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Where to Now?

Today Friday 4 Sep we are asking the question in a free live online zoom meeting with worldwide Christian leaders-

"What is God Saying to the Church?"

This is the 3rd in the series of public zoom meetings "Where to Now?"

All the details, speakers, worship leader & how to register for this free zoom meeting here.




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In addition to paying attention to clothing, a perfect match also needs to use some "accessories" to enhance, in which shoes are a vital presence. Choosing a suitable pair of shoes not only gives a good ending to the entire style, but it is also very helpful for highlighting personal taste and is the key to creating a fashionable style.


Let’s take a look at ladies shoes taobao online


  1. White shoes


The fashion trends are ever-changing, but there are so few single products that can stand the test of time and "stand in the fashion circle". White shoes are one of them. The basic color white shoes basically have no difficulty in matching, and they can be perfectly integrated with different colors of clothing without creating a sense of inappropriateness. On the contrary, when matching bright colors of clothing, they can also weaken the colorful sense of color, which is very youthful. In addition, the style of white shoes is more casual, light and comfortable, whether it is daily work, or going out in spring and summer, you can easily deal with it, and you don't have to worry about getting tired.


  1. Canvas shoes


The development of canvas shoes has a long history of popularity. It has captured a large group of loyal fans with the advantages of a lightweight, durability, and low prices. It is basically worn all year round, and there is no gender boundary. Both men and women can wear it, which is a must-have item for fashionistas to go out of the street.



  1. Leather shoes


Even girls who have prejudices against leather items such as leather pants and leather clothes are hard to refuse the charm of small leather shoes. The smooth upper design can instantly enhance the texture of the entire shape, and it will bring the finishing touch no matter what clothing is matched.


When choosing shoes, you can't just buy them if they look good. You should also pay attention to the durability of the shoes and choose more versatile styles, such as white shoes, canvas shoes, and small leather shoes, to meet a variety of clothing.




Besides, let learn more about men's essential shoes. Always wear the same shoes when going out? Do not know how to match clothes with the same pair of shoes? In fact, men should pay more attention to wearing shoes, because the shoes you wear will unintentionally reveal your identity!


  1. White shoes with thick soles


White ball shoes with rubber soles, high wear resistance, has been popular since the 1980s. Today, the design adds a thick bottom height and shoe ring changes to create a new visual effect. The most important thing for a pair of white shoes is to maintain its cleanliness. The versatile sports shoes can be said to be the first choice in the men's shoe cabinet!


  1. Patent leather shiny black leather shoes


Due to the leather material (faux leather or animal leather) used in leather shoes, it will be more durable than cloth shoes. It can be mixed with a suit on a formal occasion, and can also be matched with shorts in leisure.




  1. Simple monochrome loafer


Loafers are non-laced shoes that are easy to put on and take off. The feature is the leather straps that cross over the upper from the sides of the saddle or add simple and design metal buckles. It is simple and yet formalized in formal wear. It is an important shoe in the European and American men's shoe cabinets.



Shop the latest fashion online at betteryoyo, the best way to buy from taobao, and discover new favorites in footwear. Find every footwear of both men and women. We will give you fashion in a more sustainable way.


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Lucky Gemstones For Aquarius

Aquarian women's lucky stones are Turquoise, Moss Agate, Sugilite, Lapis Lazuli, Jasper, Amethyst, and Garnet. Those born under the Aquarian moon star will find the sapphire a lucky gem. This kind of stone helps Aquarians experience the mysterious power of stone throughout their lives.


Who Are Aquarians?


Although Aquarius's name contains "aqua," it is actually the last air sign of the zodiac. The representative of Aquarius is the water bearer, the mystical healer, who gives water or life to the land. Therefore, Aquarius is the most humanitarian constellation. These revolutionary thinkers enthusiastically support the "power of the people" with a view to changing the world through radical social progress. Every Aquarian is an inner rebel: these air signs despise authority and anything that represents the norm. Free and unrestrained and eccentric people, usually through their alternative fashion sensitivity, distinctive hobbies and unguarded the regular attitude to identify.


Blue sapphire - The lucky stone of Aquarius moon sign


The lucky stone of Aquarius moon sign is blue sapphire. This kind of stone will enable the aborigines of Aquarius to experience the mysterious power of stone all their lives. This gem can help them clear the way forward and achieve happiness, success, and prosperity in life. This stone enhances the overall well-being of the Aquarian native. The cosmic rays of the stone help affect all aspects of the native Aquarian. Wear the jewel on the middle finger with the gold ring.


Other Lucky Stones for Aquarius sign


People who belong to this constellation, according to their life needs, can wear the following gem in addition to sapphire, which also depends on the environment they experience.


Aquarian's zodiac includes stones such as amber, garnet, amethyst, mossy agate, opal. In addition to the ecliptic belt stone, turquoise is the planetary stone of Aquarius and Aquarius.

Amber stone: effectively keeps negative energy away from you.

Amethyst: acts as a healing stone. It will help you overcome past inner feelings and sadness.

Garnet: It provides you with health.

Hematite: hematite helps absorb negative energy and calms down when stressed or worried. It boosts self-confidence. This also facilitates the work of the root chakra and helps to convert negative energy into more positive vibrations.


Aquarian Woman's Lucky Stone


For Aquarian women, the more beneficial gems are turquoise, agate, amethyst, and garnet.


Aquarian Man's Lucky Stone


Aquarian men should wear garnet, amethyst, and Jasper. These stones will change your life in a positive way.


Choosing and wearing the right birthstone and other gems associated with your zodiac are important. If the choice is wrong, then the same beneficial gem will destroy your life.


Want more information on real stones and crystals? Please go to our crystal categories page to pick your own lucky stone. If you want to know where to buy polished stones? Please contact us.  


amethyst braceletec3586a9ac.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x

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The rebellious period of spring is coming to an end. The unreasonable sudden coldness is really worrying. It is estimated that she thinks that her youth is too short. But it also reminds us that summer is coming! Packing lightly is a good opportunity to show all kinds of customs. However, I want to tell you that wearing gemstones in the twelve constellations is still a little special, and wearing the pair of constellation stones can make you have good luck in the early summer!


