing method for UHMWPE machining, and the process flow is shown in Figure 12. The method is not affected by the molecular weight and fluidity of the resin raw materials, and produces products with small internal stress and warpage deformation, simple equipment, low production cost, and low production efficiency.

In addition to the traditional compression molding process, the preparation methods of the sheet include:

  • Extrusion molding. Use a plunger extruder for reciprocating batch extrusion or a screw extruder for continuous extrusion;
  • Gas-assisted extrusion molding. During the screw extrusion process, a stable gas is injected between the die and the melt material to provide full-slip boundary conditions on the wall surface and reduce the frictional resistance between the melt and the flow channel;
  • Ultrasonic powder molding method. Use ultrasonic vibration to quickly heat and plasticize the powder itself and then mold it;
  • High-speed impact molding. At the temperature near the melting point, the mold filled with powder is subjected to high-speed impact and then sintered.

All of the above methods can improve the production efficiency of plates, but they are not easy to form larger products, and are limited in actual production.

(2) Plate modification technology

UHMWPE sheet has low surface hardness, easy fatigue wear, poor heat resistance and creep resistance, which restrict its application in some specific environments. In order to improve these deficiencies, domestic and foreign scholars have done a lot of research on molding resin or product modification, the main methods are polymerization modification, filling modification, cross-linking modification and so on.

Using new catalysts or in-situ polymerization to modify UHMWPE resin from the catalytic polymerization stage can prepare resins with specific molecular chain structures or compound modified resins that are uniformly mixed at the molecular scale, but the technical barriers are high; filling modification is simple and easy to implement However, there are problems of filler agglomeration or poor compatibility; cross-linking modification can better improve wear resistance and heat resistance. Among them, chemical cross-linking is more sensitive to the amount of cross-linking agent, and the residual instability after radiation cross-linking The degradation of free radicals and oxidative components has an effect on the properties of composite materials.

The author’s research group in this paper prepared UHMWPE composites with good self-lubrication, thermal conductivity, wear resistance, creep resistance and load-bearing capacity through solid-phase grafting, organic-inorganic hybridization and other methods. The large amount of frictional heat accumulated in the friction process cannot be conducted and plastic deformation occurs, which brings about potential safety hazards. Successfully prepared high wear resistance, high load bearing, and long cumulative displacement that can meet the needs of highway and railway bridge bearings. UHMWPE profiles.

5.2 Injection molding

(1) Injection molding process

Injection molding is the most efficient production method for large-scale preparation of various UHMWPE wear-resistant profiles. Compared with ordinary plastics, UHMWPE injection molding has the following difficulties: resin is difficult to feed, difficult to plasticize; melt viscosity is large, easy to block; injection molding is difficult to compact; product cooling is easy to deform.

Japan’s Mitsui Petrochemical Company realized the injection molding and commercialization of UHMWPE in the 1970s. Its injection molding technology is actually a combination of plunger injection and compression molding, which has the defects of poor plasticization, slow heat transfer and long molding cycle. ; Later, the reciprocating screw injection molding technology was developed, and the melt was sheared and stretched by the reciprocating screw, which solved the problems of poor plasticization.
In the 1980s, Beijing Plastics Research Institute improved the reciprocating screw to complete UHMWPE injection molding using high pressure and high speed injection technology. However, due to the low clamping force of domestic injection molding machines and the backward operating system, the stability of injection molding products was poor. In addition, UHMWPE injection molding is carried out by plunger push injection machine, multi-plunger injection machine, and plunger stamping injection machine, but there are disadvantages such as poor plasticizing effect, long molding cycle, and small melt amount.

In recent years, some companies have used reciprocating screw injection molding machines to inject flow-modified UHMWPE, but so far, injection molding technology has not been applied on a large scale in the field of UHMWPE.

