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God Is Kind and Also Severe

12705195901?profile=RESIZE_710xRomans 11:22 says God is both kind and severe. "Severe" is a strong word and many don't want to hear about it. God wants as many as will to join Him in heaven. But, those who refuse to choose Jesus will spend eternity separated from Him. Also, click on the link below to see the difference between repenting and salvation. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Evangelism #Romans


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The Story of the Unforgiving Servant

12427422062?profile=RESIZE_710xHow important is forgiveness? After reading what Jesus had to say about it, I believe it should be a priority in every Christian's life. Also, click on the link below to read which part of the Lord's Prayer Jesus considered the most important part. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Evangelism #Forgiveness #Matthew #Stories


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Obedience To God Is Important

12293523700?profile=RESIZE_710xAs Pharaoh stood in the way of releasing the Israelites from slavery, God sent ten plagues upon the Egyptians. Their preparation to leave Egypt became an annual feast called Passover.  Click on the link below to read why this historical event is important to us. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Evangelism #Exodus


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Are You Religious Or Spiritual?

10468617876?profile=RESIZE_710xWhat comes to your mind when you think of the term “a religious person?”What does that person look like to you? Is that term a positive or negative one to you? This post also contains a short testimony of a time in my life. Click on the link below to read about it. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Evangelism #Luke


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The End Is Coming

12388586100?profile=RESIZE_710xEzekiel said. "The end has come. It has finally arrived. Your final doom is waiting!" When the end comes, everyone on the face of the earth will have something in common. Click on the link below read this eye-opening post and find out what they have in common. #BibleStudy #Devotions #EndTimes #Evangelism #Ezekiel


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Lazarus And The Rich Man

12384979670?profile=RESIZE_710xIn the story of Lazarus and the rich man, Jesus named two people, Lazarus and Abraham. With that said, was this a true story or a parable? Either way the lessons we can learn from it are real and evangelistic. Click on the link below to read what those lessons are. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Evangelism #Luke


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Paul And Silas In Prison

12364350497?profile=RESIZE_710xPaul and Silas ended up in a Philippi jail after being lied about, stripped, and beaten. One may have thought they missed God's will altogether. But in response to their bad treatment, they did something extraordinary. Click on the link below to read about it. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Discipleship #Evangelism #Stories


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The Day Of Judgment Is Coming

Happy New Year

12343725689?profile=RESIZE_710xIn Malachi we are told that the day of judgment is coming. Will that day affect Christians? Or maybe we should ask that question a different way. Should Christians be concerned about the day of judgment? It's something to think about as we enter a new year. Click on the link below to make sure you are ready. #BibleStudy #Devotions #EndTimes #Evangelism


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The Plan Of God Revealed

12342215080?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Apostle Paul said these words in Ephesians 3:6, "And this is the plan of God." The Lord kept His plan of salvation a mystery throughout the Old Testament. Jesus, however, understood it, and He revealed it to Paul. Click on the link below to read today's post. I believe it will make your day! #BibleStudy #Devotions #Ephesians #Evangelism


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Lord Where Are You?

12311179052?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Israelites couldn't find God so they blamed Him for their direction in life and for the stubbornness of their hearts. By the end of the conversation, God told them and us who will receive His blessings and who won't. You'll want to click on the link below to read this powerful devotional post. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Evangelism #Isaiah


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Death Is Defeated

12308496100?profile=RESIZE_710xJesus died as a sacrificial lamb and rose again. He made a way for us to avoid the second death spoken about in Revelation. When He calls the church home, these mortal bodies will be transformed to immortal ones. Click on the link below to read more about living forever. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Evangelism #Genesis


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Salvation Is For Everyone

12291079474?profile=RESIZE_710xWho did Jesus die for? The Bible says God so loved the world, not just a select few. In other words, Jesus died and rose again to make salvation available for all. If salvation is for everyone, why then, won't everyone go to heaven? Click on the link below to find out. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Evangelism #Romans


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The Importance Of Forgiveness

12289541887?profile=RESIZE_710xHow important is forgiveness? After reading what Jesus had to say about it, it should be a priority in every Christian's life. Also what part of the Lord's Prayer may have Jesus considered as the most important part? Click on the link below for the answers to these important questions. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Evangelism #Matthew #sin


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Our Citizenship Is In Heaven

12283076663?profile=RESIZE_710xCitizenship carries a lot of weight, especially if it means going to heaven or not. The Apostle Paul knew the importance his citizenship in heaven, do you?  In today's post I have included a simple presentation of the gospel called "The Roman Road." Click on the link below to access it. #Acts #BibleStudy #Devotions #Evangelism


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Saved By The Grace Of God

12258105470?profile=RESIZE_710xAt the beginning of Ephesians 2, the Apostle Paul painted a picture of what a life looks like before it surrenders to Jesus. Then he described the process of salvation because of God's grace through faith. It's a simple message, but people try to make it complex. Click on the link below to read how simple it is. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Ephesians #Evangelism


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Why Do The Wicked Prosper?

12219430258?profile=RESIZE_710xWhat comes to your mind when you hear or see the word wicked? Who exactly was Job talking about when he referred to the wicked? Is it ok for Christians to prosper. Find the answers to these questions and more by clicking on the link below. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Evangelism #Job


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Born Into The Family Of God

12201569277?profile=RESIZE_710xIn 1 John 3, the apostle made it clear that a commitment to the Lord takes more than just a short prayer. In fact, he distinctly explained the difference between the children of God and the children of the devil. Click on the link below find out the kind of commitment God is looking for. #1John #BibleStudy #Devotions #Evangelism


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Abraham Intercedes For Sodom

12189042500?profile=RESIZE_710xBefore God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah He gave Lot and his family a chance to escape. This event way back in Genesis gives us a clue as to how the church will fare in the end times. Click on the link below to read all about it. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Evangelism #Genesis


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The Fields Are Ripe For Harvest

12187348671?profile=RESIZE_710xAfter ministering to the woman at the well the Lord told His disciples that the harvest is ready for the harvesters. In today's post we will also look at what Paul said about the three aspects of gardening. Click on the link below to see what they are and what we are responsible for. #BibleStudy #Devotions #Evangelism #John


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