Aries, Virgo:


Aries and Virgo in summer, of course, the lucky color is red. Although not as refreshing as green, ruby is also called "the stone of love", which represents passion and love and can bring you luck! Legend has it that wearing a ruby ring on the left hand can eliminate bad luck and turn the enemy into a friend. Want to be successful in the love and career field? It’s right to choose it!


Taurus, Scorpio:


This summer, both Taurus and Scorpio are susceptible to certain external challenges. Amber is regarded as one of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism. It has always been regarded by the Buddhists as an auspicious object. Amber has the functions of calming the mind and helping sleep. With enough sleep and a firm heart, I believe that any challenge will not fail you!


Gemini, Pisces:


Both Pisces and Gemini are suitable for dressing up as a fresh and clean constellation, green with some literary and artistic colors, refreshing and pleasant, giving people a sense of comfort, and will definitely bring luck to Pisces and Gemini. As the "little freshness" of the garnet family, tsavorite naturally matches your temperament! In addition, it has the health effects of the garnet family to promote regeneration and circulation. With it, Pisces and Gemini must have great luck!


Cancer, Aquarius


In summer, if you think about the blue sky and the blue sea, when you come into the embrace of this broad blue sky and sea, you will definitely feel better. Cancer wants to have good luck, Aquarius wants to grasp love, and aquamarine is a good choice. Aquamarine is also called "The Stone of the Brave" and is often regarded as a symbol of happiness and eternal youth. Bravely pursue your dreams! Luck and courage will be with you!


Leo, Sagittarius

White crystal

This summer, Leo and Sagittarius need to work hard on money and work, and white can help you sort out your thoughts. The energy of white crystal can make people's mind clear and refreshing, and help to improve work efficiency. With pure energy, the white crystal can also stimulate the potential of these two constellations, and eventually succeed!


Libra, Capricorn


For Capricorn and Libra, who need love to nourish, the color that most easily brings positive energy to yourself in this summer is pink. The hibiscus stone, which is regarded as the guardian stone of love, emits a pink light and has the effect of increasing opportunities to recognize the opposite sex. Wearing hibiscus can also relieve tension and irritability, and keep people calm. Capricorn and Libra must grasp their happiness! We have stones crystals gems for sale, if you want to know where to purchase crystals? Please contact us.a26199e5cc.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x

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How to Get to yiwu china

Yiwu has a long history, which was founded in 222 B.C. and was withdrawn from the county to a city in 1988. There are many celebrities emerging in YIWU, including Luo Binwang, one of the "Four Great Men of the Early Tang Dynasty", Zongze, the famous general, Zhu Danxi, one of the four famous doctors of the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, Chen Wangdao, the modern educator, Feng Xuefeng, one artistic theorist, and Wu Hao, a historian.


Yiwu is a city with many outstanding characteristics - the first county-level comprehensive international trade reform pilot area in China, one of the 18 typical areas of reform and opening up, and the top ten dynamic cities of county-level cities in China.


How to get to yiwu


The total land area of Yiwu Railway Station is 46800 square meters and the building area is 14927 square meters. There are two floors in the waiting room, which can accommodate 3000 people to wait for the train at the same time. At the same time, it has two main railway lines, Zhejiang-Jiangxi line and Hangzhou-Changzhou line, and has the common station of Putien Railway and High-speed Railway.


How to get to yiwu china


Yiwu is the transportation hub in the middle of Zhejiang Province. The double-track of Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway runs 42 kilometers through Yiwu, with 6 stations, Dachen, Suxi, Lotus Leaf Tang, Yiwu, Guantang and Yiting. Highways are accessible in all directions, including the provincial highway Hangjin Line, Yipu Line and Shengdongyi Line. Jinyong Expressway connects with Hangzhou Jinqu Expressway in this city. Joint consignment business covers more than 140 large and medium-sized cities throughout the country. The three-dimensional traffic of highway, railway and aviation has been formed. Highway traffic network, such as Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, Jinyong Expressway crossing, 03 Provincial Highway, 20 Provincial Highway, 37 Provincial Highway links Yiwu with the surrounding areas.



Yiwu Airport is 5.5 kilometers away from the center of Yiwu City, which is the largest airport in the Midwest of Zhejiang Province. It has opened more than 10 routes, including Guangzhou, Beijing, Shantou, Xiamen and Shenzhen.

Our company can supply all the information you need for YIWU MARKET - THE BIGGEST WHOLESALE MARKET IN CHINA. TOP EASE, as a good agent for china products, helps with buying goods from China at very competitive price.


Yiwu Market MAP

Yiwu International Trade City is the primary wholesale market complex in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. It's the biggest wholesale market in China. There are a number of other large wholesale markets in Yiwu including the Huangyuan Market for clothing, several furniture markets, a capital goods market, and others. According to a CNN report, it is the world's largest wholesale market for items that are "relatively inexpensive, non-technical, mass-market", serving as the major conduit for many types of such goods. The Yiwu small commodity wholesale market is divided into 5 districts covering an area of 4 million square meters for 75,000 booths where 100,000 suppliers exhibit 400,000 kinds of products.


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How long Does Shipping Take from China to USA

We need to know  how long does a shipment from china to usa take. First, we need to know what ports the United States has.



Port of Mexico: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland Oakland, San Francisco San Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma Tacoma.



East Port: Portland, New York, Norfolk, Savannah, Charleston, Baltimore, Houston, Wilmington, New Orleans, Miami, Jacksonville.



How long does shipping take from China to us depends on the route of the east coast and the West coast? To the west coast of the United States, shipping takes about 13 to 16 days, because shipping companies have different prices, so the time is long or short. It takes about 25 to 28 days to get to the east coast of the United States through the Pacific Ocean, then through the Panama Canal, and finally to the East coast. It can also be transported to the West Coast and then inland to the East Coast, commonly known as the Small Road Bridge (MLB), which takes about 21-23 days, but is more expensive than shipping.



Let's take a concrete example to illustrate how long does shipping take from China to USA.