The research shows that the screw groove of the feeding section is of equal depth, the screw groove of the compression section is gradually shallower, the homogenization section is divided into two sections, the deep screw groove and the shallow screw groove, and the nozzle is divided into a cylindrical cavity, a conical cavity, a nozzle hole and an inverted conical cavity. The design of the machine can promote the material to be gradually plasticized in the barrel and achieve smooth injection. The movable cavity technology is adopted, the cavity is expanded when filling the mold, and the cavity is compressed when the mold is clamped, so that the melt compaction can effectively improve the shrinkage problem of the product. . The order of the influence of various process parameters of the screw injection molding machine on the tensile properties of the product is injection pressure > injection speed > temperature in the metering section > screw speed.

The author of this paper believes that UHMWPE is easy to slip and can be fed with a deep screw groove design; a reasonable distance between the screw and the barrel can achieve full shear melting of high-viscosity melt and avoid screw locking; appropriate nozzle diameter can provide sufficient shear And avoid poor discharge; appropriate injection pressure and clamping force can ensure that the mold cavity is filled without overflowing; the variable mold temperature technology of high mold temperature filling and gradually decreasing mold temperature and pressure can also effectively solve the problem of product shrinkage.

(2) Modification technology of injection molding raw materials

Much of the focus on modification of injection-molding grade resins is to improve fluidity, including polymerization modification and blending modification. For example, bimodal polyethylene, solvent oil-containing resin, lubricating modifier-containing resin, etc. are prepared by new catalysis and polymerization processes; in addition, the processing performance of 3d printing and UHMWPE materials is improved by blending with components that improve the fluidity of the matrix.

HDPE and UHMWPE have good compatibility, UHMWPE/HDPE blending is a more convenient and effective method for UHMWPE flow modification; nanoparticles make composite materials have the characteristics of organic, inorganic and nanomaterials, and nanoparticles are introduced by in-situ polymerization , which can prepare injection-molding grade composite materials with uniform dispersion; use new catalytic polymerization technology such as single active center to develop new resins with both narrow molecular weight distribution and long-chain branched structure and low entanglement degree, which can solve the problem of processing performance and mechanical properties. The contradiction between them is also a research direction worth looking forward to.

Improving the fluidity of the resin can avoid problems such as melting glue and injection difficulties. The filling method also needs to solve the problems of loose product structure and serious shrinkage. Only when the fluidity modification is matched with the injection molding process and equipment can the final injection molding products with stable comprehensive performance and excellent quality be formed.

5.3 Artificial joints

At present, more than 90% of the artificial joint materials on the market are made of UHMWPE material. There are about three million joint replacement surgeries in the world every year. The wear and damage of UHMWPE components are the main factors affecting the life of artificial joints.

(1) Preparation process

UHMWPE artificial joints can be prepared by two methods of plunger extrusion and molding, and then modified and processed to obtain artificial knee joints, hip joints and other products. Compression-molded UHMWPE has an isotropic crystal orientation, while plunger extruded material has a slightly different crystal morphology with distance from the centerline. These crystal morphology differences can lead to subtle differences in fatigue crack growth behavior, Thereby affecting the phenomenon of osteolysis. Therefore, the use of molded UHMWPE molding or pom cnc machining is currently the mainstream of artificial joints.

(2) Research progress

UHMWPE was first used to make artificial joint liners and pads in 1960. At present, the wear resistance of UHMWPE base resin cannot fully meet the long-term use of joints. Research institutions and enterprises such as Massachusetts General Hospital have developed cross-linked UHMWPE, which greatly reduces joint wear and tear. FDA (FDA) approved for clinical use.

Subsequently, European and American countries invented vitamin E polyethylene, which has both anti-oxidation and wear resistance properties, and was approved by the FDA for clinical use in 2009. my country has gradually used UHMWPE to make joint liners since 1990, but the molecular weight, molding process and joint manufacturing process of domestic UHMWPE are relatively backward, the clinical life of artificial joints is short (about five years on average), and complications caused by wear and tear serious.

Increasing the entanglement density of UHMWPE by melt annealing can improve its amorphous region microstructure, thereby reducing the osteolysis of UHMWPE (i.e., grinding slag due to wear); however, the effect of melt annealing is limited and cannot effectively maintain high entanglement. state, the use of radiation crosslinking to reduce the chain mobility required for large-scale plastic deformation can slow down the formation of surface debris; however, secondary thermal processing after or during radiation melting can lead to oxidative degradation of the material , causing a decrease in crystallinity and strength, and using vitamin E as an antioxidant for medical-grade UHMWPE can eliminate residual free radicals in highly cross-linked UHMWPE artificial joints.

