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What Does The Bible Say About Judging Others?

Matthew recorded Jesus as saying “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” The Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians who we can and cannot judge. In our chapter for today, the Apostle gives us instructions and encouragement. Click on the link below to read today's post. #1Corinthians #BibleStudy #Devotions #sin


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This article was first published on Yiwuagt.com. The site has a lot of articles about China imports knowledge.

Since April 2022, affected by various factors, the exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar has fallen rapidly, depreciated continuously. As of May 26, the central parity rate of the RMB exchange rate has fallen to around 6.65.

2021 is a year when China's foreign trade exports surge, with exports reaching US$3.36 trillion, setting a new record in history, and the global share of exports is also increasing. Among them, the three categories with the largest growth are: mechanical and electrical products and high-tech products, labor-intensive products, steel, non-ferrous metals and chemical products.

However, in 2022, due to factors such as the decline in overseas demand, the domestic epidemic, and the huge pressure on the supply chain, export growth dropped significantly. This means that 2022 will usher in an ice age for the foreign trade industry.

Today's article will analyze from several aspects. Under such circumstances, is it still suitable to import products from China? In addition, you can go to read: The Complete Guide to Importing from China.

1. RMB depreciates, raw material prices fall

Rising raw material costs in 2021 have implications for all of us. Wood, copper, oil, steel and rubber are all raw materials that almost all suppliers can't avoid. As raw material costs rise, the product prices in 2021 have also risen a lot.

However, with the devaluation of the RMB in 2022, raw material prices fall, prices of many products will also drop. This is a very good condition for importers.

2. Due to insufficient operating rate, some factories will take the initiative to reduce prices for clients

Compared with last year's full orders, this year's factories are obviously underutilized. In terms of factories, some factories are also willing to reduce prices, in order to achieve the purpose of increasing orders. In such a case, MOQ and price have better room for negotiation.

3. The cost of shipping has dropped

Since the impact of COVID-19, ocean freight rates have been rising. The highest even reached 50,000 US dollars / high cabinet. And even though ocean freight is very high, shipping lines still don't have enough containers to meet freight demand.

In 2022, China have taken a series of measures in response to the current situation. One is to crack down on illegal charges and drive up freight rates, and the other is to improve customs clearance efficiency and reduce the time that goods stay in ports. Under these measures, shipping costs have dropped significantly.

At present, there are mainly the above advantages for importing from China. All in all, compared to 2021, import costs in 2022 will be significantly lower. If you are considering whether to import products from China, you can refer to our article to make a judgment. As a professional sourcing agent with 23 years of experience, we believe that now may be the perfect time to import products from China.

If you are interested, you can contact us, we are your reliable partner in China.

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The global cosmetics industry is booming, with sales expanding at a high rate in a variety of categories. With a market value of almost US$ 400 billion in 2019, the industry has seen a number of positive developments, including the introduction of organic beauty products and the integration of smart technology throughout the supply chain.

Furthermore, consumers are more likely to spend on beauty and personal care when their disposable income rises. This trend is gaining traction in a number of emerging economies, particularly in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The future picture for cosmetic chemicals is brightening as the popularity of cosmetics grows.

The global environment is characterised by continual R&D activity tied to product innovation, according to Fact.MR's cosmetic chemicals industry report. Environmentally friendly formulations made from natural ingredients are being prioritised by major corporations.

These natural raw materials contain no artificial additives, which is expected to become a competitive advantage for all major cosmetic chemical manufacturers in the next years. As consumers want greater brand transparency, cosmetic companies ensure that ingredient lists reassure buyers about the lack of harmful ingredients.

A study of the cosmetic chemicals landscape in the United States predicted a value share of more than US$ 6 billion by 2021. The ever-increasing diversity of the beauty and personal care sector is acknowledged as the primary growth driver for cosmetic chemicals in the United States.

In the cosmetics industry in the United States, increasing transparency regulations for ingredient labelling is a popular trend. Clean beauty has been gaining traction in the industry since 2018, according to Yeildify. Businesses are gradually embracing eco-friendly materials as a result of the FDA Ban 11 prohibiting the use of synthetic compounds such as bithinol and chloroform, resulting in increased production of organic cosmetic chemicals on a large scale.