Take Shenzhen for example. It takes about 14 to 20 days to get to Mexico Port and 30 days to get to Mexico Port. So it's better to know exactly where to get it.



Taking Shenzhen to Los Angeles as an example, HPL, KLNE, CMA, NYK and other shipping companies need about 13 days of the voyage, APL, WHL, OOCL, COSCO, PIL and MSC need about 15 days.



Taking Shenzhen to New York as an example, KLINE, COSCO, NYK, OOCL, HPL, EMC, APL and other shipping companies need 28 days'voyage, HMM, MSK, ZIM, MSC and other shipping companies need about 30 days' voyage.


How long does shipping from china take


Of course, the same shipping company, different shipping time, the limitation will be a day or two. For example, if the ship to Los Angeles (LA) leaves on Thursday and Saturday, it will arrive in 14 days. If the boat leaves on Friday and Sunday, it will arrive in 11 days. The boat to Oakland (OAK) also leaves on Friday and Sunday. It takes 15 days to arrive.

Our company can supply all the information you need for YIWU MARKET - THE BIGGEST WHOLESALE MARKET IN CHINA. TOP EASE, as a good china wholesale sourcing agent, helps with buying goods from China at very competitive price.


Yiwu Market MAP

Yiwu International Trade City is the primary wholesale market complex in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. It's the biggest wholesale market in China. There are a number of other large wholesale markets in Yiwu including the Huangyuan Market for clothing, several furniture markets, a capital goods market, and others. According to a CNN report, it is the world's largest wholesale market for items that are "relatively inexpensive, non-technical, mass-market", serving as the major conduit for many types of such goods. The Yiwu small commodity wholesale market is divided into 5 districts covering an area of 4 million square meters for 75,000 booths where 100,000 suppliers exhibit 400,000 kinds of products.


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Travel to London

Best known for its capital, London, a dynamic and cosmopolitan city, or for its green countryside alternated by valleys and hills, England is a nation with a very wide variety of landscapes and a multitude of prestigious places to discover.


Many natural parks mark out the country, like the national park of Exmoor with its waterfalls, its torrents and its cliffs which are thrown into the sea; the Dartmoor national park with its menhirs and landscapes of moors which plunge us into the heart of Celtic legends; Seven Sisters Park in Sussex, with its magnificent white chalk cliffs or the Cheddar Gorge, a sublime place favourable for hiking and trekking.


Monasteries, castles, picturesque villages, bustling cities with many architectural treasures populate England, testifying to its rich past. The most touristy region in the country, Cornwall enjoys a favourable climate and presents a magnificent landscape made of moors, beaches, cliffs and small picturesque fishing villages like Polperro in its green setting. In Sussex, the village of Rye has incredible charm with its half-timbering as well as Castle Combe, beautifully preserved.




The interest of London is no longer to be demonstrated with its pubs, shops, animations and of course its famous monuments such as the Tower of London, classified as World Heritage by Unesco, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace or even the prestigious British Museum. Its surroundings are full of essential sites such as Windsor Castle or the majestic Canterbury Cathedral.


Outside the capital, many other cities such as Oxford or Cambridge, ancient university cities steeped in history, Manchester and even Liverpool, have real assets. Brighton, a charming seaside resort or Stonehenge, a prehistoric site classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, are still among the many destinations to discover in this charming country.




Popular UK Destinations:


Trains to Manchester


Trains to Edinburgh


Trains to Birmingham


Trains to Glasgow




Popular UK Routes by Trains


London to Manchester


London to Edinburgh


London to Birmingham


London to Glasgow




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Visit Manchester: A Sunny Getaway in England

Manchester in Trip UK posted April 20, 2020


Manchester is the second-largest city in England after London. She is very British, but also a whole world apart. Admit it, you probably had a pretty negative image of the city of Manchester, made up of industries, images taken from Ken Loach films and rainy scenes, right? However, Manchester presented itself in its best light when you go there and it is under the sun that you will discover the city, which in a few moments has become a real favorite.




Musical cradle of many groups (such as Oasis, The Smiths, Joy Division, Take That, Bee Gees…), the host city of great European teams, Manchester United and Manchester City, shaped by its rich industrial past, Manchester has a thousand faces, Manchester tells hundreds of stories that spread on its walls, in its museums, in its galleries, in its cafes and in its restaurants, in the mouths of Mancunians ... If images of industrial wasteland, abandoned warehouses, Poverty and wasteland come to mind, you will, because the crisis has hit Manchester in a very violent way, but Manchester is much more than that and it shows as soon as you put a step outside. Manchester is undergoing a renaissance and opens its arms to you!




A large English city, Manchester city center can be explored very easily on foot, especially under the sun. What a pleasure to stroll through the shopping or residential streets, to explore the different districts of Manchester, ranging from surprises to discoveries. Drop the map, go on an adventure down the alleys, follow the chance, think about looking up, reading the plates, concentrating on the details and you discover another Manchester.


Find trains to Manchester



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Even though Scotland is a country of legends, its humid and gray climate is not one. The winter (from December to February) is very harsh and the summer (between the end of June and September) particularly rainy even if beautiful days are also expected during this season.




The best season to visit Edinburgh would be in spring, between April through June, to be able to take advantage of long and sunny days, and also to avoid the crowd of tourists who invade the Royal Mile and crowd the doors of museums and attractions in July and August.




June to August is festival season. If you plan to go there during the festival season (mid-August and early September), consider making reservations well in advance, as the city is crowded.


September is also a good time to visit the Scottish capital.




Popular UK Destinations:


Trains to Edinburgh



Popular UK Routes by Trains


London to Edinburgh



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With the improvement of living standards, more and more people have bought private cars. Many people buy a new car and love it and need to decorate it! However, there are a lot of things that are not necessarily useful in the car. You only need to install these practical car products when you get a new car. Let's take a look at what Betteryoyo can offer!




