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A Christmas present

Here's an idea for a Christmas present. My book, 9866829898?profile=RESIZE_710x"Random Thoughts on Life, Love, Laughter and Living for Jesus". See it at http://covenantbooks.com/books/?book=random-thoughts-on-life-love-laughter-and-living-for-jesus.


From a friend's book review...

"I received his book about a week ago.

I started reading it and was enthralled.

I was halfway through it before I realized it. I had bible study homework and chores that took some precedence for a few days. And recovery from a bad cold.

I picked the book up again at about 1:00 am and was just going to read a couple of the sketches.

It is now 5:24 AM and I just finished it.

I can’t say enough good things. I plan on giving copies to several friends and family for Christmas.

The book is a series of sketches including all kinds of subjects relevant to believers. Some are personal; some biographical; some just a lot of fun facts. I laughed, rejoiced, cried and thanked God.

This book is available on Amazon.

Buy it, you won't be sorry."

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A-Z CHRISTmas Coloring and Activity Book

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

My name is Jacqueline Jones, and I am a first-time Christian independent author of A-Z CHRISTmas Coloring and Activity Book About the Marvelous Birth of Jesus Christ – published through BookBaby.com - (ISBN: 9781098344092).

I was compelled to write my book to teach children about the real meaning of the blessed season. After all, once we get past the lights, the tinsel and the toys, the real reason for the season is Jesus!  

A-Z CHRISTmas Coloring and Activity Book About the Marvelous Birth of Jesus Christ – because it keeps Christ in Christmas!  It is a one-of-a-kind children’s book that shares the amazing story of Jesus’ birth in a fun, hands-on, and age-appropriate way. The Bible says in Proverbs 22:6 (NIV) to “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” In honoring God’s word, this book teaches kids about the real meaning of Christmas and helps them develop a new or renewed appreciation for the blessed occasion of our Savior’s divine birth through scripturally-based, A-to-Z themed coloring and activity pages which include hidden pictures, connect the dots, matching, word searches and more!

Two full pages for each letter give children time and space to absorb new knowledge while having fun! With each page, kids will grow and learn through:

  • A-Z Letters – which reinforce alphabet recognition
  • SIGHT WORDS – which teach children meaningful words that begin with each letter
  • SCRIPTURES – which tell the nativity story of Jesus’ birth and more Biblical lessons
  • COLORING AND ACTIVITIES – which entertain and engage them throughout the entire book

To read more and order your copy today, visit my website at https://www.divinebeginnings.com/products/a-z-christmas-coloring-book to see a visual and read more. Upon request, I’m happy to provide a hard copy for visual review.

May God continue to richly bless you and keep you!



Jacqueline D. Jones

Founder and CEO, Divine Beginnings,LLC

An online boutique for Christian-themed clothing, accessories, and keepsakes for children





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Automated Packaging Solution Systems

Automated Packaging Solution

The Umailer® automated packaging system emerged in a background when the Faster growing sales and broader product selection brought to the business, most e-commerce companies are facing fulfillment complexities that could threaten the efficiency and profitability of its operations. Automation becomes critical in allowing them to remain competitive as they grow and in optimizing labor efficiencies, so their existing workforce could focus on more value-added tasks.




The Umailer® automated packaging solution allows orders to move faster with less time and labor required for sorting, label application, scanning or manual packing.


Automated Packaging Solution:

The horizontal, in-line Umailer system integrates convenience into existing packaging lines including other automated equipment that can weigh, sort and load packages. Pulling info from customers' WMS, Umailer system can seals the products in the right size protective package, prints and applies the shipping label, and verifies order accuracy.


The resulting package is fully-scanned, labeled, validated packaged that's ready for immediate shipment.






Advantages  of Umailer Automated Packaging System :

Continuous flow (fully automated process eliminated previous peel and stick process).


Throughput speeds increased to 720 packs per hour and productivity improved >30%.


Reduced staffing level to one operator to pick and place products on the conveyor


Patented Umailer tracing system to monitor the order and logistic information, then reject wrong orders automatically to eliminate






Features of Umailer Automated Packaging System:

Energy-saving and environment-friendly: no need of sealing tape. Reduce resources and plastic pollution.


Small footprint: 1.5m3 only for the whole system.


