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Learn to Speak Mandarin Fast

For a foreign learner, the instructor should be able to use a wonderful lead to stimulate student interest. A good introduction to the new lessons, like a bridge, links old and new lessons. Teachers should carefully design the lead words, use the students' curiosity, seek new psychology, and give students a surprise, which will induce students' interest in learning and enlighten students' thinking. In the process of Chinese teaching, you can intersperse the interesting things of some scientists or writers, and use the methods of induction, directness, doubt, performance, storytelling, discussion, etc. to mobilize the enthusiasm of students to learn, so that they will change from passive learning to active learning, The level of Chinese learning will continue to be increased. Its creation environment enables students to experience the joy of learning. For example, when it comes to price, the teacher can create a supermarket environment, let students experience the fun of learning by buying different things, so that the Chinese classroom won’t be boring, the students will have a deep memory, and the learning effect will be greatly improved. It is much better than just reading a textbook.

In addition, role-playing methods can be used. Interesting games can create a relaxed teaching environment for students to master Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing without knowing it. Then mobilize the students' emotions. As an old saying goes, love is the most touching thing in one's heart. The teacher's teaching process is the process of imparting knowledge, and it is the process of emotional communication between teachers and students. In basic chinese course, teachers should guide students to enter the scene to experience certain emotions and use their rich expression and vivid language to stimulate their enthusiasm for learning, make them learn Chinese in happiness.

The good way to learn to speak mandarin fast is of course more than these. These are just to make foreigners interested in Chinese. If you are interested in one thing, no matter who you are, you may spend more time and energy on this matter, and you will enjoy it. Among them, interest is the best teacher. So the best way to learn Chinese is to immerse yourself. Only by immersing yourself in a specific environment can you have unexpected effects.

Come to KCEL, a professional kunming international school!




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YF168 Twisting Machine

Introduction of YF168 Twisting Machine:

YF168 twisting machine is a kind of advanced yarn doubling machine. This thread twisting machine has a numerical electric control system. The system of this thread twisting machine makes the machine automatic control. This thread twisting machine can meet clients’ requirement of single spindle and large package. The twister machine has wide application of processing materials. This yarn doubling machine apply for all kinds of coarse yarn, such as polyamide, blended yarn with wool and cotton, glass fiber and so on.


YF168 tfo twisting machine has an electrical control system. It controls the spindles, winding and yarn guiding mechanism with high-accuracy. The system on thread twisting machine can set and monitor the main technical parameters such as spindle speed and twist on the panel. Servo-motor on the thread twisting machine drive the yarn guide traverse. By direct connecting of flexible coupling and ball screw and positive inversion of motor, the thread twisting machine can guarantee the positioning accuracy and the traverse motion of guide rod.


Features of YF168 Twisting Machine:

>> Modular machine design

>> PLC program precisely controlled electronic anti-fold, avoid overlapping yarn, and improve efficiency, after retirement solution

1) Touch screen to set the process parameters, improve production efficiency.

2) Traverse servo actuator, winding forming good.

3) Compact design, can reduce the area more than 10%.


Technical Parameters of YF168 Twisting Machine:

For raw materials: Monofilament 100D~1000D and Twisted wire 300D~2000D

Solutions retreat cheese: (Φ54~110)X(190~300) There are side tube, length 230,290mm

The number of sections: ≤10

Tenser: Ball, capsule

Twist (T/M): 100~2000

Starting method: Delta slow start

Twist: S or Z

Operation form: Double-sided single, lead wires lead yarn

Up speed: ≤60m/min

Spindle Transmission: Long tangential belt drive

Rated power: 14.7KW

Loading amount: 2-5kg

Winding brass: Φ54~70 L230、290mm


Variations technical parameters of YF168 Twisting Machine:

Spindle gauge: 290mm or 330mm or 365mm or 405mm

Each section spindles: 16 or 12 or 12 or 10

Dimension (10): 25610X730X1656 22330X730X1656 24230X830X1656 22580X830X1656

Spindle speed: 5000-10000rpm


We have twisting machine for sale! WSF is a company which is outstanding in providing various solutions of automatic sewing thread winding machine for clients. Please contact us!