A driving recorder


In the process of driving, the most important thing is safety, but the road condition is complicated, and sometimes some unexpected situations occur. Therefore, it is recommended that the new car must be equipped with a driving recorder. The driving recorder is just like the "black box" on the plane. It can not only help you record the driving situation at all times, even the sound in the car can be completely recorded, and some recorders also have multimedia functions, such as music and navigation. The technology can be said to be more and more developed. But don't underestimate its role. When you encounter a malicious collision with a porcelain or a traffic accident, the image recorded by the driving recorder can be used as strong evidence. The function of the current driving recorder is also very comprehensive. It has the functions of recording front and back, inside and outside the car, motion detection, gravity sensor, 24-hour parking monitoring, without blocking the sight and damaging the battery. The style is beautiful and practical.


A driving recorder




Foot Mat


For the new car, the mat is an indispensable decoration. Although it is a decoration, its practicality is very high. Not only can it decorate the car according to its own preferences, the most important thing is to play a protective role. After all, our cycle of changing cars is not short, naturally we need to cherish our new car. It has a variety of functions such as water absorption, dust absorption, decontamination, sound insulation, and protection of the host blanket. It can effectively prevent the residual moisture and dirt on the soles from causing slippage between the foot and the clutch, brake and throttle, to avoid hidden safety hazards. And it is very convenient to clean it, and can improve the comfort of driving.


Foot Mat




Mascot decorations


Many car owners will put one or even a few mascot decorations on their cars, let alone friends who believe in Feng Shui. Of course, there are many types of mascots, and different mascots may mean different things. Then the best way is to put the mascots of Guanyin Buddha, Bodhi and Copper Coins, because they all mean peace, and it is important to know that driving safety is the most important thing. Of course, if you want to be promoted to make a fortune, you can also put lucky cats and gold ingots.




A car air purifier


The new car will inevitably have some odors, and the odors in the car mainly come from the glue, textiles, and plastic accessories used in the seats, roof, and floor mats. Not only will we feel uncomfortable, but also very bad for the body! The new car needs to be deodorized after driving home. A car air purifier can be installed. It is powered by solar energy and does not require charging and wires. It is very environmentally friendly and convenient to use. Negative ion sterilization technology can effectively eliminate harmful gases such as formaldehyde, PM2.5, second-hand smoke, car exhaust, etc., and give the family fresh air in the car!




A phone holder


Mobile phones are an indispensable communication tool in our daily life, especially when driving and using navigation, the frequency of use of mobile phones is even higher. Looking down at the phone is definitely not safe. Installing a phone holder in the car allows you to look at the navigation without looking down. It is parallel to the road surface. It is stuck on the dashboard and does not obstruct the driving sight. It is very convenient to use.


A phone holder




A nano tire repair glue gun


Due to the unpredictable road conditions, you may encounter tires being punctured or flat. In this case, you can only change the spare tire or call for rescue? No need to! With a nano tire repair glue gun, you can easily repair the tire yourself, quickly and easily, and then use the air pump to inflate after the tire is repaired. The tire pressure is 2.5 as normal tire pressure. Do not continue to drive when the tires are flat, otherwise the tires will have to be scrapped.




More and more people are paying attention to the safety of cars now. Every car must be equipped with a fire extinguisher. You may not need to use it but you must prepare it just in case! It is always right to be cautious!


Have you ever have things to buy on taobao, the shop taobao is more and more wide use in nowadays.welcome to use it.


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How To Buy Goods In Yiwu Market

Generally speaking, many importers buy products from Chinese fairs, Alibaba, or market in Guangzhou, but you can only attend the fairs in specific times, and there are so many suppliers on Alibaba, some do not have enough experience for the business. Also, the market in Guangzhou is mainly selling electric products and other single category product.


So I highly recommend that you come to Yiwu Wholesale Market, Which is the biggest wholesale market in the world. I am sure you will find the proper supplier for yourself.


  1. Where is Yiwu?

Yiwu is located in central Zhejiang province near the central eastern coast of China. It's famous as the world's wholesale commodity center. It close to Ningbo port and Shanghai port.

There are more than 70, 000 booths in the Yiwu market exhibiting different products. It makes Yiwu be more of a huge fair instead of a market. And what distinguishes it from all the other open fairs is that Yiwu market is open all year round, except during the Spring Festival.  Many suppliers also come from different parts of China, they concentrated their superior products on the Yiwu market to sell, which makes it easier for customers at home and from abroad to make centralized purchases.

2.The map of Yiwu market

Yiwu market has a total of 5 districts, each district have 3-4 floors, it is better to know where is the product before you go inside, you can refer to the map below:


How To Buy from Yiwu Market


  1. How to communicate with the suppliers in the market ?

Most of the suppliers in the market understand basic English, like price, quantity, delivery time, they usually show you the RMB price from a calculator .So if you do not have special requirement for the order and can pay cash, you can do yourself .


But if you want a deeply communication for the price, or the packing, it is better to get a translator .The translator will help you negotiate the price, tell the suppliers all your requirements, like MOQ for customizing packaging and so on . The reward of a English translator will be about $40-$50 per day .


But the translator will help you only in the market, after leaving the market, the rest will be not her job . It is better for you to find a agent to do the rest work for you.


  1. How to find a Yiwu Marketagent?

If you are abroad but want to find a good agent in advance for visiting the Yiwu market, then you can search for "Yiwu Market Agent" on Google, where you will find some Yiwu agents. If you have already arrived in Yiwu, you will see a lot of advertisements about Yiwu agents at the airport, train station, and even at your hotel entrance. You can choose one of them. it is important to find a good company and build trust with them, since long-term cooperation is important.


  1. What does the Yiwu market agent can do for you?

1)If you plan to come to Yiwu, the agent can book tickets and hotel for you, and pick you from the air port or train station to the hotel .

2) The agent will take you to the market to find the products you want , and help to negotiate price with suppliers, and make records for all the information of the product, like price, qty/ctn, cbm/ctn, size, weight, delivery time, and take photos.

3)The agent will print all the products information for you before you go, also send to your email. It is easier for you to choose the items, and save time.

4)After you decide to make an order for some items, the agent can help you to arrange the order, and follow the order to make sure it can deliver on time .

5)The agent usually have their own warehouse in China, which can protect the goods well. They will also check the goods when the supplier deliver, and can send you inspection pictures in you need.