Easy operation: User friendly interface,operator only need a simple training to start.


Automatically apply express information: The information of the express will be generated by the system, then automatically print and apply on the package.


Labor Saving: Only need one operator can pack and distribute the goods quickly.


Umailer Automated Packaging System is the perfect solution for e-commerce packing, which is an integration of packing, express label print, express label apply, package conveying. It will significantly reduce labor involvement and improve packing efficiency.


Our company have Print And Apply Labeling Systems,automatic packing system,auto packing system and auto bagging system,please call us today!



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Wholesale High Quality Adult Coloring Story Board Book Printing Product List


Product name

Board Book Printing


L22*W15*H2cm  Accept Customization




Square Shape

Industrial Use

Book Printing


Learn Book


Customer's Logo


CMYK 4 Colors And Pantone Color


157gsm C2S art paper,1200gsm cardboard, 80gsm wood-free printed paper


Matte lamination


Accept Customization


ISO9001:2008, SGS, FSC

Sample charge

Free for plain sample

Sample time

7 working days

Custom Order



Our campany provides board book printing service and paper box china.wholesale-high-quality-adult-colouring-story-board-book-printing-2.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x8466760079?profile=originalwholesale-high-quality-adult-colouring-story-board-book-printing-2.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x

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Transport in the United Kingdom

By travelling in the UK, you will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful British countryside, the bustling big cities and the picturesque villages. The UK is a small country and it is easy to get around by public transport. Be careful however because they are not always punctual because of the congested roads and motorways. Always plan to leave a little early.


Inter-city travel

Domestic flights


The plane is an expensive but fast means of transportation. There are a large number of airports including 24 international airports in the United Kingdom. You can reach many destinations with domestic flights. Check the routes offered on FlightMapping, then book through a travel agency or directly with airlines. Low-cost airlines will allow you to travel at a reduced price across the country.






The national rail network is simple to understand and dense. You can choose to travel first (first class) or second (standard class). Unlike France, the British system is private and divided by region. Delays are frequent.


Train journeys are sometimes expensive depending on the season and destination, but discounts are offered regularly. Remember to book online and in advance. If you are under 25 or a full-time student, ask for the 16-25 Railcard discount card: it will save you 33% on the price of your tickets. For regular journeys, ask about subscriptions to save money.


Book Train tickets






The bus lines are less frequented for long distances and make connections between the main and neighbouring cities. For regular trips, you will save money by taking out a subscription. Coaches are buses that make longer journeys. It may be necessary to reserve in advance.


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Wallet Box

Are you looking for wallet boxes wholesale?

When it comes to wallets, the first thing that comes to mind is LV wallets.A world-famous brand is also a brand pursued by millions of women. Purses from well-known brands are usually packaged in more fancy boxes.Different.Because women pursue beauty, the requirement of buying an article is not only that the product itself should meet the aesthetic needs of buyers, but also that even the packaging box will have higher requirements, because this is a whole class.


Almost all wallets come with a beautiful wallet box, and we provide most wallet brands with a large number of custom wallet boxes and professional design advice to help you expand your wallet sales share.


Your Best Choice for wallet gift box



Wallet packaging box, the wallet enterprise logo and brand image spokesperson printed on the wallet box, the unique design of the wallet box is also very conducive to brand building. We can offer purse boxes for women, purse boxes for men, long purse boxes and short purse boxes. We have a very successful experience in customizing purse boxes.


If you need mass custom packaging, we can provide you with free packaging design to address your custom packaging concerns. Different packaging structure design means that the product packaging is different, the cost of customized packaging is different. We focus on the packaging box every detail of the design changes, the impact on your product sales and beauty, and strive to make your packaging box design to achieve the most perfect, to help you design satisfactory to meet the needs of the market box. If you need us to provide packaging design scheme, or if you have any specific problems need to consult us, please send email to us, we will reply to you in the shortest possible time.


Guangzhou Extra Link Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd.is a professional product packaging manufacturer in China. We focus on every details from printing job to paper packaging hand working job is what we are always doing for years. Please don't hesitate to contact us, let's start the cooperation and build a long-time business relationship.


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Shirt Box

All we know, Shirts belong to the clothing category of products, there are men's, women's, even children's shirts. There are many kinds. Therefore, for the packaging, there is the corresponding packaging to decorate the product.