Recently, researchers found that the flavonoid natural antioxidants rutin, quercetin and tea polyphenols are more antioxidant than vitamin E. The author’s research group cooperated with key domestic artificial joint research units and enterprises to first obtain UHMWPE resin with reasonable molecular weight, distribution, particle size and distribution, and metal residue and comprehensive properties that meet the requirements of implant-grade standards; Research on modification of cross-linking, antibacterial and anti-oxidation.

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What is lost wax casting

What is investment casting?Use a mold to shoot wax to make a wax pattern in the shape of a spare part; then apply it with a refractory material, then heat to remove the wax in the middle; then use it as a mold shell and inject molten metal iron. Wax casting (also called investment casting, lost wax casting). This casting method is extremely cost-effective when used to manufacture products such as complex and three-dimensional shapes.

1) Drawing
First of all, it is necessary to fully discuss various conditions such as the concept, purpose, and size of the product. In order to produce a product that pays attention to product economy and operability, it is necessary to conduct thorough communication and negotiation in all aspects such as shape and material.

2) Mold making
Secondly, the mold making of the forming wax mold is based on the pre-agreed design drawings, and the mold design of the neutron is carried out to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost.

3) Wax mold making
Wax is injected into the mold to make a wax pattern. The shape of this wax mold solidifies into the shape of the casting.

4) Group tree
The wax module of the product is welded to the casting rod and assembled like a branch, this state is called a group tree. Multiple castings can be produced at one time.

5) Shell making
The assembled wax mold is dipped into the slurry (binder), and the surface is coated with refractory material and allowed to dry. This operation is then repeated until it finally reaches a suitable thickness.

6) Dewaxing
The shell is heated with high temperature and high pressure steam, and the wax in the prototype of the product is dissolved and flowed out. The melted part becomes the cavity, which becomes the base of the shell.

7) Roasting
The firing of the shell is to improve the strength of the shell. In addition, it also has the effect of removing impurities in the shell by heat.

8) Casting
Dissolved metal steel water is injected into the fired mold.

9) Vibration shell cleaning
After casting, the outer shell is removed by sand cleaning of the vibrating shell, and the casting containing the casting rod product is taken out.

10) Cutting
The casting of the product is removed by laser cutting from the casting rod, and a prototype of the casting is completed at this stage.

11) Heat treatment
After heat treatment, the mechanical properties of the casting products are adjusted to achieve suitable properties.

12) Check
Inspection of appearance, shape, size, and inspection of casting defects are carried out. In addition, depending on the product, mechanical
Workmanship, surface treatment and other requirements.

13) Packing for delivery

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VALTECCN VALVE, a high quality butterfly valve manufacturer in China, has just what you need. We offer wafer type butterfly valves along with other industrial butterfly valves in various material body, disc, seat, and end-type connection designs. For more information, you can explore our website(https://www.valteccn.com) or reach out to us.
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How To 3D Print

3D printing is the inverse process of tomography. Tomography is to "cut" something into countless superimposed pieces. 3D printing is to print pieces of pieces, and then superimpose them together to become a three-dimensional object. Using a 3D printer is like printing a letter: Tap the "print" button on your computer screen and a digital file is sent to an inkjet printer, which sprays a layer of ink onto the surface of the paper to create a copy 2D image. In 3D printing, the software uses computer-aided design (CAD) technology to complete a series of digital slices and transmits information from these slices to a 3D printer, which stacks successive thin layers until a solid object takes shape .
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Lug-style butterfly valves are usually composed of metal such as ductile iron or steel. They feature threaded tapped lugs positioned on the valve flanges for bolt connections.

Lug-style butterfly valves are suitable for end-of-line service but a blind flange is always recommended. Lug-style butterfly valves are manufactured to be compatible with either pneumatic or electric actuation. Disc and seat material should be determined based on application and flow media.