6)The agent will help to contact with your shipping forwarder to arrange the shipment for you, if you do not have, the agent will recommend you a experienced forwarder to make sure the goods are shipped successfully .

7)The agent will prepare all the documents to you to help you clear the containers. If you need special certifications, it is better to inform the agent in advance .


  1. How to customize your products?

1) Find the factory or your agent with the products you need, provide the quantity and design requirements, and get a satisfied quotation.

2) Provide your exact design drawing and design requirements (usually in AI format). If there is no source file for the design, ask the factory to help with the design.

3) If you need to see the accurate effect of finished products, you can ask the factory to make the proof (1-10 pc), and then the whole production can be carried out after confirmation. If you do not need to make the sample, you can directly make the whole production after confirming the whole production sample.

4) Get your custom products


  1. How to change the packaging and tag?

1) Provide accurate packaging style and label template to the factory or agent.

2) Pay a certain labor cost, carton cost and packaging cost.


  1. How to distinguish a foreign trade company from a factory?

Foreign trade company: Have many kinds of products, the minimum order quantity is usually small, the price is slightly high, middle- specialization level in products. Timely reply, thoughtful service, clear communication. Problems solved in a timely manner, professional trade process, let a person be at ease.


Factory: The variety of products is relatively single, the minimum order quantity is usually large, the price is relatively low, high- specialization level in products. Not timely reply, lack of good service, communication is sometimes difficult. The problem was solved slowly and the trade process was not professional or even existed.

Our company can supply all the information you need for YIWU MARKET - THE BIGGEST WHOLESALE MARKET IN CHINA. TOP EASE, as a good Yiwu purchasing agent, helps with buying goods from China at very competitive price.



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A long Weekend in Glasgow

Glasgow in Trip UK posted April 24, 2020


How many days in Glasgow?


Glasgow is a quite small city. Should we stay one, two or three days on-site?


You could spend a weekend there to be able to appreciate the city. And three days seems to be the ideal duration! (Excluding transport).


Check the trains to Glasgow.


Why visit Glasgow?


At first glance less attractive than its big sister Edinburgh, Glasgow is a city more suited to "short" stays. More accessible (check the trains to Glasgow), smaller, but just as exotic!


Glasgow's "attractions" will appeal to as many people as possible, be it architecture, art or cuisine. There are lots of things to see and do (and eat the famous Haggis )! It is, therefore, an accessible city, on a human scale, pretty, and full of good things. A perfect place to spend a weekend!


Popular train routes about Glasgow:


London to Glasgow train


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What is the power transformer

The power transformer is an electromagnetic component. It is static electrical equipment that transforms alternating current and is widely used in almost all electronic products. It is used to change the power generated by the power station to high voltage and reduce the loss during transmission, so as to facilitate long-distance power transmission.


The function of the power transformer:


The functions of the power transformer can be divided into the following three main functions: voltage conversion, power transmission, and insulation isolation.


Principle of power transformer:


The principle of the transformer is the electromagnetic induction to transmit signals from one circuit to another circuit; the coil connected to the power supply, which receives AC power, called the primary winding; the coil connected to the load, which sends AC power, is called the secondary winding.




Structure of power transformer:


The structure of the transformer is composed of iron core and winding. The main magnetic circuit of the transformer is composed of an iron core, and the iron core is divided into two parts of the iron core column and the horizontal piece. The circuit part of the transformer is formed by winding the enameled original wire or double-wire insulated flat wire.




Classification of power transformers:


According to usage: power transformer; special transformer; instrument transformer; test transformer.


Divided by winding form: double winding transformer; three winding transformer; autotransformer.


According to the form of iron core: core transformer; bright transformer; amorphous alloy transformer.


Divided by the number of phases: single-phase power transformer; three-phase power transformer.


Divided by cooling method: dry-type power transformer; oil-immersed power transformer.


According to the size of the transmission power: 132kv transformer;10kv transformer above is high power; 10KVA~0.5KVA is medium power; 0.5KVA~25VA is low power; 25VA below is micropower.




Purpose of power transformer:


The electric power equipment can be stepped up or stepped down. When implementing the long-distance transmission of power, the power transformer is used to increase the voltage to the point of use and then reduce the voltage to the required voltage amplitude. The iron core in the transformer can produce an alternating magnetic field.




As a cross-border B2B platform, ESGCC Global has many related products. Here are some examples:



500kV Power Transformer,120MVA-720MVA, Three-Phase, Double Windings Off-circuit Tap-changing Power Transformer






35kV Power Transformer/KEMA certificate/LEEEC




If you want to know more information, you can visit https://g.esgcc.com.cn/products/AC-Transformer.html8466759484?profile=original

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Industrial High Temperature Heat Pump Overview

Industry 90℃ high temperature air to water heat pump this is newest technology in the air source heat pump line,  by R410A + R134a refrigerant combine inside, using Mitsubishi R410A DC inverter compressor as the first stage and R134a special high temperature compressor as second stage to sure machine working limit -20℃ winter produce outlet 90℃ hot water 245L/h.


Outlet hot water temperature can set from 55℃~90℃ as user requirement, so it is widely using home radiator heating by 65℃, 75℃,85℃or 90℃ hot water for industry heating using --like a factory, textile, printing, and dying, military industry, steam line, ironing, explosive, medicine high-temperature sterilization line.


 What is a high temperature heat pump?


The definition of the high-temperature heat pump is compared with the current market lea    ding air temperature heat pump product with a maximum water temperature below 55 ℃.


  1. The temperature of water supply is above 65 ℃.
  2. The temperature of the effluent is between 65-75 ℃.
  3. The highest temperature can reach 85 degrees Celsius (SUNCHI temperature ultra high-temperature heat pump can reach 90℃.


The heat pump that can meet the above requirements and meet the high-temperature hot water demand of commercial or similar industries in civil or industrial sectors is the high-temperature heat pump.