T-shirt storage box    for men and women

First of all, men's shirt boxes, most of the design of men's shirt boxes are gray or black series. The design is also very simple. Most only prints, matt or glossy lamination, are made from pits or cheaper gray materials. A few boxes will be made in hardcover, even gilded, embossed, or engraved. Women's shirt boxes are beautiful. Pink, red and gold dominate. The design is feminine. Box generally USES high-grade corrugated board box. Because women's shirt, some price is lower, so use the corrugated board is the best choice, also can make a pretty box with a cheap price.

Shirt boxes for children


Children's shirts are designed to look like cartoons. You can put characters from the most popular cartoons in t-shirt packing box  , which is definitely a bonus for packaging. When a child buys his favorite shirt and has such a favorite package, the popularity of the whole product and customer loyalty will be greatly enhanced. What a wonderful thing.The better the shirt, the more comfortable it needs to be. So, the better the shirt, the better the fabric, and the good fabric is always thin and crisp and flowing. Unless you often have to attend upper-class parties, you don't need to easily choose a silk shirt. For most business elites, high-count cotton is a good and safe choice for shirts. And good clothes can be matched with the corresponding silk paper mount ash board, made into a hardcover box to package. Or can choose pure cotton cloth directly mounted gray board.

So there are any manufacturers, customers need to do a shirt box, welcome to contact us!


Guangzhou Extra Link Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd.is one of the most professional printing and packaging companies in China. We focus on every details from printing job to paper packaging hand working job is what we are always doing for years. Always feel free to inquiry!


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Flower Box

Are you looking for flower gift boxes wholesale? Nothing compares to the joy of receiving fresh flowers. Flowers can express many emotions, such as love, sympathy, and blessings. Whether it is love, family or friendship, flowers can be a gift. From birthday flowers to get well flowers or Mother's Day flowers; we have the perfect way to say just what you want to express. Whether it's Valentine's Day flowers of a dozen long stem red roses, celebrating an anniversary with a majestic bouquet of anniversary flowers, or a touching sympathy funeral flower arrangement arrangement, The Flower Box, your trusted florist in Wesley Chapel, can help you make a lasting impression. We can help you express just the sentiment with beautiful flowers box gift.


What we have made about flower boxes

The most popular paper flower gift box we have ever made is cover and base box. Can be square-shaped, round-shaped, oval-shaped or any other different shaped. Most of the clients like to have a ribbon handle to lift up the flower boxes. Some of the clients like to have two eyelets on the sides of the box, in order to lift up the box or let the flowers breathing the air from outside. All the flower boxes are the rigid box made by deep density cardboard to make them strong enough to carry the flowers. We can make the boxes like storage boxes, to put the small box inside the big one. You can have 4 to 5 boxes in one set, to save the room during shipping. It is very important for the big volume box to packed like this.


All the flower boxes can be a display box when you have the cover opened, the flower shows in good view. You can keep it till the time the flowers wither away.

The technics we usually made on the flower boxes are hot stamping and UV coating. The easiest way to high light the logo of the flower shops or the idea of the flower gift.


Guangzhou Extra Link Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd.is a professional product packaging manufacturer in China. We focus on every details from printing job to paper packaging hand working job is what we are always doing for years. Always feel free to inquiry!


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Other Festival Gift Box

I wonder if anyone knows how many gifts people will receive and how many gifts they will give out in their lifetime. Gifts are an indispensable part of everyone. Seems to go with everyone from birth to death. When a normal doll was placed in a fancy festival gift box, it often sold as double the normal price. Generally, unpackaged products can only be sold at a roadside stall. Even a hostess makes some home-baked cupcakes, she will put the nice small homemade pastries into a fancy gift box and give them to a visiting friend later.


For each holiday, the frequency of giving gifts to each other has greatly increased, and purchase holiday gift boxes project is also a major event for every business in each year. How to push out the newly listed products? For the popular series in the last quarter sales, how to continue to maintain a high level of attention and get more sales to share in the next quarter? Then we need to have a beautiful design of the new festival gift box which not only to show the advantages of the product but also to spread the brand.


