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Advantages Of Plastic Medicine Bottles

With the advancement of technology, the development of plastic medicine bottles has also received more and more attention. The quality of pharmaceutical packaging has a certain influence on the safety of medicines and the prevention of moisture in medicines. Rolling bottles face the ever-increasing market competition with traditional old-fashioned glass bottles or some opaque oral medicine bottles.


It cannot meet the needs of people. Even some old-fashioned glass packaging medicine bottles, because of its poor technology, will drop a part of the glass powder into the bottle, making the medicine into a drug, which is neither hygienic nor safe. The appearance of plastic bottles broke the routine of packaging products.


The material of the bottle has changed, which changes the mode of the package. The production of plastic packaging bottles requires high-temperature sterilization. During the process of stretching, blow molding and forming, the microcrystalline orientation plane in the plastic can improve the strength, hardness, and transparency of the plastic packaging bottle through changes in its basic structure. A new generation of packaging that is trend-setting shows the unification of aesthetics and practicality. With the continuous innovation and development of new products for moisture-proof barrels and the strong investment and development of pharmaceutical packaging in China, it is believed that the future of Chinese medicine bottle market is definitely worthy of attention, and it is also promising.8466758472?profile=original

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At present, there are three kinds of projection technology: CRT, LCD, and DLP.

CRT projector is the earliest projection technology, which is similar to the CRT display. It has the advantages of long life, rich color display, good reducibility, and rich ability to adjust geometric distortion. Due to technical constraints, it is impossible to improve the resolution and lumen at the same time. Therefore, CRT projectors have been phased out at this stage.


The technology of LCD projector is transmission projection technology, which is the most mature at present. The color of the projection screen is restored to be true and bright. With high color saturation and high light utilization efficiency, an LCD projector has a higher brightness output. At present, the LCD projector is the main projector with a high lumen in the market. Its disadvantage is that the black layer is not very good. LCD projection technology is divided into LCD and 3LCD. The difference between them lies in the color restoration degree and picture quality.


DLP reflective projection technology. The gray level and signal-noise ratio of DLP projector image are greatly improved, and the image quality is fine and stable. In particular, when playing dynamic video, the image is more smooth, without pixel structure sense, the image is natural, and the digital image restoration is true and accurate. The advantage of DLP compared with 3lcd is that there is no crosstalk between grayscale and 3D.

Of course, there is also LCOS projection technology, which is a new projection technology. Because the cost is too high, it is seldom used


Projector contrast

Contrast is the ratio of black to white, that is, the gradient level from black to white. The larger the ratio, the more gradients from black to white, and the richer the color representation. Contrast is very important to the visual effect. Generally speaking, the larger the contrast is the clearer the image is, and the brighter the color is. However, if the contrast is small, the whole picture will be gray. High contrast is very helpful for the clarity, detail, and gray level of the image. High contrast has advantages in black-and-white contrast, clarity, integrity, and so on. Relatively speaking, in the aspect of the color level, the influence of high contrast on an image is not obvious. The contrast has a greater impact on the dynamic video display effect. Because of the fast conversion of light and dark in the dynamic image, the higher the contrast, the easier it is for the human eyes to distinguish such a conversion process. The products with high contrast have more obvious advantages in detail performance, clarity, and high-speed moving objects performance in some dark scenes.



Projector brightness

The brightness of the projector is usually expressed by light out, which describes the ability of light source radiation to produce a visual response in unit time, and its unit is the lumen. There are two methods to measure brightness. 1. The average brightness of 9 intersections of "Tian" is multiplied by the length and width of projection. Test precondition projection distance is 2.4m; the projection size is 60 inches. 2. All black and all white contrast method. Select a black-and-white contrast image, measure, and calculate the black-and-white brightness difference times the projected area. When choosing the projector to determine the brightness index, we should not only consider the size of the used space but also consider the influence of the use of environment brightness. And the brightness selection should leave a margin, and the brightness will decrease after a period of use due to the influence of the bulb. It is recommended to choose 800-2000 lumens for the brightness of the home projector, 2000-4500 lumens for a small conference room or standard classroom, 3500-5000 lumens for medium conference room, and ladder classroom, and 5000 lumens for large conference room or auditorium. Of course, this is only a reference value. The accurate brightness should be calculated according to the actual ambient brightness and the size of the screen. For example, taking the classroom as an example, the average brightness is 500lux, and the formula is projector brightness = ambient brightness * 2 (Times) × screen length * screen width * 1.2 (loss coefficient) ≈ 3300. Therefore, it is necessary to fully consider the use environment and cost performance to select the appropriate brightness index.