Despite progress, the selling of cosmetic chemicals is projected to confront significant challenges in the future. Compliance with increased regulatory criteria by individual countries is a major development stumbling block.

While China appears to be a promising market, its regulations are continuously changing, making it difficult for businesses to keep up. The registration process can be time-consuming at times.

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How To Present Your Body As A Living Sacrifice

In Romans 12 the Apostle Paul said we must each offer our body as a living sacrifice. Did you ever wonder what that looks like and how we can accomplish it? Today's post answers those two questions. Click on the link below to read this inspiring post. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Romans


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God’s Justice Is Delivered To The Wicked

Romans 8:1 says, there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. Does that mean condemning the wicked is permissible? Maybe we should see God’s perspective on anger, judgment, and forgiveness. Click on the link below to read today's post. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Grace #Romans #sin


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When The Gospel Message Is Rejected


When The Gospel Message Is Rejected

Paul shared his testimony with Festus the governor and King Agrippa. Both of them rejected what he had to say. How do you react to negative responses after sharing your testimony? Click on the link below to read today's inspiring post. #Acts #BibleStudy #Devotions #Gospel


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The Holy Spirit Will Guide You In This Life

God has a plan and a purpose for each of His children. Sometimes we do things the long and often hard way. Other times we do exactly what He wants of us. Paul and Barnabas parted ways and in this post, we'll talk about how that happened. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Click on the link below to read today's post. #Acts #BibleStudy #Devotions #HolySpirit


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How To Serve The Lord God's Way


How To Serve The Lord God's Way

In Luke 11, Jesus addressed the sinful motives of the Pharisees. What He didn’t tell them that day was what it looked like to serve the Lord. He did, however, tell us. Read about it in today's post by clicking on the link below. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Discipleship #Luke


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Jesus Calms The Storm Surging In The Christian's Life

At the end of Mark 4, Jesus and His disciples were in a boat crossing the Sea of Galilee when a storm came out of nowhere. The main theme of this story is faith, but we will pull out another truth that benefits each of us. Click on the link below to read today's post. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Discipleship #Mark


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The Grace Of God, The Most Amazing Gift Ever


The Grace Of God, The Most Amazing Gift Ever

God’s grace is a free gift offered to anyone who wants it. This gift is amazing and the best thing you will ever receive in your life. In today's post, you will see some of the areas of your life grace will help you. This post can also serve as an evangelistic tool as well. Click on the link below to read it. It's a good post to share. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Ezra #Grace


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JIS 5K/10K Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

JIS 5K/10K Wafer Type Butterfly Valve


Main Material

Body/Bonnet:  Cast iron/Ductile Iron/Cast steel/Cast bronze
Disc:  Ductile Iron/Stainless Steel/AL-Bronze
Stem:  SS/BS


Applicable Scope

Oil,Gas,Water Piping
Operation:Lever,Worm gear,Center Handle,Electric Actuator,Pneumatic Actuator,and Hydraulic Actuator


VALTEC CHINA VALVE MANUFACTURE CO., LTD ia an integrity valve manufacturer, which has its own foundry, matching shop, and assembly line. As a result, we can control the overall quality by ourselves and guarantee delivery time. Our main products are gate valve, butterfly valve, check valve and control valve. Also, we can provide valve parts, including valve body, disc, seat, stem and spare parts. Our butterfly valve satisfies to the international standard like GB, ANSI/API, DIN as well as client's special specifications. The butterfly valves have met with warm reception based on excellent quality, good shipment and timely delivery time all over the world. We have been exported to Korea, Japan, Singapore, France and so on. We await your consultation and visit.

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9 Engine Build Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Engine rebuilding is a complex task, so you need to avoid mistakes when going through the engine rebuild process. To make your life easier, we'd like to share a list of 9 rookie mistakes you may make when building your engine. Make sure you don't make any of these mistakes to avoid getting into trouble.