As a professional company with over 20 years of experience in a festival gift box, we have six professional package designers, three package structural engineers, who know the characteristics of different products and recommend good holiday gift boxes for different products.


Furthermore, they understand the market demand and can recommend holiday gift boxes that fit your product, also the festival gift box cost could be matching your budget. Such intimate service is really in the packaging industry very rare, if you are lucky enough to enter this official website, please do not miss them. Contact them now! Let your brand to a higher level, so that the business is not difficult to do!


Guangzhou Extra Link Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd.is one of the most professional printing and packaging companies in China. We focus on every details from printing job to paper packaging hand working job is what we are always doing for years. Always feel free to inquiry!


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New Year Gift Box

New Year is a major holiday all over the world, and everyone will go on a shopping spree for New Year gifts. Most the people will visit each other during the festival, have different parties with friends and family, also to exchange each other New Year's gifts.


Choose our Happy New Year Box

New Year is a very important sales opportunity for every brand. And the New Year promotion cycle is longer than others, it lasted long at least for half a month. If anyone could win the New Year sales campaign, then to enhance brand influence, it is also a great significance for build brand image.


Our company excels at creating and producing unique packagings that show your brand and product differentiation in exciting and interactive ways. Highlight your new year gift box  with new features and creative design ideas. Our company has more than 100 workers with years of packaging work experience, we can produce not only high-end luxury New Year gift boxes, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable New Year gift boxes.


To design and create a New Year gift packaging that matches your brand and push your new product drives sales in the new year is our top priority.


It is also very significant that we are an on-time factory for delivery, unlike other Chinese factories which could have to delay finish time, our shipment date is very punctual for the New Year promotion. The most worrying and common thing is that the shipment is often delayed for most of the small factories, this is a headache for both factory manager and customers. As a professional New Year's gift box packaging factory, we can finish the order on time. As we have a standard management system for mass production, we could control each production line, and know when we could finish the order, make sure our customer could loading their package on time.


Guangzhou Extra Link Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd.is a professional product packaging manufacturer in China. We focus on every details from printing job to paper packaging hand working job is what we are always doing for years. Always feel free to inquiry!


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Valentine's Day Gift Box

Valentine's Day is coming soon. Sharp-witted merchants will not miss such an important holiday. They will show off their skills to attract consumers' attention. One moment in time, most shopping malls promote chocolate, flowers, and gifts on the shelves. How to stand out in every Valentine's Day promotion? The packaging is one of the important parts. The first element of choosing a Valentine's Day gift is to be good-looking, classy, and to show your love for the person who receives it.

Each Valentine's Day is an important sales opportunity throughout the year. Each businessman will finish the packaging design for Valentine's Day at the end of the year and start promotion marketing in late January.


Choose Our Valentine's Day gift Boxes


Not only can design a traditional heart-shaped cardboard valentine boxes, but we can also modify it on a single-layer heart-shaped box and change it to a double-deck heart-shaped gift box, or other more innovative Valentine's day gift boxes.



In recent years, ordinary bouquets have also begun to require delicate paper boxes. If you put the flowers in a fancy Valentine's Day gift box, you can make a surprise to your lover and make much easier to carry flower bouquets to home. Perfect love is always hard to bear a little bad, even a wreck petal or broken leaf from the bouquets.


We can use unique shape, special surface finishing. According to your product pricing, consumer groups to recommend your Valentine's Day gift box, to help you win more market share in this year's Valentine's Day sales campaign.


We have provided a variety of beautiful valentine gift boxes wholesale to customers all over the world since 2008. If you don't have good ideas, please feel free to contact us and we can help you make your own valentine box. If you already have a good design, also feel free to contact us, we can help you to produce samples, and provide professional advice to you.


Guangzhou Extra Link Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd.is one of the most professional printing and packaging companies in China. We focus on every details from printing job to paper packaging hand working job is what we are always doing for years. To provide the best service for our customers is our tenet.


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Christmas Gift Box

Are you looking for cheap gift boxes for christmas    ?