Equipment characteristics:


  1. The flexible scroll type high-temperature compressor;
  2. Intelligent digital smart throttle technology;
  3. High-temperature superconducting heat system;
  4. High-efficiency brazing heat exchanger;
  5. PLC precise connection electronic expansion valve;
  6. Condensing pressure balance valve;
  7. Environmental protection type high-temperature heat carrier;
  8. The design is compact and reasonable, with perfect safety protection and low noise.
  9. The maximum effluent temperature can reach 90℃, which can meet the needs of different civil or commercial applications.


With the implementation of the national policy of energy saving and emission reduction and the rising of energy prices, the impact of heat and energy conservation in the industrial and commercial field has been increasing. As a kind of energy-saving technology, heat pump technology has unique advantages in saving energy and protecting the environment. However, the economy is not good under the condition of high water temperature, which restricts the popularization and application of ordinary air source heat pump.


The high-temperature air source heat pump technology developed by the SUNCHI New Energy Company is at the historic moment in this context. The water temperature of the SUNCHI high-temperature energy water heater can reach up to 85 ℃, which greatly expands the application range of the ground source heat pump technology.


SUNCHI high temp heat pump mainly uses electricity, but electricity is only used to drive heat pump system to absorb heat from outside environment. And then the heat is released to heat. Unlike conventional electric heaters, which directly use one-degree electricity to form 860 large calories, the experiment proves that the heat from the same one-degree electricity absorbed from outside for the heat pump system is four bits of 860 calories, so the electricity used is only 1/4 of the electric heater.


A simple analogy: a heat pump can use an electric energy to absorb 2-3 free heat from the environment, then use this heat energy for heating, and the electrical energy is also used for heating. The experiment will eventually make the heat efficiency up to 300-500%.


The general heating methods are directly heated by energy, the energy efficiency of the electric heater is 95%, and the natural gas is about 80%. The heat pump water heater uses electricity to drive the compressor, instead of being used directly for heating. The heat comes from the environment.


Saving energy is saving money, it saves the operating cost of 3/4 compared with electric heating and oil furnace; saves 2/3 running cost compared with the gas heater; saves a large labor cost and environmental protection compared with coal. Even if compared with the solar energy, it can save the running cost of 1/3, and use the heat of valley electricity to shift the electricity from the peak periods to off-peak periods, so the run cost is saved again and again.


The scope of application: high temperature heat pump water heater can meet the heating demand of agricultural and sideline products processing industry, beverage processing industry, electroplating dyeing industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, drying industry, bass disinfection, and other industries. It can be used for drying aquatic products, meat products, Chinese medicinal materials, wood, paper products, printing products, incense mosquito repellent incense, tobacco, casings, industrial products and other hot air heating in ceramic production, solidification, and heating of battery production. The highest temperature can achieve 85 degrees centigrade for high-temperature type and 60℃ for the common type.

(SUNCHI GROUP) Jiangsu Sunchi New Energy Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprise which is specially engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing of solar air-conditioner, heat pump and solar water heater. For years, SUNCHI take the concept and objective of 'quality first, service superior' and 'sincere cooperation, green civilization'. Meanwhile, SUNCHI execute ISO9001:2000 strictly and the products have passed many authorized attestations such as: ISO9001:2008, CE, CCC, TUV and SGS. SUNCHI is located in Danyang City Jiangsu Province with convenient transportation and covers an area of over 50,000㎡, and has over 500 employees with annual productivity of 180,000 sets. Take the quality as foundation and client's satisfaction as our aim, keep development and innovation ,work hard in the field of green, safe and energy saving solar energy, and build a brilliant future with you together.


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How To Go To Yiwu?

Do You Konw How To Go To Yiwu?

HK to Yiwu

If you are landing in Hongkong, you can buy this flight directly to Yiwu airport.


Guangzhou to Yiwu

*By flight


guangzhou to yiwu by flight


Guangzhou fly to Yiwu need 2 hours. It is very convenient. If you are attending the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, it is easy to come to Yiwu.


By High-speed rail


Guangzhou South Yiwu

G1304 13:24 20:08

G1306 15:38 21:42

G1404 15:56 22:51

Guangzhou also has high-speed rail direct to Yiwu. This is also a choice for you to come to Yiwu.


Beijing to Yiwu


*By Flight

beijing to yiwu by flight


It Takes 2h15m from Beijing to Yiwu.


*By high-speed rail


Beijing South Yiwu

G33 9:30 16:15

G163 10:45 17:56

G45 15:25 22:15

Shanghai to Yiwu


If you fly to Shanghai first, you can take a bus around 3 hours or by high-speed rail to Yiwu around 1h30m.


Flight Shanghai(hongqiao) YIwu

G7331 6:17 7.56

G7333 6:29 8:05

G1383 6:45 8:20

G1651 6:55 8:42

G2365 7:12 8:52

G1371 7:22 8:57

G1341 7:32 9:07

G1337 8:25 10:05

G7325 8:30 10:47

G7349 9:10 10:42

G1655 9:23 10:58

G1377 9:28 11:03

G1301 10:23 12:02

G1349 10:48 12:31

G7461 11:04 13:04

G1375 11:15 12:49

G1333 11:39 13:24

G7591 12:01 13:39

G1387 12:20 13:55

G1633 12:25 14:00

G7335 12:30 14:16

G1369 12:40 14:21

G7375 12:51 14:30

G1659 12:57 14:25

G1389 13:10 14:36

G1355 13:47 15:24

G7347 14:25 15:59

G1635 14:35 16:10

G1637 15:13 16:57

G7337 15:32 17:07

G7321 16:17 18:02

G1361 16:42 18:17

G1363 17:09 18:53

G7367 17:53 19:47

G7371 18:13 20:02

G1395 18:28 20:06

G7339 18:35 20:19

G1227 18:56 20:43

G7381 19:11 21:00

G7491 19:33 21:18

G7383 20:44 22:32

Hangzhou to Yiwu


Hangzhou to Yiwu about 120KM, you can by train, bus and taxi to Yiwu.


*By High-speed rail


We suggest you By High-Speed Train only need about 30 minutes.

If you are late, don't worry, From 6:00 am to 9:53 pm, there have a train every 10 minutes.


*By bus

There are buses from 07:00 to 19:10 every 15 minutes from Hangzhou Airport Bus Station to Yiwu Trade City Passenger Transport Center. It takes 2 hours.