Failing to take proper crankshaft measurements

This is probably the most common mistake we encounter. On Kohler K-Series engines, your cylinders may be out of spec by as little as .003 inches and your crankshaft may be out of spec by as much as .0005 inches. Many customers have decided that a standard size assembly is what they want based on the smoothness of the cylinder bore and crankshaft. On the other hand, your eye cannot tell the difference between a cylinder with a .004" taper or a crank journal with a .0005" (thousandths of an inch) out-of-roundness. An out-of-spec engine may not show any visible signs of wear or damage.


If you want your rebuild to last as long as possible, use a micrometer to measure the bore and crankshaft.


9 Engine Build Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Not using the right micrometer

Calipers are helpful for a variety of tasks, but not for measuring engine components. If you move your wrist while counting, your measurement will be cancelled. A micrometer is preferred because it is easier to keep perpendicular to the component being measured and will not move until the thimble is turned. Using a micrometer requires experience, so be careful to use the accepted "standard" method of fine tuning your approach.


Ignore valve seats that should be repaired

If the valve seat surface is damaged, use a valve seat cutter to repair it. Many people think that using a valve lapping compound will solve the problem. However, valve abrasives do not remove enough material to repair a damaged valve seat. If you are unable to use a valve seat cutter, your local automotive machine shop may be able to help you. If you have more than one tractor, you may wish to invest in valve seat cutting equipment.


Failure to check end play

New piston rings usually require some final adjustment. If you do not carefully check the end gap of the rings after heating them up, the piston may become stuck in the cylinder. Before installing the rings on the piston, be sure to drive the rings into the cylinder by themselves and measure the end gap with a plug gauge. If necessary, use a file to widen the opening.


Failure to check the flat head

The more power your combustion chamber produces, the better the seal will be. Even if your engine has never blown a head gasket, you should use a plug gauge and flat surface to check the flatness of the cylinder head. A glass bench top or granite top can be used for a flat surface. If you can fit a 003" stopper between any bolt holes, the cylinder head should be flattened. You can do this hundreds of times by sanding the flat surface with medium to fine sandpaper, adding water and running the cylinder head back and forth. It's easier and faster than it looks!


There are not enough connecting rod bearings.

Not checking bearing clearance is obvious and a relatively common occurrence. The builder may assume that the crank check meets standard specifications - if it has been tested - and that clearance is OK. The worst thing you can do to a race engine is over-tighten the bearings, especially on the rods, and especially on higher rpm engines. As you spin them up, the rods can stretch slightly, pinching the bearings or not getting enough oil to keep them cool enough, causing them to fail.


Wet bearing installation

We see this all the time, but without the need to use engine oil or assembly lubricant on the back of the bearing, we're not sure why some manufacturers do it. In saddles and connecting rods, you need excellent bearing resistance and security. Bearing saddles should always have a lovely cross-hatch pattern and be completely dry to ensure bearing stability. Thoroughly lubricate bearing and journal surfaces when installing crank and piston/connecting rod assemblies.


Failure to use the correct type of sealant

Use a good quality commercial grade Teflon sealant or Permatex's "The Right Stuff" on the threads when inserting rocker studs or bolts terminated in water jackets. Don't overdo it. Some Teflon sealants fail to seal rocker stud or bolt threads, allowing coolant to enter the engine oil.


Use Worn Fasteners

For example, connecting rod, cylinder head, and main cover bolts should never be reused in an engine. When a fastener is screwed to the desired specification, it stretches and no longer provides sufficient clamping pressure when reused. If durability of your engine is important to you, replace all hardware with aircraft grade ARP fasteners, manufactured to the highest standards. Always replace the rod nuts when dressing the connecting rods during a rebuild. Do not reuse old bolts. Bolts for cylinder heads and main caps are available from Ford and Summit Racing Equipment. Always use thread lubricant and chase the threads to make them smooth.