Every Christmas of the year is an important sales promotion event. We can confirm the design and arrange production in August or September, then ship Christmas gift boxes out in October and start selling final product on the shelves in November. We can create designed artwork  around Christmas element, do some nice design for Christmas Eve Box, Christmas Candy Box, Christmas Decorations Box, Christmas Tree Box, Christmas Advent Calendar Box and so on. Or according to the elements of Christmas: bells, crutches, snowflakes, Christmas trees, Christmas gifts... Create a special shape Christmas gift box, or use the exclusive Christmas color matching  to build gift boxes for Christmas, for example red + green, white + gold to make Christmas gift box, and enhance the Christmas atmosphere.


Choose our cardboard boxes for Christmas presents


In fact, all products are applicable to Christmas gift boxes, whether candy, chocolate, gloves, watches... What kind of Christmas gift box styles do we have? We can recommend different prices and styles of Christmas gift boxes according to your requirements, different product prices and styles. The Christmas gift box for food must be made of soy ink, food grade materials; High-priced Christmas gift boxes will use imported ink, high-quality raw material paper and cardboard, and strict production standards to create luxurious Christmas gift boxes...


No matter what kind of Christmas gift box, we will customize your logo and brand, according to the size of the product to customize the best size for your Christmas gift box. According to your Christmas promotion plan to complete the Christmas gift boxes mass production time.


We have been in the small packaging field of Christmas gift boxes for over ten years, has built up a customer base from around the world, understands the preferences of consumers in different regions, and has been studying changes in consumer spending habits across the globe, responding quickly to your Christmas promotions and ensuring that the first promotion of the new year is completed successfully for all of our customers.


To get your custom christmas gift boxes     as soon as possible, please contact us as soon as possible.


Guangzhou Extra Link Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd.is a professional product packaging manufacturer in China. We focus on every details from printing job to paper packaging hand working job is what we are always doing for years. Always feel free to inquiry!


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Cosmetic Packaging

Are you looking for a custom cosmetic packaging supplier?

In the past decade, the global cosmetic market has shown a tough and stable growth, and there was no stagnant or negative growth in one year. Even though the growth slowed down in the crisis year of 2008-2009, it quickly returned to the historical normal growth level in the recovery.


There is information online, says in 2014, the global skincare market was 60.82 billion euros, accounting for 35.3% of the total cosmetics market. Haircare products accounted for 23.3% of the 40.15 billion euro market. The size of the cosmetics market is 28.6 billion euros, accounting for 16.6%. The perfume market is 22.05 billion euros, accounting for 12.8% of the total.


Choose our paperboard cosmetic packaging


With the popular rate of cosmetic, the packaging of cosmetic is also important. The top brand cosmetic like Lancome, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Dior, Chanel, all comes with luxury packaging. When they been designed as a gift, a wonderful gift box become the key to the selling point. We have made many different cosmetic gift boxes, L' ERBOLARIO is one of our clients. Tube paper boxes are their choice to make as the packaging. Square gift box is another gift box they chose, the foldable design is the key reason they like it. Because it saves a lot of room during shipping. Most of the cosmetic client comes with their own design, we are professional in manufactures. We can suggest a suitable box construction for you when you provided your design. To gain a luxury gift box, the insert is also important. Some clients prefer to have transparent PVC or scraps of paper as a supporter inside the gift box. Can protect the cosmetic during delivery, on the other hand, can display the cosmetic bottles in the showcase.


Nowadays cosmetic become the most popular gift all over the world, the packaging of it can make it value much more.


If you want to make wonderful packaging or eco friendly cosmetic packaging supplies, win the market in cosmetic gift, come with us! Guangzhou Extra Link Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd.is one of the most professional printing and packaging companies in China. We focus on every details from printing job to paper packaging hand working job is what we are always doing for years.


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Lipstick Packaging

Lipstick is the product that a broad female friend loves. So its packaging is also based on beauty.


Luxury lipstick packaging can be separated into two categories. One is square, one is a cylinder. Square lipstick cases generally have a large requirement in the Chinese market, such as folding boxes, hardcover boxes. Folding boxes are the most used because they are cheaper. We can use inverse UV to brighten up the whole box. It's going upscale. Sometimes a fancy paper holder is added inside to secure and protect the product from damage caused by transportation. A hardcover box is what we call a cardboard box, with a special layer of paper or thin paper mounted on gray board, or to say, 157g C2S art paper wrap 1200g greyboard, this makes sense. The box can be made a little bigger, and an inner bracket can be appropriately added inside. Inner foam or PVC flocking is the material of the inner bracket, which looks very high-end. As for the way the box closes, you can make it interesting with the help of some accessories. Like nails, locks, or ribbons, or magnets. Another ingenious one is the cylinder. Some customers like to put lipstick directly inside our paper cylinder, and our cylinder can also be rotated, so that lipstick can also be used.


