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Robin McKinley posted a blog post
Living Under The Shadow Of His WingsIf your answer is “no,” then, why not? Psalm 91 contains some of the great promises for those who answered “yes.” Maybe you’re not sure what it means to live under the shadow of His wings. Click on the link below…
Robin McKinley posted a blog post
Will God Forgive Me If I Keep Sinning?With everything the Lord did for the Israelites in the wilderness, they continually sinned against Him. Unfortunately, we are prone to do the same thing..Did you ever wonder if God forgives you even if you keep…
Jun 24
Robin McKinley posted a blog post
He Who Has Ears Let Him HearNestled between 4 parables Jesus gave an important message on "understanding." In our verse for today, He gave us the key to getting more understanding of biblical principles. And it applies to everyone who has ears to…
Jun 20
Robin McKinley posted a blog post
The Story Of Gideon And The AngelWe view Gideon as a hero, which he rightly was, but not at the beginning. He belittled himself, questioned God, and wanted extra proof. In other words he didn't do anything we wouldn't have done ourselves. This post…
Jun 17

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Pottstown, PA


November 11

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Robin, with his wife Cindy, became children’s evangelists early in their ministry. They ministered to children full time for 8 years. During that time they developed several children’s stories which were told with visuals and puppets. 

Robin recently turned two of those stories into children’s books. One is called “The Contest,” a book about the Fruit of the Spirit, and the other is called “Twas the Night of Christmas”.  He has also authored 5 volumes of devotional books called, 3 Minutes Alone with God. Each entry is a product of his personal biblical Journaling.

These and his other writings are available on his website called Christian Perspectives at www.ramckinley.com. When you visit this site, you can sign-up for newly written devotions as they come out which will be emailed to you. 

Presently Robin is the pastor of Calvary Christian Center in Pottstown, PA. He is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God. He and his wife make their home in Birdsboro, Pa. He also serves as the president of the local ministerium. He and Cindy have two married sons and four grandchildren.

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