Failure to use the correct valve seals

When it comes to valve seals, engine manufacturers have a variety of options. Since the dawn of the internal combustion engine, automakers have used good old neoprene umbrella seals. Umbrella seals are no longer used and should not be used. Seals made from Teflon have long been a popular choice for racers. Blue Viton valve seals are the best, and they require the same machine labor as Teflon seals. While it is still popular, Teflon does not last as long as Viton when used on the street.



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Nowadays, with the increasing demand for electricity from all walks of life, in the environment that the power grid cannot always maintain a stable and continuous power supply, the configuration of backup power equipment has become the ideal equipment for industries seeking permanent, stable and reliable power security, and diesel generators are chosen by many companies for their ruggedness, stability, strong performance and economy, becoming their main source of electricity. So, what is a diesel generator? What are the advantages and characteristics of diesel generators? Today, let's talk to you all about diesel generators.


  First, let's start by understanding what a diesel generator is. A diesel generator is an internal combustion engine similar to the one under the hood of a car. It converts the energy stored in the fuel into mechanical energy by making the piston rotate, and next, that mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy through the generator, which is why your generator needs to be connected to a wire in order to power your business equipment.

So, what makes diesel different from other fuels like gasoline?


  In a gasoline engine, the fuel (gasoline) is mixed with air compressed by a piston and a spark plug ignites this mixture, and the ignition is what generates the energy.


  Diesel engines, on the other hand, are different from gasoline engines for two main reasons. First, the air is compressed separately - a process that requires no fuel, which allows for higher levels of air compression, resulting in higher fuel efficiency and lower fuel costs.


  Second, more compressed air equals hotter air. In fact, it produces hotter air, and when diesel fuel is added, ignition is automatically generated. This means no separate spark plugs are needed and reduces maintenance requirements and frequency, saving a lot of money on maintenance that may be needed later.


  Today, diesel engines are more powerful and more efficient. They are widely used in many machines and equipment or vehicles, for example, diesel engines are commonly used in trains, trucks, ships, buses and some automobiles. Nowadays, diesel generators are the most common products in the market for backup power or common power equipment.


  Second, diesel generators are more reliable


  Nowadays, many companies tend to deploy diesel generators because they are more reliable. In fact, since Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel engine in 1878, because the diesel engine is extremely efficient, and diesel engines than gasoline, natural gas engines use the same volume of fuel, but can produce higher efficiency and power. To this day, diesel generators are still considered the most efficient and cost-effective option. Diesel generators are designed to provide large amounts of power for longer periods of time without frequent shutdowns.


Excellent fuel efficiency is the main advantage of diesel generators. Due to their excellent design and the efficiency allowed by compressed air, they can run longer and provide more power than other types of generators such as gasoline and natural gas of the same power.


  Many industrial plants, hospitals, construction sites, real estate, high-rise buildings, schools, large shopping malls, stations and other industries rely on diesel generators to keep their basic operations going whenever the utility grid fails. The same desire for reliability, economy, and stability is the reason why more businesses choose diesel over any other fuel for their backup power.


  At the same time, diesel fuels are reliably available. They can be purchased anywhere, and, of course, gasoline can be found at any gas station. However, diesel fuel is safer and more reliable than gasoline, and is also better for storage and lasts longer.


  And, diesel generators are more affordable


  Cost is a major consideration for many businesses when purchasing a generator. In the current market, natural gas generators and diesel generators are the two cheapest options, and while the upfront cost of a diesel generator may be higher than a natural gas generator, that doesn't mean it will cost more in the long run.


  This is why many businesses prefer to deploy diesel generators over natural gas or gasoline generators, due to the efficiency of diesel, its high energy density, and its reliability, making diesel generators a superior choice. Simply put, the more fuel a diesel generator provides, the more power it provides. Diesel generators also tend to reach peak efficiency before other generators.


  All of this means that diesel generators run longer. The longer they run, the less you have to spend on fueling your generator.


  These savings may seem insignificant, but electricity experts calculate that diesel engines cost 30-50% less to fuel than gas engines. As fuel prices rise, the savings from diesel generators in the long run may outweigh the cost of the higher configuration to begin with.