Your Best Choice for Lipstick Packaging



There are many ways to do the cylinder. Top&bottom type can be made, flat cover can be made, the edge can be rolled up and down, flat top and bottom also can be made.

Sometimes we can make it into a box with a hardcover on the outside and a lipstick cylinder on the inside, adding some Lafite to make the whole look more feminine.


We have been in packaging customization filed with full experience, give us a picture, we can make it real. Give us your idea, we can make it a reality.


Come to us for custom lipstick packaging   .


Guangzhou Extra Link Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd.is a professional product packaging manufacturer in China. We focus on every details from printing job to paper packaging hand working job is what we are always doing for years. Always feel free to inquiry!


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Soap Box

There are many kinds of cheap soap boxes, and the material most are thin paper. Because most soap products are not sold at high market prices, there is a budget for the packaging used. Of course, there are a few high-end soapboxes on the market that are dedicated to making the packaging exquisite. Therefore, this kind of products tends to use hard boxes. We are committed to the service of customized packaging boxes, so our company can also make soapboxes into high-end and ordinary products. From the color, material, style and content design variations, every change of an element, can see a new effect.


Your Best Choice for custom soap boxes



First, let's talk about the material aspect. Most cardboard soap boxes use a  300g or 350g C1S art paper or C2S art paper, printed in CMYK, or Pantone color printing.  On the surface, use a kind of matt lamination or glossy lamination. Some special products, to be exact, high-end products, will add foiling stamping, embossing, carving or UV process. It will be very beautiful to make these techniques. It will also look shiny. Of course, the more advanced way is to use the special paper, that is, the card with texture, this kind of card itself has grain and color, so this kind of paper needs to be selected by the customer. It works great. The inside of the box is usually white. Of course, some can be colored. Some can be added an insert inside. More than this, the outside of the soapbox can add some accessories, such as a ribbon bow. Or add some cute metal accessories, etc. This will make the box itself more elegant. The other way to do it is to do it at the high end, and of course, when the cost goes up the price goes up. It is wrapped in a 1200g greyboard with 157g C2S art paper, four-color printing, glossy or matt lamination. We can make the box to be deferent type, top& bottom box, link lid box, foldable box, book shape box, or drawer box and so on. The rich style, everything, any of your requirements, we all can meet.


Guangzhou Extra Link Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd.is one of the most professional printing and packaging companies in China. We focus on every details from printing job to paper packaging hand working job is what we are always doing for years. If you are looking for wholesale soap boxes, just contact us!


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Perfume Box

We have various perfume gift boxes wholesale  ! Everyone likes to spend a significant amount of money on their appearance. This is because we all want to look the best and want to have a billion eyes on us when we walk in a crowded room. That is why, before a special event we spend hours in the wardrobe looking and deciding upon the perfect dress for us and choosing and decoding the right shoes, jewelry, and the right bags. But what also is necessary to add the final bit of touches is the perfume.


Enhance your fragrance by putting your good quality perfume in stylish looking Custom perfume boxes. Custom Perfume packages are designed so perfectly that these boxes can be used as gift packaging boxes and adds a value that your perfume bottles deserve.


Your Best Choice for Perfume Box



In Extra Link, you can choose your own Perfume Boxes Designs or you can get your Custom Perfume Boxes designed from us. You can choose from Cardboard Perfume Boxes or Premium Perfume Packaging. These boxes are the best choice you make for your product for storing your perfumes which will add beauty along with product safety.


Another thing that needs to be given consideration would have to be the target audience that the company of the perfumes is looking to target. For example, if the perfume bottles are looking to cater to females, the perfume boxes also need to have a much more feminine touch to them. Moreover, the colors that you need to choose for such boxes would also have to be feminine and in pinker or more elegant tones.


On the other hand for boxes that are looking to cater to males, the boxes should obviously occupy a much darker tone and a much more formal and serious look. This is because this is the appearance that will be more relevant to a male and will arouse the maximum reaction out of the audience.


