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This article is first released on Through this site, you can learn about many imports knowledge.

July 16, Ningbo and Yiwu's colleagues gathered together in the Oriental Hotel, carrying out the 2021 mid-year working meeting.
At the meeting, the winning department first brings a song. Next, awards were given to the individuals who won the prize, the department who won the prize, the new customer award and the new seedling award. In order to alleviate the exhaustion of everyone, a game was also arranged in the middle of the meeting.

The lower half is the focus of the meeting. The person in charge of the departments surrounded the work objectives of this department, summed up the work of the first half of the year, carefully found the shortcomings in the work, and conducted in-depth analysis of unfinished work, proposing the planning of the second half of the year. Our general manager and ceo finally published a speech. This meeting was perfect ending.


On the morning of July 17, all colleagues put on custom clothes and came to the venue again.
We have carried out the "Best Orchestra" team-building activities, which is divided into 6 bands. On-site learning instrument performance and complete a song show. The role played by the orchestra is very rich, guitar, ukri, keyboard, box drum, main singer, etc. Although many employees never learned a musical instrument, after a morning study, the final play of each orchestra is very wonderful. We have completed the performance of 6 songs, which constitute a small concert. Finally, after the "singing the motherland", the team-building activities were ended.


In the afternoon, we visited Ningbo Sellers Union's new building. Compare the Yiwu Sellers Union's Building, Ningbo's new building has added a lot of facilities. Such as gym, coffee bar, group history exhibition hall. With the development of the group, we are constantly expanding the scale. There are currently more than 1,200 employees, and have office in Yiwu, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shantou, and Hangzhou.

In these 23 years, Sellers Union Group can get a good development is not only due to the professional and efforts of employees, but also can't leave our customers' trust support.

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In the case of tight sea and air transportation capacity, the Yiwu to Madrid railway line has become the choice of more and more people. It is the seventh railway connecting China and Europe and is part of the New Silk Road.

1. Overview of the route from Yiwu to Madrid

The Yiwu to Madrid Railway opened on November 18, 2014, with a total length of 13,052 kilometers, which is the longest freight train route in the world. The route departs from Yiwu China, passes through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France, and finally reaches Madrid, Spain. It has a total of 41 carriages, can carry 82 containers, and has a total length of more than 550 meters.
Every year, the Yiwu to Madrid route carries nearly 2,000 products including daily necessities, clothing, luggage, hardware tools, and electronic products from Yiwu to countries along the route. The products leaving Madrid are mainly agricultural products, including olive oil, ham, red wine, pork products, skin care products, and nutritional health products. If you want to easily import all kinds of products from China, then finding a professional Chinese sourcing agent is your best choice.


2. Why choose Yiwu and Madrid as the starting and ending points

As we all know, Yiwu is China's wholesale center, has the world's largest small commodity wholesale market. 60% of Christmas ornaments in the world come from Yiwu. It is also one of the main purchasing centers for toys and textiles, electronic products and auto parts, which can meet the needs of customers for centralized purchasing. In addition, Yiwu skilled shipping workers can create more benefits for you. For example, the volume of a container is 40 cubic meters. In other places, workers can load up to 40 cubic meters of goods. In Yiwu, professional and skilled workers can load 43 or even 45 cubic meters of cargo.
At the end of the route, Madrid Spain, has a large number of overseas Chinese business resources to support the supply of this train. As many as 1.445 million overseas Zhejiang merchants know the Yiwu market very well and are an important force in the import and export of Yiwu market. Three-quarters of the small commodities sold in the Spanish market are from Yiwu. Madrid is also known as the European Commodity Center.
China is Spain's main business and economic partner in Asia, and it is also the main destination for Spain's exports in the region. Choose Yiwu and Madrid as the starting and ending points to better connect the world's largest consumer goods wholesale market with European commodity centers.


3. Achievements and significance of the route from Yiwu to Madrid

The Yiwu to Madrid Railway is an important carrier and platform of the “Belt and Road” initiative. In addition to greatly stimulating the import and export trade between Yiwu and the countries along the route, it also shines as a "green channel" on the global anti-epidemic arena. The traffic green channel is conducive to alleviating traffic pressure, speeding up customs clearance, reducing customs clearance procedures, and playing a key role in the process of transporting medical supplies and other goods to Spain.
From January to May of 2021, China shipped a total of 12,524 tons of anti-epidemic materials to European countries by train. In 2020, Yiwu handled 1,399 China-Europe freight trains via the freight route connecting Xinjiang in northwestern China with Europe, a year-on-year increase of 165%.