Industrial Applications

  • Oil and gas
  • Chemical processing
  • Water and wastewater processing and transportation
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding and shipyards
  • HVAC

VALTECCN VALVE, a high quality butterfly valve manufacturer in China, has just what you need. We offer Stainless Steel Lug Butterfly Valve along with other industrial butterfly valves in various material body, disc, seat, and end-type connection designs. For more information, you can explore our website(www.valteccn.com) or reach out to us.

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The drive shafts used by agricultural machinery such as rotary tillers are used for the power transmission of modern agricultural machinery. The most common is the power transmission between the tractor and the agricultural machinery or between the power output and input of the agricultural machinery itself. The effect of the work, and the agricultural machinery needs continuous high-intensity operation, so the transmission Shaft must meet the conditions of strong durability and high bearing capacity. Here Pintejin wants to mention the precision die forged steel transmission Shaft used in the agricultural machinery. As the name suggests, the whole Shaft is made of Precision forging, in automobile manufacturing, the proportion of forgings in automobiles is 17% to 19%, such as the crankshaft and connecting rod used in the engine, the front axle of the front axle, the half axle of the rear axle, and the half axle bushing Or the transmission gears in the axle box are inseparable from the forgings.

The forgings in the transmission shaft mainly include six categories of products: spline shaft fork, spline shaft, welding fork, flange fork, spline sleeve and sliding fork. On the steel forging press, upsetting and then fine forging or direct horizontal rough forging and fine forging are used for traditional forging. For example, the shaft parts commonly used in the production of transmission shafts are 35, 45, and 50 high-quality carbon steel. No. 45 steel is Carbon structural steel is generally rolled forged steel raw materials. In addition to precision forging drive shafts, another common drive shaft is carbon steel drive shafts, also known as cast steel drive shafts. So what is the difference between precision forging and carbon steel?

Cast steel is the steel used for casting castings and is a kind of casting alloy. Cast steel is divided into three categories: cast carbon steel, cast low alloy steel and cast special steel. It refers to a kind of steel casting produced by casting method. It is mainly used to manufacture some parts with complex shapes, which are difficult to be forged or formed by cutting and require high strength and plasticity. Forged steel is a variety of forging materials and forgings produced by forging methods. Precision forging is a forming technology that makes the size of the parts meet the accuracy requirements through a small amount of machining or no machining after the parts are forged.

There are two main ways to achieve precision forging:

  • ① Refining the blank, that is, directly forging a blank that meets the requirements of precision machining.
  • ②Precision stainless steel castings or forgings, the whole or some parts of the parts are directly processed by the precision metal forging process, thereby reducing the amount of machining.

Next, Pintejin summarizes the advantages of precision forged drive shafts over carbon steel drive rotary tiller agricultural machinery precision forged steel drive shaft in the following points.

  1. The precision forging process reduces the deformation problem of the components in the heat treatment, improves the wear resistance and stability, and increases the service life of the carbon steel drive shaft.
  2. The structure of the drive shaft is improved, the mechanical properties and bending fatigue life are improved, and its mechanical properties such as plasticity and toughness are higher than those of carbon steel parts.
  3. The production efficiency and material utilization rate are improved. The precision of the six types of precision forgings used in the precision forging steel drive shaft all meet the tolerance standard, the shape and position precision are high, and the productivity and utilization rate are high.
  4. The surface of precision forged steel drive shaft is smoother and more beautiful.

Precision forged steel drive shafts can not only be used in agricultural machinery and agricultural equipment, but also in commercial vehicles, special vehicles, modified vehicles, construction machinery and so on. Precision forged steel drive shafts have obvious advantages. Material include steel,brass,aluminum machining and more;Because of this, industrialized countries attach great importance to the production of automobile forgings, and use the production process of automobile forgings to mark the development level of their technology. Pintejin has also processed and produced precision forged steel drive shafts recently, striving to manufacture high-quality drive shafts with high quality, long service life and good durability.

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Theory of Operation Gem polariscope

Ordinarily, a beam of light is vibrating in all directions. perpendicular to its line of travel (chelsea filter). A Polaroid acts as a selective filter, passing only that portion of the incident light which may be considered as vibrating in the plane of polarization .


