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Prayer requested

My 41 year old son, Tim, was diagnosed last Saturday with an inoperable tumor in his brain stem. He will receive chemo/radiation but these treatments will only slow, not stop, the growth of the tumor. The team of doctors at the main Henry Ford hospit

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Marriage Prayer


To Be a Part of Each Other’s Life

To Be a Part of Each Other’s Life – Today’s Marriage Prayer


Dear Heavenly Father,

Help us to be a part of each other’s life, and to be present in the moments we share. Some days we’re so caught up in our own thing that we forget to slow down and

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Poems of prayer




                                                                                         I know You but I can't find You


Lord I 

Know You

But I can't

Find you.

And I'm

Lost without 

You, in this

Cold world.

Please wrap

Your loving

Arms around

Me so that

I can

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