Guangzhou Extra Link Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd.is a professional product packaging manufacturer in China. We focus on every details from printing job to paper packaging hand working job is what we are always doing for years. Always feel free to inquiry!


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Eyeshadow Packaging

Eyeshadow palette custom packaging? Eye shadow is an important part of makeup. It enhances the eyelids and women's beauty. A lot of eye shadow brands are competing to excel from competitors and achieve a high position in the market. Eye shadow Packaging is vital for eye shadow as it enhances the beauty and aura of eye shadows. Women get attracted to eye shadow boxes which are colorful and artistically designed.


Paper eyeshadow packaging is available in different sizes and styles. You can customize the box by printing beautiful designs on eye shadows boxes to attract customers. The outer look of boxes is customized according to the theme of eye shadows like for earthly tones brown box is used and for light tones, pastel shade boxes are preferred. High-quality eye shadow packaging is vital for the protection of eye shadow from any mishandling. We leave no box unturned in facilitating you with packaging and printing services, plus the cardboard we use in manufacturing the eyeshadow boxes is durable and sturdy that allow safe shipping and transportation of your fragile products. You can also opt for natural Kraft material for your eyeshadow boxes that is lightweight and recyclable.


Your Best Choice for Eyeshadow Packaging

Eyeshadow packaging involves designing the boxes in a beautiful manner. Our expert designers always bring out unique, individual and flawless designs that stand out among the other boxes produced by our competitors. Eyeshadow packaging is then subjected to printing the logo of the brand on the boxes and product-related details which convince the customers about the worth and reliability of the eye shadow products.


The total procedure of making eyeshadow packaging that includes a selection of material, customization of the boxes and printing on it is very reasonably priced. Selling these eye shadow packaging makes the sales to grow rapidly.


Hope our custom packaging design that will fit your imaginable and unimaginable demands.Guangzhou Extra Link Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd.is one of the most professional printing and packaging companies in China. We focus on every details from printing job to paper packaging hand working job is what we are always doing for years. If you are looking for wholesale eyeshadow packaging, just contact us!


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Skincare Packaging

The skincare industry is huge and the only surefire way to stand out is to make sure the product you're offering comes with amazing packaging.


Skincare brands are facing increased competition, and printing and packaging companies are offering brands ways to differentiate with new designs that offer convenience, ease-of-use, and advanced capabilities. Packaging for skincare products includes a wide range of options, to accommodate different product formats and formulations. For example, uses bottles, tubes, jars, and droppers in glass, plastic, and metal. Although skincare brands need a variety of packages to accommodate different types of products, a luxe look is always key. We can do delicate packaging for your skin care product.


A package's delivery system always matters, and this is even more apparent in the skincare category. Brands have been working with suppliers to develop organic skincare packaging    that will give consumers the most effective, enjoyable and convenient experience when using a product.

Natural skincare packaging must accommodate the wide range of products within the category, which all have different formats and dispensing requirements. There are thick clay cleansers in tubes, and jars filled with "whipped" masks or gel moisturizers, in addition to typical face lotions and eye creams. Face serums and oils continue to trend as well, fueling the continuing demand for dropper bottles.


No doubt as skincare formulas continue to advance, we'll see more exciting new packages, which will not only accommodate new formulations but give the consumer new ways to apply and use familiar products.


Cosmetics are essential among every woman to help women maintain a beautiful look and make women more confident. So, in order to compete in the highly competitive cosmetics industry to occupy a certain market share, access to a certain market position, good cosmetic packaging is essential. We use modern printing technology and blend the elements of fashion, with the processing technology such as embossing gravure, etc., to ensure that your cosmetic boxes packaging to meet your product, improve the sales of cosmetics.


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Candle Box

Candles in the new century are different, they were no longer cheap but used for lighting. 

They were stacked in corners or cabinets when they were not needed, and nobody paid attention to them.

Candle in modern life has long been not only to solve the "burning eyebrows" urgent, but it has also been an indispensable element to embellish the atmosphere of life. Nowadays, it can not only purify the air and remove bacteria in the air, but also become a catalyst for the interest of life. The packaging of candles is also changing with the development of the times. Early candles are used for lighting. Candles are not packaged in complex packages, but for convenience of carrying. They are ordinary boxes.