Use of polariscope
In order to determine the optical characteristics of a gemstone in the gem testing polariscope, the analyzer is first turned to the dark position. The stone may be placed on the polarizer, as illustrated in Figure I or held either in a pair of tweezers or in the fingers between the polarizer and the analyzer.

An optic-axis direction is characterized in the polariscope's dark position by the presence of rainbow colors associated with an interference figure. The cause and analysis of interference figures by the polariscope is discussed in part B of the polariscope work later in the course. The observation of bright colors in a limited number of directions suggests optic axes and double refraction.


Biaxial stones seldom show any relation between the plane of the girdle and the optic axis.

The normal tendency for a person with little experience in the use of the polariscope is to drop any stone to be examined in the most convenient position (table down) and rotates it in that position. There is no particular objection to this, if several other positions are also used for the examination. The most serious danger concerns well-cut stones, particularly those that have a high R.I., such as diamond or zircon.

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Internationally renowned worship leader Eric Reverence reconnects with his West African roots on his new single, ‘Oluwa’, out now.

It’s a simple one-word title, but it says a lot. ‘Oluwa’ (the Yoruba word for God) is an exuberant, joyful Afrobeat Gospel tune, designed to usher in 2022 on a note of thanksgiving and expectation. Eric wrote and recorded the song during a successful tour in Nigeria in November 2021.

The making of ‘Oluwa’ marks a sort of homecoming in Eric’s own personal journey. British Ghanaian-born Eric moved to Canada in 1991 and eventually to the UK in 1992, but his memories of childhood in Ghana weren’t particularly happy ones. “Life in Ghana was a huge struggle as I was always told by my teachers and headteacher that I was useless and worthless,” he recalls. Eric’s ministry as a worship leader and Gospel artist has taken him across the UK and to the USA, Ghana, Netherlands, and Latvia, but it’s always been with a more western pop sound. And then in 2020 Covid-19 struck and George Floyd was murdered. Both those events got Eric thinking that it was time for him to return to his African roots - musically at least. A tour of Nigeria followed, and the concept for ‘Oluwa’ was born. Produced by Tobass Adolphus, the song combines the sounds of the various tribes of both Nigeria and Ghana. The joy and vibrancy of the song are expressed beautifully in the accompanying video, with its breath-taking choreography, made by the Nigerian production company Justice DH Films and creative director Austine Holy.

“God has seen us through a lot in the last year,” Eric says. “Oluwa’ is a song of thanksgiving to God for what he’s brought us through, and of anticipation for what he has in store for us next.”

‘Oluwa’ is out now. For further information or to arrange interviews, contact Eric Reverence at:
• Email: reverencee@gmail.com
• Social Media: @ericrevrence
• Website: https://www.ericreverence.com




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Press Release

Former Council Member and State Delegate Tony Knotts Announces His Candidacy for the Council District 8 Special Election

Experienced Public Servant Offers Stability, Accomplished Leadership, and a Steady Hand in a Time of Public Health and Economic Challenges

Oxon Hill, MD – Tony Knotts, who served as the District 8 Council Member from 2002 to 2010 and Maryland State Delegate for District 26 from 2014 to 2018, today is announcing his candidacy for the District 8 Special Election and is also filing his candidacy for the 2022 regular District 8 Primary to be held in June. Yesterday, District 8 County Council Member Monique Anderson-Walker announced her intent to resign her office, which, if effective before December 7, 2021, will trigger a special primary and general election in the early months of 2022. 