Projector lens

Zoom ratio: the ratio of the maximum focal length to the minimum focal length, that is, the zoom ratio of the projection picture under a certain projection distance. This parameter does not affect the projection distance, etc.

Projection ratio: projection distance / screen width.

Lens focal length: distance from LCD panel to lens, unit: mm

Projection distance: distance from lens to screen, unit: mm

Panel size: LCD size in inches

Screen width: the effective width of the screen, in inches. It should be noted that the aspect ratio should be the same as that of the panel.

Calculate the projection distance according to the projector: projection distance = screen width * lens focal length/panel size

Projection distance = screen width (mm) × projection ratio

Calculate the appropriate projector according to the site conditions: lens focal length = projection distance * panel size/screen width


Precautions for projector installation:

  1. Accurately calculate the projection distance, which is the distance between the lens and the screen; align the projector lens with the left and right center of the screen as much as possible; calculate the installation height of the projector according to the difference between the lens and the screen height (refer to the projector manual). Special attention shall be paid to this item when using a fixed focus projector, so as to avoid that the image cannot be full screen or over the screen. In case of slight error, fine adjustment can be made through the relative position between the projector and hanger.


  1. During construction, pay attention to load-bearing reinforcement for the installation position of the projector and curtain according to the actual situation on site.


  1. Try to select the projector hanger with excellent quality. The poor hanger is not perpendicular to the roof, and the installation screws cannot be tightened. Such problems affect construction efficiency.


  1. If the electric screen is selected, a strong electric socket shall be reserved in the screen box, and the electric screen shall be equipped with remote control as far as possible to avoid affecting the appearance.


  1. Do not power off the projector immediately after debugging. After the bulb cools and the fan stops rotating, cut off the power.


  1. For projector cable, VGA, HDMI, and other cables can be reserved according to specific requirements, and network cable can be reserved according to specific functions of the projector.

iCODIS’ Movie Theater Film Projector

As a reliable led movie projector supplier, iCODIS always insists that the quality of the hd film projector should be put in the first place. Our high quality movie projector adopts advanced technologies and modern design. The following types of smart movie projector are what we offer currently. You can click each page for detailed information. If you have any other questions about our movie quality projector, please email us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.


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Tips for Learning Mandarin


Here are some tips for learning mandarin

Tip 1. Find out the corresponding rules in Mandarin and their dialects, and enhance the memory.
The difference between various dialects and Mandarin Chinese language is mainly phonetics, with little difference in vocabulary and grammar. The main differences in phonetics are as follows: in most areas blade-alveolars are used the same as retroflex; so do n and l; many vowels like eng、ing、e、uo are ignored; the rounded lips of vowels for most people are not enough. Combining these characteristics, students can find the corresponding rules of dialects and Putonghua, and thus practice and memorize the difficulties.


Tip 2. Try to achieve a full breath and clear pronunciations.
That is to say, read the consonant, vowel and tone of every character loudly, in particular, the vowel. Don't be vague. The vowel head, body and tail should be read clearly. For example, the pronunciation of xiang(响) should be “x-i-ǎ-ng”(consonant-vowel head-body-tail) rather than “x--ng ”(consonant-vowel head-tail).

Tip 3 .Pay attention to the pronunciation of the neutral-tone words.
In addition to the required words, many function words also read softly, such as structure auxiliary(de的, de地, de得), dynamic auxiliary(zhe着, le了, guo过) , directional verb(lai来, qu去) and plurality(men们).

Tip 4. When reading an article, be sure to express the emotion of the article correctly.
Pay attention to the stop, stress, tone and rhythm. In a word, where should we stop and how long; where is the stress and where should be light; which sentences should be connected in one paragraph and which not and which is the key point; is the voice of the whole sentence ascending or descending, strong or weak, quick or slow? All of these should be relished and practiced a lot.


