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The Three Most Asked Questions in Life     From time immemorial, people have asked these three questions:– Who am I?– Why am I here?– What happens when I die?      Four types of people attempt to answer these questions. These four types of people…
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Dave Maynard posted a blog post
Prove to me that the Bible is accurate                                                         OK! Let’s give it the same tests for reliability as any other historical document. There are four such tests:1…bibliographic – since we don’t have the…
Dave Maynard posted a blog post
Who is the Messiah?     Messiah is a Hebrew word that means “the anointed one”. When translated into Greek (the common language for most of the ancient world), it becomes “Christos”. This is where we get the English word “Christ” from.  To the Jews,…
Dave Maynard posted a blog post
Will people go to hell because they haven’t heard about Jesus?      Some people ask this question to cast doubt on whether God is fair. But it is a legitimate question, so let’s explore it.The bible is very clear that no one comes to God except thru…
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September 22

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I earned a Michigan provisional teaching certificate and a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in physics and minors in astronomy, chemistry & mathematics. I have done graduate work in astro-physics, worked as a physics graduate teaching assistant and taught college astronomy. I have worked as a research & development laboratory manager at a plastics company, an automotive engineer, a chemist and a public & private high school teacher in math, physics & chemistry. I am currently retired from my own advanced materials tooling company. I have taught Christian adult education since the mid 1990’s at 2 churches. I was Director of Adult Education at one church and am now a teacher of Adult Education at my present church. I will have my first book published by Covenant Books in about one month. Its entitled "Random Thoughts on Life, Love, Laughter and Living for Jesus". Since becoming a Christ-follower in 1974, I have been an avid student of the Bible, with a special emphasis on apologetics (rationally defending the faith). My wife Patti and I, have been married about 45 years and have 3 adult sons, 3 daughters-in-love and 9 wonderful grandchildren.

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