Today, Council Member Knotts issued the following statement:

"From my time as a U.S. Marine to my service to the residents of District 8 as County Council Member, including serving as Council Chairman, and representing District 26 as a State Delegate, I have dedicated my life to the cause of public service and, specifically, to improving our quality of life in Prince George's County. I am proud of the tremendous progress that I helped District 8 and our County realize during my tenure as County Council Member, including the development of our County's signature economic development achievement -- the National Harbor Project, building the Southern Area Technology and Recreational Complex in Fort Washington, and establishing the new Oxon Hill High School in Oxon Hill. In the wake of the most serious public health crisis in our lifetime, the COVID-19 pandemic, the residents of District 8 need an experienced, steady, and accomplished hand to lead our communities into the future, not on-the-job training or instability. I fully understand the need to establish smarter development and environmental policies, increased infrastructure investments in Maryland 210 and Southern Maryland Light Rail, new investments in our public schools, and more direct support and services for our seniors, veterans, minority-owned businesses, and returning citizens. Most of all, I understand that a County Council Member cannot get anything done for the residents of District 8 without knowing how to work as a team with his or her colleagues on the County Council and with the County Executive. I am ready on day one to lead as the next County Council Member for Councilmanic District 8."

Tony Knotts is a lifelong resident of Prince George's County. He is a Vietnam War Veteran having served his country in the United States Marine Corps. Knotts is married to Wanda Knotts and currently resides in Oxon Hill, Maryland. He is a graduate of Fairmount Heights High School, where he was a substitute teacher while pursuing a Master’s Degree. Knotts earned an Undergraduate Degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Administrative Management from Bowie State University. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the University of Maryland, College Park. Knotts worked for the Washington Suburban and Sanitary Commission (WSSC), one of the largest public utilities in the nation, as a Budget Analyst, Minority Business Enterprise Officer and finally retiring as a Strategic Management Specialist. Knotts maintains membership in a host of civic associations and an active membership in the Ebenezer AME Church in Fort Washington. Knotts’ professional affiliations include the Coalition of Concerned Black Christian Men and the South County Economic Development Association among many others.




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Today we’d like to introduce you to Akiva McClam. 

Hi Akiva, can you start by introducing yourself? We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today?
For a person who never took any classes in playwrighting or directing I realize now it is a God-given gift. Able to articulate line by line for actors/actresses, making sure the storyline flows from the beginning, middle, and the end, researching the right background music that enhances the scenes, etc. 

When I think back, I saw the pieces planted in me at an early age, during my adolescents and now adulthood. When I was little, I would spend hours in my room playing with my GI Joe toys, Transformers, etc. In my little room, I lived in a rhombus imagination. I created scenes for my toys to act in. I was the actor and director. 

Approaching my teen years, I lost my mom and dad a year apart from one another. At this point the writer in me begins to write down feelings, things I wish I had, things I experienced, saw in my family, among my peers, and in society. I would begin to write short skit in my journals. Now around this time, I am also a star athlete at Westminster Academy named All-County in Broward (Fort Lauderdale, Fl) for Wide Receiver. I was heavily recruited to play baseball after high school. After being timed as one of the fastest running the bases; they compared me to the next fastest ever ran that fast was MLB Otis Nixon of Atlanta Braves. I was for sure I was going to play in Major League Baseball especially playing against Alex Rodriquez (New York Yankee) and Danny Kanell (ESPN Sports Analyst and New York Giant). But God has something else planned for me. 

After graduating from Bethune Cookman University with a BS in Sociology. Another piece to the puzzle that I realized I needed later with my writing/directing. I worked three years with the Department of Juvenile Justice as a Group Treatment Counselor for youth first-time offenses in the judicial system. I also got married in June 1998. 

I will have to say while in college I became a Tyler Perry fan. I remember not having too much money as a college student purchasing a ticket to one of the plays he was producing in Orlando, Fla. Since then, I followed and watched Tyler. One thing I can learn from him is that he never gave up. It took that one experience of people wrapped around the building to kick start his career. My people wrapped around the corner to get in is coming. I had one experience in 2013 for Cain N Abel. What happened I got distracted after losing my job. I really felt that was the year I was supposed to have left the workplace of a 9 to 5. 

In 1999, I decided to enlist in the United States Air Force which brought me to the DMV area. I was stationed in Andrews AFB, MD for 9 years and 5 months receiving an honoring separation in 2008, but later in 2015 the USAF medically retired me. 

My first stage play. 