Come to KCEL to learn Chinese!


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  1. Stimulate Students' Interest in Learning Chinese Characters

    When students do not understand the relationship between the glyphs and phonograms of Chinese characters as well as the origin of Chinese ideograms. They feel that Chinese characters are difficult to learn. Under such fears, it is difficult to have an interest in Chinese characters. In the early stage of Chinese character teaching, we must stimulate students' interest in learning Chinese characters and help them overcome this fear. Only in this way can Chinese teaching be carried out smoothly.


There are two ways to stimulate students' interest in learning and overcome the fear of difficulty. The first is to introduce the origin of Chinese characters, and let students understand how Chinese characters evolved to what they are today. How did the original shape of Chinese characters come from? And how does it express the meaning? In the process of introducing the evolution of Chinese characters, students are also allowed to understand the ideographic functions of Chinese characters, especially the pictographic and ideographic characters and the shape of the sound words. The second method is to introduce the relationship between glyphs and words, glyphs and meanings so that students can understand the relationship between sound and meaning, eliminate the fear of difficulty, and provide more clues for the memory of Chinese characters.

Introduce the origin of Chinese characters. There are 7 kinds of sayings about the formation of Chinese characters. Among them, pictographs express meaning most directly. Introducing the origin of Chinese characters from hieroglyphics is easier for students to accept and understand. The specific operation is as follows: Give the students a few Oracle characters that they have already learned, and let the students guess what the words are. Students will make all kinds of guesses. Of course, it is very likely that they will not be guessed correctly. It doesn't matter. After students have used their imagination, teachers can tell them what the words are. Most of the Chinese characters have changed a lot, and very different from the current simplified characters. Comparing the original Oracle with the simplified characters often arouses the students' surprise. The students will feel very strange and very interesting. At this moment, the teacher should give them a history of the development of this Chinese character, and let the students understand how it evolved into what it is today.

For example, write the oracle of the horse on the blackboard and ask the students to guess what does it mean, then tell the students the answer. The students will find that the two "horse" characters are very different, then the teacher will show the students how the word "horse" gradually evolved from the pictogram to the current glyph.

2. Resolutely Implement The Component Teaching Method

Component teaching is an effective teaching method. It can help students understand the relationship between various parts of Chinese characters, and can also reduce the number of things students need to remember. In the study of psychology, people's cognition of Chinese characters has both first whole then part processing and first part then whole processing. These two processing methods can be flexibly utilized according to the relationship between the whole and parts, parts and parts of different Chinese characters. As mentioned above, the relationship between the whole and parts, parts and parts will affect the learning of Chinese characters. The part mentioned here refers to components rather than strokes. In the component teaching, it is not only to let students understand the relationship between the whole and part, part and part, but also to improve the students' familiarity (or sensitivity) with specific exercises. This level of familiarity can improve the speed of recognizing Chinese characters, as well as enhance memory.

Now, for us, there is no need to emphasize the advantages and importance of the component teaching method. What we need to focus on is how to truly adhere to the component teaching and improve students' familiarity with the relationship between Chinese characters and components, components and components. I think there are two exercises that can achieve this goal: one is the Chinese character split practice, and the other is the Chinese character combination exercise.

More about Tips for learning chinese characters.


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Learn to Speak Mandarin Fast

For a foreign learner, the instructor should be able to use a wonderful lead to stimulate student interest. A good introduction to the new lessons, like a bridge, links old and new lessons. Teachers should carefully design the lead words, use the students' curiosity, seek new psychology, and give students a surprise, which will induce students' interest in learning and enlighten students' thinking. In the process of Chinese teaching, you can intersperse the interesting things of some scientists or writers, and use the methods of induction, directness, doubt, performance, storytelling, discussion, etc. to mobilize the enthusiasm of students to learn, so that they will change from passive learning to active learning, The level of Chinese learning will continue to be increased. Its creation environment enables students to experience the joy of learning. For example, when it comes to price, the teacher can create a supermarket environment, let students experience the fun of learning by buying different things, so that the Chinese classroom won’t be boring, the students will have a deep memory, and the learning effect will be greatly improved. It is much better than just reading a textbook.