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Smart Lift Desk - Make Your Work

Are you sitting at your desk all day and typing on the keyboard?

We drive, work, study and sit for hours every day.

For a moment of comfort, sitting and squatting, it is easier to have a backache!


Do you know?

According to statistics, the number of patients with lumbar spondylosis in China has already exceeded 200 million!

There is also a trend of constant rejuvenation!

More than half of the 30-40 year old suffer from lumbar spondylosis!

The smallest lumbar spondylosis patients in Xiamen are only 13 years old!

Many people obviously have not been injured, why do they suffer from lumbar spondylosis?

In fact, whether sitting or standing, it will put pressure on the spine!

Especially when sitting, the body will not consciously lean forward.

Or just bend over and lie on the table.

Almost everyone will have a bad sitting position.

Years and months have caused irreversible damage to the spine!


In order to alleviate the situation of sedentary back pain, you may have tried a variety of products.

High-priced lumbar pads, massage chairs; daily massage technicians report there...

That may change from the daily work habits,

Speaking of changes in work habits, this "artifact" is indispensable!

The company's electric adjustable stand up desk


"Standing office" is not "one stop at the end", but can support different office modes. This office model is now popular in Silicon Valley. From the perspective of future work patterns, the lift table will gradually replace the ordinary desk, becoming the ideal office standard.


With the deepening of research on office habits, we realized that sedentary work is awkward for the body. Office hours of more than 8 hours allow you to have little time to leave your seat and get active, releasing the negative energy that has accumulated over time. This not only causes physical damage on the body, but also invisibly suppresses human creativity, brings unnecessary negative emotions and forms mental damage.


With the tonality of the body, sitting is lacking, automatically lifting, switching to a standing working state. This is also the way of respecting freedom and loftyness that is being advocated after the 80s and 90s.

In terms of product positioning, "sitting and standing alternately" is more in line with the voice of the younger trend market. Especially in the IT, financial and creative worlds of first-tier cities, the topic of standing office is becoming more and more widely discussed. Obviously, this has a social attribute. We also hope that through the influence of first-tier cities, we will spread to second- and third-tier cities, and we will “sit and alternate” and the healthy office will be truly integrated into every real office environment.


As mentioned above, the current domestic office market is still far from being as mature as the US and European markets.

The company has always wanted to innovate the office environment and create a phenomenal "electric adjustable stand up desk".


Tolstoy once said that "a person who is burying his mind, if you don't move your limbs often, it is a very painful thing." The research and development and technical team consisting of professional engineers of the company put the focus of problem solving. In the "regaining body perception".


"We found that the core needs of the office staff are not to interfere with the rhythm of the work, but also to make the body move, so in the operation of the intelligent lifting table system, product design pays special attention to sensitivity and stability. But in the aesthetics of the product appearance Sex has also been improved." This is the original intention and ideas of our product development.


The company has always been committed to serving customers and the pursuit of the highest quality. Everything revolves around customer requirements, continuous improvement, strives to exceed customer expectations, strictly control the whole process of standards, correct the concept of thinking and standardize scientific standards. Bring a new smart life experience to customers around the world and enjoy life.


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With the advent of the mobile Internet era, the rapid development of cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and touch technology is closely related to our lives. Correspondingly, the office workers also "mobile" with the mobile Internet. Office, it is no longer meaning sitting in front of a fixed computer and desk all day! A brand new office space allows you to communicate face-to-face with your colleagues with mobile internet tools. You can think alone and even stand up and work...


Stand-up office has become a popular trend, representing a new way of working. As early as 2011, social networking company Facebook began to implement stand-up office, more than 200 employees chose the "station desk", employees can adjust the desktop level. "Standing office" is not "one stop at the end", but can support different office modes. A desk that can be raised and lowered solves this problem, and the user can switch the working mode by adjusting the height of the table.


With the open spirit of Silicon Valley, Godaddy is very close to nature, in addition to the design style of the office area and indoor leisure and entertainment facilities, it also allows employees to work more comfortably, providing an easy lift desk that can stand up and advocate standing when working.