2009, I was attending Lighthouse Baptist Church; at the time the church wanted to do something different for the Christmas celebration. My wife at the time volunteered my name to write them a stage play. Yes volunteered. She reminded me that all the years in college I would write skits and always talk about production. For some reason, I stopped thinking about performance arts. I decided to say yes to the opportunity. As soon as I said yes, I began to have visions. I saw characters for the play, a storyline, supporting songs, etc. Next, I began to people watch; I personally chose everyone who I thought was qualified to play the roles I was writing. The play was called, “My Christmas Story.” The play received a standing ovation. At that point, I realized the gift God gave me is for real. 

I begin to write more plays that were dear to me because there were stories of mine hidden in different characters. A lot of people review my plays like an emotional rollercoaster. You will get your laughs, thrills, suspense, teaching, and a lot of tears. 

My motto is to provide high-quality stage plays that focus on the following cores from the play: comedy, teaching, drama, and ministry. 

The following stage plays I have written over time: 

2010, 2013 Cain N Abel; A grandmother took on a job to raise two of her grandsons. One grandson chose God and the other one chose the streets. It took the grandmother and her god-fearing grandson to go pull the other brother out of the darkness. I wrote this play to show how the effects of favoritism would do among family members, especially siblings. 

2015 Deep Cover Stage Play Production – A pastor lost his first love in Jesus Christmas. He was more worried about expanding the church. He was losing his identity until an invited Bishop for the revival called him out on his behavior. 

2016 Answering His Call Stage Play Production; An honor roll student finds herself In School Restriction. While in restriction the students opened up on personal things they were going through. At this point, she understood why she was there as she helped and encouraged each student that was going through depression, lack of confidence, and dealing with pregnancy. 

2018-2019 I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Dinner Theater) 

2019 Deep Cover “Let Your Light Shine in Dark Places” Pastor Wilson is challenged by his son to use his platform and speak out against police brutality, racism, and social injustice. 

2019 Deep Cover “Let Your Light Shine In Dark Places” Panel Discussion at Anacostia Arts Center, DC- food, live entertainment, and a panel discussion on police/community relations, racism in society and the church, social injustice, and rights to vote 

2020 Hired to write a book into a stage Play Production. The Storm Has A Ministry Stage Play Production. A mother’s story recovering from breast cancer, two divorces but wasn’t prepared to lose her son to violence in the streets of Atlanta, Ga. Instead of being bitter, she turned her pain into a ministry to teach others how to get through their pain. 

2021 Life N Music web series Musical Drama series; Season One Episode one will begin March of 2022. 

2023 Upcoming Stage Play Production, When Two Storms Collide. 

After putting all the pieces together, I can walk boldly that I am a playwright, director, and now a screenwriter. Life and other experiences have made me the writer I am today. 

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not, what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
A smooth ride not at all. I was raised by my grandmother. I never understood why I wasn’t living with my mother and my brother. My grandmother felt my mom was too young to raise me at the time. After some disagreement between mother and daughter my mother left and gave birth to my brother a year later. 

I spent some time with my mother when I guess I was allowed. I remember spending the night at her apartments and or even going to work with her. My mom was hard work. She kept a job. One of the hardest things as a young man is to see his mother get beaten by her boyfriend. One night my brother and I were locked in a room as we can hear our mom being tossed to the walls and punched by her boyfriend. I wish I could have done something but I was paralyzed with fear. I wasn’t used to seeing that living with my grandmother. I actually shared about that abusive night in my play, Cain N Abel. 

My mom received some bad news in 1986 that she had cancer. I think it was high in stages as she did not last long after going through chemotherapy. Jan 1996 my mom died in my room. For a long time, I couldn’t sleep in my room. 

My dad was always in prison during my growing up. When describing my dad, I tell people I saw him three times: 1. Visiting him in Radford Fl prison when I was very young. 2. In my senior year in high school, my dad came to visit me at my grandmother’s. We talked briefly. He promised to be the dad I wanted in my life. 3rd. Six months later from the conversation at my grandmother’s living room my father was murdered in Miami Beach, Fla. I stood before him as he laid stiff in the casket. I looked at him remembering our conversation and seeing our resemblance. 

Worked multiple jobs to take care of my family. I always had two jobs until 2008. I believe in taking care of my family by all means. That was a challenge especially on days I didn’t feel like going. 