In addition, role-playing methods can be used. Interesting games can create a relaxed teaching environment for students to master Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing without knowing it. Then mobilize the students' emotions. As an old saying goes, love is the most touching thing in one's heart. The teacher's teaching process is the process of imparting knowledge, and it is the process of emotional communication between teachers and students. In basic chinese course, teachers should guide students to enter the scene to experience certain emotions and use their rich expression and vivid language to stimulate their enthusiasm for learning, make them learn Chinese in happiness.

The good way to learn to speak mandarin fast is of course more than these. These are just to make foreigners interested in Chinese. If you are interested in one thing, no matter who you are, you may spend more time and energy on this matter, and you will enjoy it. Among them, interest is the best teacher. So the best way to learn Chinese is to immerse yourself. Only by immersing yourself in a specific environment can you have unexpected effects.

Come to KCEL, a professional kunming international school!




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One on One

One-on-one Chinese teaching class is a customized program, student can make their own study plan and course schedule under our teachers' help. One-on-one class gives students the opportunity to study for their own needs and interests, to have more time to speak and use Chinese with our professional teachers.

Tailor-made one-to-one learning programme that develops different learning programmes based on the results of the 1-to-1 assessment From zero to advanced Chinese, goal oriented, instructional, 1-to-1, completely customized. The basic feature of one-on-one tutoring is that a teacher tutors a student, unlike many students in the school, listening to a teacher's lecture in one class. From the essence of education, the only interaction can achieve the effective educational effect, while one-on-one is the basic requirement of education interaction, the traditional form of large classes, the interaction is difficult to effectively unfold. One-on-one individualized tutoring is KCEL for each student to develop a unique and effective teaching and counselling strategy tailored to the different learning and psychological situations of each student, each student is equipped with teaching team to carry out the implementation, through all-directional, strategic guidance, so that students have a learning method that suits their own and improves the bad learning habits.

We hope we have the pleasure of welcoming you to our Kunming chinese College!


One to One Chinese Teaching

  1. Custom learning scheme
    With the scientific testing method and the rich teaching experience, our school conducts a comprehensive assessment for the foreigner to find out the loopholes in their study, then customize and implement the individualized education service program of one to one tuition.

    Being suitable is the best
    According to the characteristics of each student, our professional one to one chineseteaching experts in teaching Chinese select the most suitable foreign language teachers for every student.

    3. Knowing students and being good at teaching, unique teaching method
    Our school has numerous senior teachers with many years of teaching experience, many of them have the experience of teaching in the overseas Confucius college. They can provide students with one-to-one personalized guidance, thoroughly solve the learning problems of various subjects.

    4. Full special service
    Each student is equipped with private mandarin tutor who follows up the whole course to ensure students to receive comprehensive, systematic and good guidance in our company, and keeps communication all the time and feedbacks the learning situation in time.

    5. All questions are never left overnight
    After completing one day's guidance, students can also get online courses to facilitate their study, and the teachers will give answers to questions that students are not understood (including other subjects that are not tutored).
    If you are not good at learning Chinese, come to us. We have not only one to one chinese lessons but also one on two mandarin language lessons and chinese language group teaching. You can choose the way you like, our aim is to improve your Chinese language skills.


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Chinese Listening and Speaking

From shallow to deep teaching, through entertaining to inspire students a strong interest in learning.

In the classroom, our teachers attach great importance to creating a lively classroom atmosphere with humorous teaching methods. They are close to the students' teaching methods so that they will implement the practice and improve the ability to listen and speaking.

Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture is a distinctive school known for its excellence in teaching Chinese language and culture to foreigners.  Our college employs professional teachers who use the latest teaching methodology supported by a conducive learning environment.  We also offer lectures on selected subjects and related language-study activities.

College services are available to a range of international and overseas students. Our chinese conversation course is designed to meet our students'  needs.  In addition to regular and extra-curricular classes, we provide many opportunities to practice the language and immerse one’s self in the local culture.

Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture coordinates Advanced Learning programs with well-known Universities throughout China.  International students who have studied Mandarin and successfully completed the HSK examination will be recommended to these universities to study for a Bachelor's or Master's degree or a PHD.

