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A-Z CHRISTmas Coloring and Activity Book

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

My name is Jacqueline Jones, and I am a first-time Christian independent author of A-Z CHRISTmas Coloring and Activity Book About the Marvelous Birth of Jesus Christ – published through BookBaby.com - (ISBN: 9781098344092).

I was compelled to write my book to teach children about the real meaning of the blessed season. After all, once we get past the lights, the tinsel and the toys, the real reason for the season is Jesus!  

A-Z CHRISTmas Coloring and Activity Book About the Marvelous Birth of Jesus Christ – because it keeps Christ in Christmas!  It is a one-of-a-kind children’s book that shares the amazing story of Jesus’ birth in a fun, hands-on, and age-appropriate way. The Bible says in Proverbs 22:6 (NIV) to “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” In honoring God’s word, this book teaches kids about the real meaning of Christmas and helps them develop a new or renewed appreciation for the blessed occasion of our Savior’s divine birth through scripturally-based, A-to-Z themed coloring and activity pages which include hidden pictures, connect the dots, matching, word searches and more!

Two full pages for each letter give children time and space to absorb new knowledge while having fun! With each page, kids will grow and learn through:

  • A-Z Letters – which reinforce alphabet recognition
  • SIGHT WORDS – which teach children meaningful words that begin with each letter
  • SCRIPTURES – which tell the nativity story of Jesus’ birth and more Biblical lessons
  • COLORING AND ACTIVITIES – which entertain and engage them throughout the entire book

To read more and order your copy today, visit my website at https://www.divinebeginnings.com/products/a-z-christmas-coloring-book to see a visual and read more. Upon request, I’m happy to provide a hard copy for visual review.

May God continue to richly bless you and keep you!



Jacqueline D. Jones

Founder and CEO, Divine Beginnings,LLC

An online boutique for Christian-themed clothing, accessories, and keepsakes for children





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Kids Toothbrush

There are many kinds and styles of Kids Toothbrush. It is necessary to choose a suitable toothbrush for children during different development periods. Through a large number of market research and scientific research, we divide children's toothbrush into infant oral care, 0-3 years baby toothbrush, 3-6 years toddler toothbrush, 6-9 years kids toothbrush, which can meet children's oral cleaning needs in different stages of development.


Our company is the center for oral health care & research, our principle is: "an eye for innovation, an ear for people's needs and a firm resolve to make the best".


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Get On A Roll By Slowing Your Roll


Don’t you just love saying and hearing it?

It’s such a wonderful word but not always easy for writers to find.

Admittedly, I’ve never truly had writer’s block.  (I’ve had a few cases of lazy block but that’s another blog). I love to write so much I can almost always come up with something to say.

But today I’m thinking about what inspires me and maybe what inspires me will inspire you –to write.

Lately, I’m feeling pretty inspired. I think the reason is because I’ve decided to slow down a bit so I can see, think and absorb the intricacies of my life and those around me. When I’m not moving too fast I can hear what my kids are saying and I can see who they really are. In fact, I learn a lot about myself by watching my kids.  A good friend of mine, Kimberly Parker has created several books from listening to her kids.

And I’m not just watching my kids. I’m watching and listening to the kids I teach. Good educators should do that anyway. If we don’t hear and see them, I don’t think we can truly teach them. The teens I interact with are full of stories, experiences and insights to feed my never ending writing appetite.

As a wife, there’s plenty to hear when my husband speaks. I think that’s why I decided to make the main character in my novel a male. Somehow I got inside the male mind and created a character. I’ve gathered so much from listening to my husband of 20 years — and my father, brothers, cousins and friends.

Then there are the people I interact with daily. These interactions may be fleeting. Others might be significant. When I take the time to engage with people I learn so much. These interactions somehow find their way into my characters and plots. In my creative mind I can embellish and twist these moments into stories that will move and inspire others. But they wouldn’t be there if I wasn’t slowing down enough to hear.  Characters really do summon you. While writing The Second First Lady, I couldn’t take a break because my characters wouldn’t let me.

Need inspiration?

Slow down. Look. Hear. Listen.  Write.

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