4. Advantages of Yiwu to Madrid route

1. Timeliness: It only takes 21 days to go directly to Madrid, Spain, with fast customs clearance, and customs clearance can be completed within 1 to 2 working days at the fastest. By sea, it usually takes 6 weeks to arrive.
2. Price: In terms of price, it is slightly higher than sea freight, but it is nearly 2/3 cheaper than air freight.
3. Stability: Maritime transportation is greatly affected by weather conditions on sea routes, and there are often various unexpected factors. Other conditions, including port conditions, may cause cargo delays. China-Europe Express train transportation can better solve this problem.
4. High service flexibility: China-Europe Express provides door-to-door service across the EU, as well as FCL and LCL, classic and dangerous goods, and accepts more types of goods than sea and air. It is very suitable for transporting high-value industrial products such as auto parts, electronic products and computer equipment. It is also suitable for promotional and seasonal products that need to reach their destination as soon as possible.
5. Environmentally friendly, less pollution.
6. The railway transportation is stable and sufficient, and the transportation cycle is short. Compared with sea containers, which are “difficult to find”, air transportation is “fuse”, and railway transportation can control the time. Yiwu to Madrid has 1 to 2 columns per week, and Madrid to Yiwu has 1 column per month.
7. Can increase the selectivity of supply. Because the Yiwu-Madrid route passes through many countries, it is more convenient to purchase specialty products from these countries.
Note: Due to incompatible gauges, the goods have to be transshipped 3 times during the journey. Locomotives must also be replaced every 500 miles. The train changed three times along the way due to different gauges in China, Europe and Russia. Each container transfer only takes one minute.

The speed of customs clearance of China-Europe Express is faster than that of ocean freight, but in the same way, you also need to submit customs clearance information:
1. Railway waybill, a freight document issued by the railway carrier.
2. Goods packing list
3. One copy of the contract
4. Invoice
5. Customs declaration documents (specification/packing list)
6. One copy of the power of attorney for inspection application

Next are several factors that may affect the speed of customs clearance:
1. After preparing the corresponding customs clearance information, fail to fill in the consignee and harvest information truthfully
2. The contents of the packing list are not consistent with the contents of the waybill
(Including: shipper, consignee, loading port, destination/unloading port, mark and part number, cargo name and customs code, number of pieces, weight, size and volume of a single piece of cargo, etc.)
3. The goods are seized
4. There are prohibited products in the goods
(A, IT products such as mobile phones and computers
(B, clothing, shoes and hats
(C, cars and accessories
(D. Grain, wine, coffee beans
(E, material, furniture
(F, chemicals, machinery and equipment, etc.

If taxes and fees are incurred, they need to be paid in time. Otherwise, the goods will not be transported and need to be confirmed and processed in time. You can also confirm whether the tax and fee processing services are included when the entrusted freight forwarder is suitable.
Relatively speaking, generally larger freight forwarding companies will have more guaranteed service, but relatively small freight forwarding companies also have its advantages. They may have a relatively high cost performance. This depends on your choice. You can choose from service and transportation cycle. And the customs clearance ability and the price are considered in many aspects.

Good packaging is a prerequisite to ensure the safety of goods
Next, classify according to carton goods, box goods, and special goods
I have sorted out the packaging requirements for cargo transportation through China-Europe Express trains.

1. Carton packaging standard:
1. There is no deformation, no damage, and no openings in the carton rules;
2. The carton is free from dampness or dampness;
3. No pollution or greasy outside the carton;
4. The carton is completely sealed;
5. The carton is clearly marked, indicating the nature of the goods and packing requirements;

2. Packing standard of wooden box pallet goods:
1. The tray has no legs, deformation, damage, wetness, etc.;
2. No damage, leaks, oily pollution, etc. on the outside;
3. The load-bearing weight of the bottom support exceeds the weight of the cargo;
4. The outer packaging and the bottom support or the goods are firmly reinforced and self-contained;
5. The goods are completely sealed;
6. Reasonable placement of internal goods, effective reinforcement, and avoid shaking in the packaging;
7. The nature of the goods shall be indicated on the wooden box or pallet, including the following points:
1) Limits on the number of stacked layers and weight;
2) The position of the center of gravity of the cargo;
3) The weight and size of the cargo;
4) Whether it is fragile, etc.;
5) Cargo hazard identification.

It is especially important to note that if the packaging of wooden boxes and pallets is unqualified, it will affect the entire transportation and loading and unloading process. It needs to be inspected from the beginning of the product delivery, and then loaded and transported if it is qualified.

3. Overweight cargo (goods weighing more than 5 tons) packaging and packing requirements
1. The cargo bottom support adopts a four-channel structure, and the cargo pallet meets the requirements of container weight (the maximum load-bearing capacity of a 40-foot container floor is 1 ton square meter, and the maximum load-bearing capacity of a 20-foot container floor is 2 tons/square meter);
2. The strength of the outer packaging is sufficient to support cargo loading and unloading (unloading by crane with bandage) and packing requirements.
3. The strength of the pallet is sufficient to support the weight of the goods, and the wooden strips will not be broken during the unloading and packing process.
4. The bottom of the pallet is flat and there are no screws, nuts or other protruding parts to avoid damage to the container.
5. The packaging of goods meets the packaging standards of wooden box and pallet goods.