KCEL has not only been honored as the best mandarin school on Go Kunming website, it also serves as the training base for International Chinese teachers in Hanban, those who are professional and talented ensure our teaching of high quality. Teachers in KCEL have a good command of Mandarin, and they can speak English fluently, there are weekly teaching training courses for them at the same time. KCEL is a campus worth trusting as the World Bank, UNESCO and New Zealand embassy all appointed KCEL to teach their staff Chinese.

Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture offers various activities to exercise language, culture study, culture exchange, research programs, business, and trade contact and conference services. Meanwhile, our school arranges characteristic cultural, scientific and recreational activities, including day-trips, social events and weekends away.

We hope we have the pleasure of welcoming you to our College!


Learn spoken chinese

The first step is to grasp the useful basic knowledge of pronunciation. It includes: First, pronouncing the consonants and the vowels correctly, which is the basis for learning Mandarin Chinese well. Second, reading common words, this is a shortcut to learn Mandarin well. In modern Chinese, there are 2500 commonly used characters and 1000 sub-commonly used characters, their use frequency accounts 99.48% among all Chinese characters, so we can basically achieve the standard pronunciation and recitation of the demand in Mandarin as long as we grasp the standard pronunciation of the commonly used characters and the sub-commonly used characters.

The second step is to know the differences between local dialect and Mandarin. First, we should grasp the standard pronunciation of the commonly used characters and the sub-commonly used characters, and then "environmental memorize" the words easy to be read wrong in the detailed language environment. Through reading and memorizing some famous works of ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, can effectively help the learners to remember the standard pronunciation of these words for a long time, and can also improve the cultivation in other aspects. At the same time, we should frequently listen to the radio, tape, watch TV and listen to the conversations between the native speakers. Using these "modernization" methods to create a special small environment for yourself to learn Mandarin, and constantly revise our irregular pronunciation.

The third step is to practice more and speak more. More practice and more speaking is the most important way to speak Chinese language well.

The fourth step is to actively participate in the internship of artistic language. Through reciting, speaking, telling stories and other artistic language learning, practice and internship, cultivate and further strengthen your interests in Mandarin and exercise the feeling of speaking Mandarin Chin8466729890?profile=original

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Summer Camps

Chinese Summer Camp hold by chinese language school in shanghai

2020 Summer Camp Early Bird Offer In February

2020 Summer Camp Early Bird Offer! Check out this one-time discount - Save up to 3500rmb with early bird 2020 summer camp offer in February.

Tuition more than 5,000rmb    save 600rmb

Tuition more than 10,000rmb      save 1500rmb

Tuition more than 20,000rmb      save 3500rmb

Learning Chinese language, Chinese culture and making friends from around the world; get ready for your future and the summer of a lifetime!

Receiving 100’s of children from 30 nationalities each year, Mandarin House summer programs are for children aged between 7 to 19 years.

Providing an unforgettable adventure in a safe, fun, full immersion Chinese environment, our experienced, qualified teachers share Chinese life through Mandarin lessons, cultural workshops, activities and excursions ensuring a valuable head-start for each child’s future.

Learn more about Mandarin House Summer Programs in China from the following resources and  reserve your place  now for the 2020 Summer.

Summer Camp Shanghai 2020 for Kids & Teens

Camp Start Date

22 Jun, 6 Jul, 20 Jul, 3 Aug

School Day Schedule

9:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Friday.


Condition Of Registration

Registration Form, Waiver, Terms & Conditions, Medical Record, Copy of Insurance Policy.


Price Do Not Include

Passport, visa, airfares, travel or medical related insurance, personal spending money,additional expenses for non-program related activities.



Day Program for 7 to 19

Want to spend the summer together with your family in China this year? The Day Program is designed so juniors can attend Chinese course and summer activities during the day but stay with the family at night and on the weekends.


Homestay Program for 15 to 19

Become part of a Chinese family through our Homestay summer program - enjoy this unique opportunity for juniors to get a first-hand account of Chinese culture and to practice your Chinese language skills in a total immersion environment.


Summer Locations

Mandarin House Summer Programs since 2004 for Kids and Teens! The culture of Beijing, and the dazzle of Shanghai, each city has its own discoveries to be made an unforgettable place to enjoy.


Summer Student Reviews

Opinions from all over the world: Our summer students share their Mandarin House experience and reviews with you. Read what they say about the classes, the teachers, the activities and the excursions.