*By Taxi


We don't suggest By Taxi to Yiwu, Because Taxi price is very high and need more than 1 hour to Yiwu.


If you have any question, pls feel free to contact us.


China Products Sourcing Services

We have more than 1,000 employees in getting products from China. We source, inspect, and ship directly to you, providing professional China sourcing services. TOP EASE is an expert China products wholesale sourcing agent company.


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  1. Stimulate Students' Interest in Learning Chinese Characters

    When students do not understand the relationship between the glyphs and phonograms of Chinese characters as well as the origin of Chinese ideograms. They feel that Chinese characters are difficult to learn. Under such fears, it is difficult to have an interest in Chinese characters. In the early stage of Chinese character teaching, we must stimulate students' interest in learning Chinese characters and help them overcome this fear. Only in this way can Chinese teaching be carried out smoothly.


There are two ways to stimulate students' interest in learning and overcome the fear of difficulty. The first is to introduce the origin of Chinese characters, and let students understand how Chinese characters evolved to what they are today. How did the original shape of Chinese characters come from? And how does it express the meaning? In the process of introducing the evolution of Chinese characters, students are also allowed to understand the ideographic functions of Chinese characters, especially the pictographic and ideographic characters and the shape of the sound words. The second method is to introduce the relationship between glyphs and words, glyphs and meanings so that students can understand the relationship between sound and meaning, eliminate the fear of difficulty, and provide more clues for the memory of Chinese characters.

Introduce the origin of Chinese characters. There are 7 kinds of sayings about the formation of Chinese characters. Among them, pictographs express meaning most directly. Introducing the origin of Chinese characters from hieroglyphics is easier for students to accept and understand. The specific operation is as follows: Give the students a few Oracle characters that they have already learned, and let the students guess what the words are. Students will make all kinds of guesses. Of course, it is very likely that they will not be guessed correctly. It doesn't matter. After students have used their imagination, teachers can tell them what the words are. Most of the Chinese characters have changed a lot, and very different from the current simplified characters. Comparing the original Oracle with the simplified characters often arouses the students' surprise. The students will feel very strange and very interesting. At this moment, the teacher should give them a history of the development of this Chinese character, and let the students understand how it evolved into what it is today.

For example, write the oracle of the horse on the blackboard and ask the students to guess what does it mean, then tell the students the answer. The students will find that the two "horse" characters are very different, then the teacher will show the students how the word "horse" gradually evolved from the pictogram to the current glyph.

2. Resolutely Implement The Component Teaching Method

Component teaching is an effective teaching method. It can help students understand the relationship between various parts of Chinese characters, and can also reduce the number of things students need to remember. In the study of psychology, people's cognition of Chinese characters has both first whole then part processing and first part then whole processing. These two processing methods can be flexibly utilized according to the relationship between the whole and parts, parts and parts of different Chinese characters. As mentioned above, the relationship between the whole and parts, parts and parts will affect the learning of Chinese characters. The part mentioned here refers to components rather than strokes. In the component teaching, it is not only to let students understand the relationship between the whole and part, part and part, but also to improve the students' familiarity (or sensitivity) with specific exercises. This level of familiarity can improve the speed of recognizing Chinese characters, as well as enhance memory.

Now, for us, there is no need to emphasize the advantages and importance of the component teaching method. What we need to focus on is how to truly adhere to the component teaching and improve students' familiarity with the relationship between Chinese characters and components, components and components. I think there are two exercises that can achieve this goal: one is the Chinese character split practice, and the other is the Chinese character combination exercise.

More about Tips for learning chinese characters.


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How to Learn Chinese Words Fast

The following methods may let you know how to learn Chinese words fast.
1. Read first, then write. The relationship between the component structure and morphological feature of Chinese characters are obvious, so Chinese characters are easy to read, but their writing is difficult for foreign students. We can first let the students feel the glyph, understand the meaning of character, remember the pronunciation, but reduce the requirements of writing. Read first, then write; read more, write less.

2. Stroke decomposition. Correctly decomposing the Chinese characters into strokes, especially synthetic strokes, which helps write and retrieve Chinese characters.


  1. Literacy card. There are various literacy cards on the market, you can also make it yourself. It is better to write the Chinese character on the front side and pinyin or paraphrase on the back side. There are many ways to use character cards, such as guessing pronunciation, meaning, and connection while looking the Chinese characters on the back side. It can be used either by oneself or by two people.

    4. Part combination. Teachers of Chinese as a foreign language can provide a set of parts, such as "口,十,又,土,女", requiring students to form more than ten Chinese characters.

    5. Component construction. Teachers of Chinese as a foreign language can give students a component, such as "扌" or phonetic element, "令", asking students to write characters as much as possible with these components.

    6. Dictation. This is one of the most commonly used methods to test students' mastery of Chinese characters, but it is not suitable to be used as the only or main method, because the learners using the phonetic alphabet as their mother languages are difficult to associate the Chinese character pattern with the sound in the short term.

    7. Rule discovery. By selecting some typical phonetic characters, the teachers can guide the students to discover the rules of phonetic symbols and components to memorize Chinese characters. For example, we can let the students find the differences between "请,情,清,晴", and then explain their meanings.

    To know more tips for learning chineseat KCEL, come to learn Chinese in Kunming!


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Learn to Speak Mandarin Fast

For a foreign learner, the instructor should be able to use a wonderful lead to stimulate student interest. A good introduction to the new lessons, like a bridge, links old and new lessons. Teachers should carefully design the lead words, use the students' curiosity, seek new psychology, and give students a surprise, which will induce students' interest in learning and enlighten students' thinking. In the process of Chinese teaching, you can intersperse the interesting things of some scientists or writers, and use the methods of induction, directness, doubt, performance, storytelling, discussion, etc. to mobilize the enthusiasm of students to learn, so that they will change from passive learning to active learning, The level of Chinese learning will continue to be increased. Its creation environment enables students to experience the joy of learning. For example, when it comes to price, the teacher can create a supermarket environment, let students experience the fun of learning by buying different things, so that the Chinese classroom won’t be boring, the students will have a deep memory, and the learning effect will be greatly improved. It is much better than just reading a textbook.