Being a full-time student attending night classes to receive my Masters in Information Network Systems. The money I would receive from the military for being a full-time student I would use to finance my stage plays for years until the money ran out. 

Marital Problems- while writing my plays I experience some marital issues. The way I was able to handle it I developed a lot of characters in different plays. I was able to share how I felt through my actors. A lot of that was in I’ll Be Home For Christmas. It was my way of talking to my daughters and well to my wife. July 29th, 2020 received a divorce. 

September 2020 learned I had chronic leukemia after going through some testing and biopsy. I was torn in pieces. I wasn’t for sure how long I had to live. I went back to holding my mom’s hand while she was dying. Remembering how much she went through with chemo. I always feared having cancer all my life. 

In February of 2021, I did a short film with Kevin Simmons (Intentional Vision Filming). The short film was therapeutic for me. Kevin felt I was the best person to play me. I decided to come out of the director and become an actor. The film focused on me packing giving a sigh I lost my family and now dealing with the news of having leukemia. I called it “Faith Walk” 


During these trying times, I was about to be blessed to write my first song called “Time After Time”, co-writer Burnie Stevenson. 

More of the challenges now besides my health is trying to find sponsors and investors. I truly feel once I’m able to gain more help in that department we can reach out to some big-name actors, actresses, and or artists to appear in the plays I have already written. 

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about McClam Enterprise Productions?
McClam Enterprise Productions was founded in 2010. We are a faith-based production company that believes in creating believable scenes on stage where everyone from all ages and races can relate. We turn biblical scriptures and or parables into modern-day stage plays. One of the first ones that people still talk about is Cain N Abel's 2010 and 2013 productions. 

We are rapidly growing; our organization consists of the following: Casting Director, Stage Crew Director, Operation Manager, Transportation Operator, and Project Manager. In the beginning, I wore all those hats but over time I found the right people to trust to perform the work. Their main objective is to keep me busy focusing on production and execution with the cast, etc. 

Currently, we specialize in one-on-one consultation on how to put a production together and acting, review scripts, stage crew assistant, work for hire turn your book into a script. 

Our professionalism and high-quality productions set us apart from others. Our main objective to make sure our audience remember their experience with McClam Enterprise Productions. It reminds me when you ask a person how was church? Oh it was good, I can’t remember what the Pastor said but I tell you everything else was great!!! They are saying for that 2 hrs. their experience was great!!! That is what we want our viewers to experience!! The fun they remembered having. 

Planting seeds wherever we go is our branding. We want to use our platform to plant good seeds in the lives of the people. If a community is having a police relation issue; our plays know how to target that situation in an entertainment setting but at the same time we are providing a solution and creatively show the audience both sides of the situation where people can see the Officer as a human and the Officer (s) can see the citizen as a human. I call this both sides meeting in the middle. 

Our services are open to anyone! We ask you to have good energy and a passion to learn and take directions. 

So, before we go, how can our readers or others connect or collaborate with you? How can they support you?
We are always looking to work with other people or businesses that share the same vision to help our community. We are currently collaborating with Assured Business Organization Services (SheAbos) founded by Angela Middleton. Angela Middleton after attending one of my productions sat me down and showed me how she can help me free up more of my time. 

Since the coloration, we now work together in a group we called Network Link. We bring CEOs of other businesses in the community and give them the platform to share more about their organization. The main thing is to share, support, and network with one another. 

Anyone from the community ever attends our event we teach them how to start their business and educate them on the purpose of networking. 

You can reach us at mcclamenterpriseproductions@gmail.com or subscribe on mcclamenterpriseproductions.com 

Contact Info:

  • Website: mcclamenterpriseproductions.com
  • Instagram: akiva_mcclamenterpriseproductions mcclamenterpriseproductions lifenmusic_webseries
  • Facebook: McClam Enterprise Productions
  • Youtube: McClam Enterprise Productions


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To read the full interview and press release, please visit the website at https://voyagebaltimore.com/interview/inspiring-conversations-with-akiva-mcclam-of-mcclam-enterprise-productions/

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