Program Highlights

Total immersion learning program

Unique, child-friendly curriculum

Dedicated Chinese teachers and activity coordinators

20 language lessons a week

Language lessons complemented by workshops, discussions, cultural & art activities.

Average 6 students a group

Safe and supportive environment


Stop procrastinating and Register for online classes now!

Toll free in China: 400 633 5538

For any inquiries, please contact info@mandarinhouse.com


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Learn Chinese Shanghai

Formerly known as the “Paris of the East”, Shanghai is a vibrant metropolis and Asia’s business capital offering you a cosmopolitan lifestyle that swings between the ultra-chic of now and thousands of years of Chinese tradition and culture.

Shanghai is full of opportunity and through our practical Chinese language programs, Mandarin House Shanghai can help open the door to your future in China.

To apply for a Chinese course in Shanghai , please complete the online registration

Toll free in China: 400 633 5538

For any inquiries, please contact info@mandarinhouse.com


Mandarin House chinese language school in shanghai

Chinese School in Shanghai People's Square

Mandarin House Shanghai People's Square school is located in the heart of the city, just off the famous Nan Jing Road Pedestrian Street, within walking distance to the Bund - Shanghai's well-known waterfront, and 4 subway lines at People's Square station.


Life in Shanghai

Living in a new culture away from home doesn’t need to be a headache, but should be an adventure - a comfortable, friendly and safe adventure. Small things like registering your arrival at the local police station, a regular cleaning service and an option of airport pick-up/drop-off are all designed to help you acclimatize to Chinese life fast.


Shanghai HSK Test Center

China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is the standardized national test and is used by all Chinese universities to assess the enrolment of foreign students and by a number of Chinese companies looking for foreign employees. Come to take your test or preparation classes with Mandarin House Shanghai.


Shanghai Mandarin School  

The “Paris of the East”, Shanghai offers you a dynamic, cosmopolitan environment. Considered as Asia’s business capital, it combines the ultra-chic of now and thousands of years of tradition. Our school in Shanghai offers Chinese training from Intensive Courses to Private Courses, from Business Chinese to Summer Camp.


Mandarin Classes Shanghai 

From Intensive & Part time courses to Private Tutoring, and HSK Preparation, you can be assured there is a course best suited to your needs. Delivered by China’s qualified Mandarin teachers, all courses are quality assured and guaranteed to get you results fast.


Learn Chinese in Shanghai 

Contact us to Learn Chinese

Toll free in China: 400 633 5538

Email: info@mandarinhouse.com

People's Square

Address: 12F, Asia Mansion, 650 Han Kou Road  黄浦区汉口路650号亚洲大厦12层


The Mandarin House DIFFERENCE:“Immersive Learning Experience”


“Growing your Chinese the MH Way”

“At Mandarin House you will be able to speak better Chinese from the first class! Our students are always amazed at how fast they learn!”






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Handmade Embroidery Earrings


When we design hand-embroidered earrings, the most used elements are flowers, waves, and some ancient Chinese architectures. Flowers are a beautiful symbol of nature. They can symbolize peace, symbolize happiness, symbolize beauty, and have some beautiful meanings and blessings, as if they can radiate some beautiful energy. The sea waves and Red-crowned Cranes are very vivid things in nature, bringing vitality to hand-embroidered earrings and giving them a lively look.



The handmade earrings beads   form Gracelandyshop.com are elegant and special, unique and beautiful, suitable for many occasions. such as parties, dances, festivals, etc., and they are perfect as a beautiful gift for Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas or any other special occasions. Your dear one or yourself will be very satisfied if receive such a uniquely designed handmade earring. Our best handmade earrings can be worn with any dress and dress to add charm to your image.


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Price of Paraffin Wax In China

After Chinese Spring Festival,  some refineries in Southern China raised the price of paraffin wax by about USD15/MT. Dalian, Fushun and Daqing refineries retained the prices. The production and stock are steady. The paraffin in chinese demand is not strong.


When The founder started to deal with paraffin wax back in the 1970s. In the year of the Olympic games in Beijing, King Honor was founded in Dalian, China in 2008. Since then, we have become a professional, customer-oriented and service-oriented multi-culture company, striving to improve every day.

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