In addition, role-playing methods can be used. Interesting games can create a relaxed teaching environment for students to master Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing without knowing it. Then mobilize the students' emotions. As an old saying goes, love is the most touching thing in one's heart. The teacher's teaching process is the process of imparting knowledge, and it is the process of emotional communication between teachers and students. In basic chinese course, teachers should guide students to enter the scene to experience certain emotions and use their rich expression and vivid language to stimulate their enthusiasm for learning, make them learn Chinese in happiness.

The good way to learn to speak mandarin fast is of course more than these. These are just to make foreigners interested in Chinese. If you are interested in one thing, no matter who you are, you may spend more time and energy on this matter, and you will enjoy it. Among them, interest is the best teacher. So the best way to learn Chinese is to immerse yourself. Only by immersing yourself in a specific environment can you have unexpected effects.

Come to KCEL, a professional kunming international school!




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Fish Tank Size: 80*40*45 cm

Lighting: Adjustable LED Aquarium Light 5W/8W/11W/16W


Bottom Mud Material: Volcanic Stone, Light Stone, Thin Filter Sponge, Foam Plastic Cloth, Water Moss, Planting Soil (Peat soil, Vermiculite, Perlite)

Material: Dynasty Jade Stone, Tank divider, Landscaping Glue,   artificial coral decorations   

Plants: Leucobryum juniperoideum, Giraldiella levieri, Metasequoia glyptostroboides, Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides, Ferns etc.



Finished Paludarium Appreciation


In the beginning, some hydroponic plants were cultivated in the water grass tank. Later, I wondered if it would be better to plant some wet plants on the water. I searched a lot of information on the Internet, so then the aquascaping journey began.

I believe everyone has a certain understanding of planted tanks and water tanks. But Paludarium that can both keep plants and raise fish is not so simple.


The first thing to consider is how to isolate the water surface from the land and try to maintain the size of the water substance as much as possible.


It was known that most of the Paludarium tanks' water substances are just a small piece you saw before, and there is less space for fish to move. If they can be improved, they can both raise fish and landscape plants. After considering several methods and materials, it was finally decided to choose a partition tank divider commonly used by everyone in the Vivarium to build a base, which was quite successful.

This kind of partition board divider can play a great role in the landscaping of the fish tank. In this Paludarium fish tank, its fast, convenient and practical functions are highlighted.


Firstly, splice the head and tail of the partition board together, and then cut the partition board into an appropriate size according to the fish tank. And as a base, place it at the bottom of the fish tank.

Then you can spread a layer of foam plastic on the partition to prevent the mud from falling through to the bottom and spreading.

Then in this order, you can lay the material on the partition:


From bottom to top:

Volcanic Stone, Light Stone, Thin Filter Sponge, Foam Plastic Cloth, Water Moss, Planting Soil (Peat soil, Vermiculite, Perlite)


After the foundation is done, the Dynasty Jade Stone can be gently inserted into the soil. Moss and other plants can be placed around it.

Here I put Leucobryum juniperoideum, Giraldiella levieri, Metasequoia glyptostroboides, Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides, Ferns and so on. The sticking tool I use is Aquarium Underwater Safe Glue.


When all the steps are completed, pour the water slowly into the blank space along the edge of the fish tank. (Note: Do not use the impact water flow here, It will lead to soil base damage.)


Finally,  the fixed steps we know - water circulation, water purification. (Here is the same treatment as the general fish tank)

When the water quality of the fish tank is acceptable, you can put the cute fish in it.


If you want to buy high-quality aquarium accessories at a reasonable price, then believe me Senzeal must be the best choice for you. Senzeal is the ultimate destination for aquarium accessories, here it provides a variety of aquarium-related products, mainly including sustainable and high quality aquatic biological equipment, aquarium accessories, aquarium decorations, fish care, and plant care, to provide you with the best shopping experience. Our online store offers the latest and best quality of aquarium-related products. Therefore our facilities use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to maintain the water quality conditions and the optimum health of all aquatic life. You can comfortably shop on Senzeal.com at home, we will use the safest transportation system, to ensure that all products before arriving at your home can get the best care.


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WSF200A Precision Winder-Hank to Cone

Introduction of WSF200A Precision Winder:

WSF200A Precision Winder is a kind of hank winding machine and customized precision winder, which is the ideal machine and a perfect solution for yarns that require active unwinding procedure. It is freely programmable and equipped with real time digital winding system which can set all winding parameters according to clients’ requirements. With the most advanced active unwinding technology and programmable tension system, clients can accurately set yarn tension and make it consistent or variable throughout the winding process. Meanwhile, the electronic traverse system offers highest flexibility and productivity.

Yarn unwinding actively device on this hank to cone winder, which can feed yarn actively according to the tension, could reduce damages while yarn winding and increase the quality of yarns.

Tension system, yarn length counter, full-bobbin auto-stop device and yarn broken auto-stop device is installed on this customized precision winder to control the tension of yarn conveniently. So yarn length can be counted and when bobbin is full or yarn is broken, relevant motors will stop.

Each motor on this customized precision winder control its own spindle. They include slow start function. Their winding speed can frequency auto adjusts. Overfeed wheel could adjust its speed regularly. Each spindle is controlled on its own way.


Parameters of WSF200A Precision Winder-Hank to Cone:

Type of winding: Digital or Precision

Mechanical speed: up to 1000 m/min(depend on yarn)

Package shape: freely programmable

Traverse: 25~260 mm

Package diameter: up to 280 mm

Package weight: up to 5 kg

Yarns: textured or flat filaments, elastic yarns, silk, fine technical yarns

Yarn count: 10~3000 dtex

Take-up tubes: 3°30′Cone

Layout: single sided

Spindle number per section: 6

Number of spindles: Min. 6/Max. 60

Gauge: 360 mm

Drive: individual per spindle

Installed power: ~300 W per spindle

Option: Active unwinding device, Oiling device, Tube shape


WSF is a company which is outstanding in providing various solutions of china winding machine for clients. RFQ today!


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