Most aromatherapy candles are packaged in glass bottles or china bottles, and then a decent outer package is required.

The material of the packing box also reflects the grade of the product. Such aromatherapy candle products can conquer many consumers only by their facial value. With unique packaging design, they can cater to the hearts of young consumers. Most of the clients prefer to use matt laminated material like kraft paper or matt finished paper to do some printing on them.

Cardboard candle boxes can not only protect commodities but also increase the value of commodities. Nowadays, people buy aromatherapy candles most, not only because they have fragrance and curative effect, but also because they are more beautiful, colorful and various than ordinary candles. Therefore, the packaging of candles is not only used to protect candles, but also to show beauty under the wrapping of appearance. Beautify commodities, attract customers and promote sales.

The design of candle packaging is both practical and artistic. Good design can not only enhance the popularity of products but also meet the psychological needs of consumers in pursuit of art. Designers can reflect their style and emotions through the design of the packaging.


Guangzhou Extra Link Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd. is specialized in paper printingand paper boxes manufactures. We can provide you with the candle packaging boxes supplies wholesale.RFQ today!


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Peace of Mind Therapeutic Services' 2015 Blanket & Coat Drive

Help give the gift of warmth this holiday season by donating all gently used blankets and coats for the homeless. The primary focus will be blankets and coats; however, socks are often a need so I will accept them as well. The drive will begin on Friday, October 16, 2015 until Friday, November 13, 2015. Drop off will take place on Saturday, November 14, 2015 beginning at 5pm. Distribution of blankets, coats and socks will occur in Washington, DC.

Time: October 30, 2015 to November 13, 2015
Location: Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC Metro area
City/Town: Washington, DC
Phone: office: (301) 850-1121/(301) 641-0814 or email: t_wallop@yahoo.com
Event Type: blanket & coat drive
Organized By: Teonna Wallop & Shawn Papi



PRAISE 2015 "The Overflow"- DMV (Dance-Step-Mime) 2 Day Event 

Day 1

Who: KeeSpirit, LLC presents
What: PRAISE 2015 "The Overflow" (Ephesians 3:20)
When: Saturday, November 7, 2015 (4PM)
Where: THEARC Theater (1901 Mississippi Ave. Washington, DC 20020)
Why: Celebrating 15 years of the PRAISE Experience in the DMV area. Featuring church ministries and performing art groups in the area of DANCE-STEP-MIME. Each evening features different participants.


*Advertising opportunities are available


Day #2

Who: KeeSpirit, LLC presents
What: PRAISE 2015 "The Overflow" (Ephesians 3:20)
When: Saturday, November 8, 2015 (4PM)
Where: Charles H. Flowers High School (10001 Ardwick-Ardmore Rd. Springdale, MD 20774 )
Why: Celebrating 15 years of the PRAISE Experience in the DMV area. Featuring church ministries and performing art groups in the area of DANCE-STEP-MIME. Each evening features different participants.




Montessa Lee Book Signing Event

Time: November 15, 2015 from 3pm to 5pm
Location: Living Well Book & Health Store
Street: 12004 Cherry Hill Road
City/Town: Siver Spring, MD. 20904
Website or Map: http://montessalee.com
Event Type: book signing
Organized By: Montessa M. Lee




Time: November 5, 2015 to November 16, 2015
Location: Singapore, China, and Tibet
City/Town: Singapore, China, and Tibet
Website or Map: http://www.marilynandsarah.or…
Phone: 888-637-4545
Event Type: tour
Organized By: Marilyn and Sarah



Winter Jam 2015 Tour Spectacular

Time: November 5, 2015 at 6pm to November 15, 2015 at 11pm
Location: U.S. cities - WA, OR, ID, CA, AZ & NM
Website or Map: http://2015.jamtour.com
Event Type: tour
Organized By: NewSong



Stephanie Slaybaugh LIVE in concert featuring Dynamic Movement & Kezia The Poet

Time: November 14, 2015 from 7pm to 9pm
Location: Full Gospel Church of God
Street: 220 St. John's Church Road
City/Town: Camp Hill, PA.
Event Type: concert



For more information about these events visit our network's "Events & Activities" link: http://heypapipromotions.com/events


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