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Butterfly valve manufacturer


VALTECCN is committed to providing customers with quick response, professional and reliable services, and maintaining long-term business relationships with customers. Has a professional technical team and sales team to solve all challenges for you.
VALTECN has many years of experience in butterfly valve production, providing high quality industrial butterfly valves and accessories.
VALTECCN’s products include lug butterfly valves, wafer butterfly valves, hard seal butterfly valves, turbine butterfly valves, electric butterfly valves, etc., to meet your different butterfly valve valve needs.

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DFAC 10 M3 Sewage Sucking Truck


  • Chassis brand Dongfeng
  • Product origin China, Hubei
  • Delivery time around 7 working days
  • Supply capacity 2,000 units one year

Sewage sucking truck is also called sewage suction truck, is especiall used to suck the sewage water, sludge, industrial waste water in the sewer, ditch, cesspool, chemical waste pool, etc. Sewage sucking truck is composed of sewage suction tank, vacuum system, unload system, etc.Dongfeng 10 m3 sewage sucking truck can be customized according to the customer' request, can assign the vacuum pump brand, logo content, color type, etc.

Product Features

  • Dongfeng new design cargo chassis, with Dongfeng Cummins engine

  • Self-priming, self-discharging

  • 10 m3 sewage tank capacity


Main parameter

Product Name

4*2 10 m3 sewage sucking truck

Driving Type


Weight /Volume

Tank Volume(cbm)


Rated payload weight(kg)





Overall Dimension(mm)



 Engine brand & model

DONGFENG Cummins, B190 33 

Engine type

4 stroke, water-cooled, straight line 6 cylinders, diesel




Axle Quantity


Transmission Type

FAST 8 forwards,1 reverse gear, manual

Steering Type

LHD or RHD with power steering

Brake system

Air brake

Tire Spec. & size

10.00R20, 6 with a spare


Standard configuration

Flat proof, single sleeper, electric window, central lock, radio, A/C

Performance parameter 

Tank shape

Cylinder body

Tank material

5mm high quality Q235 carbon steel( option: stainless steel)

Standard configuration

1.with one high quality Weilong brand special vacuum pumps, vertical suction lift is about 7-10m.  

2.Accessory: inspect window, hydraulic controlled rear door for discharge, 6 meter long suction pipe, oil-water separators, overflow valve, etc, more sewage suction trucks:



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ISUZU 5000L fuel dispenser truck

ISUZU 5000L fuel dispenser truck is equipped with a European-style tank port, a submarine valve (emergency shut-off valve) installed at the bottom, an automatic closing system of the submarine valve, a bottom-loading oil port, a vapor recovery port, an anti-overflow probe/socket, and an anti-static socket.
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Hello, I hope that you have been enjoying a great week!  I wanted to share another very important teaching with you.  In this book we take a journey into the greatest and most transforming Truth that has ever been revealed to humankind! Most Christians do not have a solid foundation of understanding in the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. They know the facts, but not what happened behind the scenes. That’s truly the meat of God’s Word! Calvary was the most awesome demonstration of God’s unconditional love and grace for humanity that we will ever know! We delve into seven areas of our redemption. We were crucified with Christ. We died, were buried, made alive, conquered hell, were resurrected and seated in Him at the Father’s right hand in Heaven. This is the foundation of Christianity; and the spiritual vehicle we will travel in for our studies is called (In Him or In Christ).
So, let’s go together; back to the future! Back to Calvary! (This book has 330 pages and 21 chapters, and you can also get the Mystery Study Guide as well, thanks and enjoy. I also have 20 video messages entitled "Back To The Future Pts. 1-20" on our Youtube channel (which is called Dwayne Norman Victory In The Word).







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Do you feel like you can't go on?


There are times when we have felt that today would be our last, thinking tomorrow would never come. Anxieties of Life can weigh heavy on our Mental Health. Would you believe that you can find the Answers in the Bible to WHY you feel the way you do?


Please read the following scriptures. (2 Timothy 3:1-5) Did you notice the first verse reads, '...in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here'? This allotment of time is a Conclusion of a System of things. This time period of distress pangs is known as the Last Days. It's not the end of the world, but rather the end of wickedness that permeates the world of mankind, righteous and unrighteous alike. This time period will soon come to an end. These anxieties you feel today will evaporate and dissolve for those who become survivors of the Last Days. Notice the instruction of what to do in 2 Timothy 3:2-5? It says, '...and from these turn away.'


The scriptures provide a roadmap for certain ones to escape the time of distress. "During that time {Jesus Christ} will stand up, the Great Prince who is standing in behalf of your people. And there will occur a time of distress such as has not occurred since there came to be a nation until that time..." But notice the ending of this verse. "And during that time your people will escape, everyone who is found written down in the book." (Daniel 12:1)


Remember, "Bad associations spoil useful habits." (1 Corinthians 15:33) "Now, O Israel, what is Jehovah your God asking of you? Only this: to fear Jehovah your God, to walk in all his ways, to love him, to serve Jehovah your God with all your heart and all your soul," (Deut 10:12) "At that time those who fear Jehovah spoke with one another, each one with his companion, and Jehovah kept paying attention and listening. And a book of remembrance was written before him for those fearing Jehovah and for those meditating on his Name." (Malachi 3:16)


The Bible tells us, "Jehovah is close to the brokenhearted; He saves those who are crushed in spirit." (Pslams 34:18) Also, we have a helper in the His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ whom states, "Come to me, all you who are toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh you." (Mat 11:28)


Would you like to be a Survivor of the Last Days?


Articles that may interest you:


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1 (800) 273-8255

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If yours is a product company, to promote your business, Xsai Consulting Ltd., UK is now offering secure e-commerce responsive end to end web based systems, to be hosted in a secure Cloud environment. We can offer you one in a very short time frame. Pricing for the same will be very attractive based on the size of your business and product range.
Please check a few of our recently implemented systems in UK by using the following links:
Those interested may write to me on ivan.m.xsai.consulting@gmail.com.May be an image of text that says "If yours is a product company, to promote your business, Xsai Consulting Ltd., UK is now offering secure e-commerce responsive end to end web based systems, to be hosted in a secure Cloud environment. We can offer you one in a very short time frame. Pricing for the same will be very attractive based on the size of your business and product range."
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What Exactly is 3D Product Animation?

3D animation is a way of presenting your product in a 3D space through video. It has seen a significant improvement in the last few years, partly due to the film industry and the development of 3D animation techniques. In the last few years, 3D product videos became more affordable, and various industries use them for advertising purposes. Many industries like the food industry, mechanical, construction, and aerospace industry use product animation to put a spotlight on the product’s greatest features.


Old methods such as creating scale models vanished from the process. It means the 3D video industry and marketers can now enjoy faster prototyping, quicker marketing and promoting a product more efficiently than before.

Xiamen Xuntend Media Co,.Ltd is a full service 3D animation studio based in Xiamen China, specializing in high-quality realistic 3D engineering technical animation for trade show animations, instructional videos, product marketing videos and more!


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Nowadays,investing in accessibility, in addition to giving businesses a competitive advantage, is a way to comply with existing laws and focus on social inclusion.


Stainless steel tactile Indicators studs can be for directional guidance & hazard warning and to aid the visually impaired,without affecting the environmental aesthetic feeling.


Quick and clean installation.

Installation of this type of floor can be done quickly and without leaving any residue.

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where to buy tactiles?








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请访问http://www.centey.com    ,以获取有关我们的更多信息。



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