From the perspective of future work patterns, the easy lift desk will gradually replace the ordinary desk, becoming the ideal office standard.


Disadvantages of traditional desks


Single style, weak feeling of designing, making the office lose vitality.

Can't lift and if employees work for a whole day, their cervical spine will be damaged.


Advantages of the easy lift desk

Innovative technology, intelligent design and having a sense of the future.

Environmentally friendly materials, power saving mode, adhering to the concept of green and healthy.

One-button control, height adjustment, realizing dreams of standing and alternate office.


With the drive of science and technology company, more and more forward-looking companies will continue to increase their investment in the office environment and strive to create a healthy and comfortable office space for employees.


The office environment can vary widely, but the needs of the human body are strikingly similar. We don't want to work in a posture all day. The electric lift table changes the bad habits of your sedentary office, improves work efficiency and is good for your health. Lift up and down according to demand, let you sit and work alternately, let the "work" move!


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Gucci On Sale just one

The tactic Collection agencies with regards to the Steve Carriers

Do you really formula with employing consistently your personal designer handbag? Exquisite custom Steve Purses usually are understood to be with your neatness, you actually deficiency to have schedule having completely new fashion trend. Nevertheless , you need to realise the main graphic, there's numerous types accessible for Custom Low-priced Steve carriers. Together with the difference such as you may have a good amount of finances to obtain quite a few, a new train in addition to multifunctional model good sense considerably better. Immediately after total, you could establish to order considerably more cargo procedure prices to get custom purses situation and get a sense of model. These kind of solutions have the qualifying measure model designer handbag, totes, low-priced Gucci Shoes For Men Women of Gucci Outlets all ages Supra Stones major II on sale clutches in addition to travelling bag the designer bags are the best. Low-priced Steve carriers are still the nearly all powerful manner excess to get current women of all ages. Steve swift one month carriers offers classy in addition to operation along.

That stream-lined type is common over 80 several years. Often the sweet tinted monogram tote is believed to be often the mark connected with Steve carriers. Often the ceo with the corporation} Steve familiar with produce carriers in addition to baggage to get supr锚me friends and family entirely. The bags connected with Steve usually are well known connected with strength in addition to Cheap Gucci water-resistant. New technology in addition to content were definitily brought to the production procedure of FENDI carriers. Steve certainly not functions widespread set. Its own types of content identified as paper together with stratum connected with PVC is needed seeing that fresh content connected with Steve carriers. That exclusive types of content make sure the water-resistant perhaps open fire proof of FENDI carriers. Each one of Steve carriers are designed by means of seasoned worksmen. Many people fork out a lot of their time to produce just one single Steve tote. The volume of FENDI carriers will be limited, that creates each one FENDI tote consequently exclusive. Steve swift has been intended for Audrey Hepburn who all seen often the tote inside dvd Both roman trip. Then often the FENDI swift seemed to be well-liked across the world. In my view, Steve swift one month tote is the foremost swift having just the perfect measurement. It can be large enough to cart your regular basics. It is usually seen personally as well as get. Often the cope with is definitely round so that it is consequently relaxed. Moreover, often the seatbelt is definitely changeable that may bring it with you all over your entire body. It's also made use of seeing that suitcase set if you find yourself with small business holiday. Steve has developed into a very well popular company concerning just about every elegant Gucci On Sale just one. For its beautiful style and design, careful skillfullness and comfy process just about every women of all ages have already been amazing by Steve purses, totes, accessories, shoes and boots in addition to some solutions.

These kind of Steve solutions typically have it has the bigger selling prices instead of go with often the jean pocket simply although upon having commenced using these Steve solutions, surely you often the value on your income. Taking Steve carriers won't grow your style but hold seen relating to the good friends in addition to relations. On Steve wall socket you might generally find every one of the Steve solutions without imperfection. Often the Steve carriers have already been products of recommendation for any The movies megastars. You might simply find practically every at least one provides often the fantastic tote to signify all their style and elegance amongst the block picture.

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