Not only that, but diesel generators are easier to maintain


  Its fuel efficiency isn't the only thing that makes diesel generators cheaper, like how diesel fuel doesn't require spark plugs to ignite like gasoline engines, and its fewer parts replacements means less money spent on maintenance throughout the generator's life.


  And, diesel generators won't keep you busy with tune-ups and repairs. Aside from the need for occasional oil changes and preventive maintenance checks, they are the closest thing to a "one-and-done" solution for your backup power needs.


  In contrast, gas or gasoline generators burn hotter than diesel generators. This heat means more wear and tear, more maintenance and ultimately a shorter service life. In addition to oil changes, a gas or gasoline generator requires regular replacement of air filter elements, spark plugs, ignition points, rotors, distributor caps and plug wires, and it may also require carburetor adjustments and overhauls, as well as general tune-ups.


It follows that a diesel generator is more robust and reliable, it requires fewer parts to be replaced, requires much less maintenance, and can run reliably for longer periods of time.

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Your engine is the heart of your vehicle, and maintaining it is the best thing you can do. Did you know that the average age of fleet vehicles in the U.S. has increased by 17% in the last decade?

The automotive industry's success is the result of technological advances and increased awareness of maintenance among fleet owners.

One of the main factors affecting engine health is the condition of the oil. Regular engine oil changes are always recommended to keep the oil fresh and to avoid engine blowouts.

Did you know that engine maintenance requires regular oil changes? Do you know how to maintain your engine? Well, if you don't know, don't worry! In one of our articles, we talked about 6 important maintenance tips for diesel engines. Go check it out!

Do you want to know how important an oil change is for your vehicle? Then read on!


#1 Keep your engine lubricated

There are many moving parts in an engine. Now imagine them moving day in and day out under tremendous pressure and heat without lubrication. It will completely wear out the parts and cause some very serious damage.


To avoid this, it is highly recommended that you check your vehicle's owner's manual and choose an oil that is especially beneficial to your vehicle. You may want to check the exact weight and grade of the oil before filling the engine.


We recommend that you fill the engine with a sufficient amount of oil to properly lubricate the different components.


#2 Cooling engine components

As we have already said, engines consist of many moving parts that generate a lot of heat. This heat, if left untreated, can cause serious damage to your engine.


This can displace parts (in millimeters) from their original position, which can lead to engine blowouts and other types of problems. In order to maintain adequate temperature and cleanliness, it is recommended that you regularly add fresh oil to your vehicle. This not only helps to regulate the temperature but also helps to remove dirt, dust and other harmful particles.


Therefore, change your oil regularly and keep your engine components cool.


#3 Promote vehicle life

It's simple - the better your engine oil is, the longer your vehicle will stay powered. Routine maintenance helps extend the life of your vehicle. Did you know that not changing your oil for an extended period of time can build up dirt in the oil, which can cause engine parts to rub and wear?


In addition, buildup in the oil can cause your vehicle to lose fuel economy and power, and make internal components work harder. This can shorten the life of your vehicle.


But you can avoid these conditions by simply changing your oil regularly. Pretty simple, right? Well, it is!


Some other reasons why oil changes are important

Regular oil changes have additional benefits, such as


Improved engine performance: Over time, oil can become contaminated with dirt particles, wear particles, and may even begin to form sludge. This can affect the performance of your engine. But regular oil changes can help keep your engine clean and performing well.


Improve gas mileage: Changing your oil helps remove dirt and avoid buildup. In addition, fresh oil keeps the engine lubricated. As a result, the engine performs well, which in turn improves gas mileage.


Protect different parts: As we said before, there are many moving parts in an engine that need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly. If they are not fed, the parts will be damaged. Therefore, regularly refilling the engine with clean oil helps to protect the different parts.


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It's A Miracle From God


It's A Miracle From God

The Apostle Paul saw a crippled man and realized he had faith to be healed. So he told the man to stand up and he did. The people reacted positively to this miracle of healing. But it didn’t last very long. Click on the link below to read today's post. #Acts #BibleStudy #Devotions #Miracles


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