Note: If the packaging of the goods is fragile or cannot be stacked, you need to fill in the relevant information truthfully when booking to avoid loss of goods caused by packaging problems. The loss caused by packaging problems will be borne by the shipper.

6. About us

We are a sourcing agent company in China Yiwu, China, with 23 years of experience and familiarity with the entire Chinese market. Provide the best one-stop service to support you from purchasing to shipping. Welcome to contact us.

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This article is first released on Through this site, you can learn about many imports knowledge.

As the market grows on freight demand, the team of China-Europe Railway Express is also constantly expanding. Yiwu to London Railway opened on January 1, 2017, the whole journey was approximately 12451 km, which is the world's second long railway freight route only after Yiwu to Madrid Railway.

1. Yiwu to London Railway Overview

The route starts from China Yiwu, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, etc. After the Channel Tunnel, finally arrived in London, UK, which took about 18 days.
This railway from Yiwu to London is China's Article 8 International Railway Line. London has also become the 15th European city which have railways connect with China. (Other European cities with China-Europe Railways include Hamburg, Madrid, Rotterdam, Warsaw, etc.).


2. The advantages of Yiwu to London Railway

As we all know, the time of sea shipping is very long, and the price of air transport is very expensive. In the case of tension of logistics and freight, China-Europe Railway Express play an important role in stabilizing international freight. China-Europe Railway transportation speed is about 30 days faster than the ship, and the cost is much cheaper than air transport, and it is more stable and safe.
Take Yiwu to London Railway as an example, there are trains to London every week, and 200 containers can be loaded at a time, and it is small Influence by the weather. The sea shipping needs to pass the Channel Tunnel. There are many ships, and the channel crowded is easy to accident, sometimes there is a serious delay, so the railway freight is relatively safe. In addition, the amount of carbon dioxide emissions emissions from railways only accounts for 4% of the air transport, which is slightly higher than the sea shipping, in line the vision with China and EU to build a sustainable and green environment.
Note: Due to the difference orbital in the countries along Yiwu to the London Railway, its locomotives and compartments need to be replaced on the way.


3. Yiwu to London route market demand

Yiwu to London
Mainly carrying products from Yiwu market, including luggage, household items, electronic products, etc.
London to Yiwu
Mainly food, including soft drinks, vitamins, drugs and baby products, frozen meat, etc.
Although the railway isn't a feasible transportation of all types of products, but they have played an important role in high-value products that need to transport as soon as possible, such as electronic products, fashion items, automotive parts, agricultural products and fresh meat.
During the past two years, China Trade is seeking to bypass the transportation delays through land export goods. The wave of European demand has further promoted the growth of freight through the internationality railway, China is also planning other European railway freight routes.

4. The significance and achievement of Yiwu to London Railway

Yiwu to London Railway is part of the North Line of "One Belt", which is designed to strengthen China's trade relationships with Europe, and revive the past Silk Road. It is also very good to achieve its value, making it more convenient to import and export between Yiwu and London. Current Yiwu to London Railway has become one of the important logistics channels connected to European countries in the Yangtze River Delta region.
Yiwu is a small commodity center in eastern Zhejiang Province, is one of the many cities benefited from this service. According to Yiwu Customs, the total value of Yiwu foreign trade import and export has reached 31.295 billion yuan in 2020. The total value of the cargo in China-Europe Railway Express import and export reached 20.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 96.7%.
Last year, China exceeds the United States to become the largest commodity trading partner in the EU, which is a historic turning point. In addition to better playing the role of Yiwu Commodity City, the United Kingdom has further enhanced its global trade qualifications.


About us

We are Sellers Union Group-Sourcing Agent in China Yiwu, with 23 years of experience, provide one-stop service, support you from purchasing to shipping. If you want to import products from China  profitable,  please feel free to contact us.

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This article is first released on Through this site, you can learn about many imports knowledge. Jewelry is a hot selling category in China's export commodities. Many importers mentioned to us that the jewelry field is very potential, but they have lack experience in jewelry imports, so that they have encountered a lot of problems. For example, where can find the best jewelery products, how to import jewels to their country. So today, we introduce the effective information about how to import jewelry from China. You can find all the answers you need in this article.
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When wholesale cheap, novel and high-quality toys, many importers’ first consideration is China. Because China is the world’s largest toy producer and exporter, about 75% of the world’s toys come from China. When importing from China When it comes to toys, do you want to know how to find the best toy wholesale market in China?
In this article, we will give you a detailed introduction to the 6 best toy wholesale markets in China, where you can find all kinds of high-quality and innovative toys and Chinese suppliers.
1. Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market
Yiwu Market is the largest wholesale market in China. From the toy industry, Yiwu is also known as "China Toy City". It has concentrated thousands of toys from all over China and is the distribution center of Chinese toys. 60% of the containers exported from Yiwu contain toys. As Yiwu toy market has the advantages of abundant toy types, price concessions, market radiation and popularity, it has become the first choice of many international toy buyers.
Yiwu's toy wholesale is mainly concentrated in District 1 of Yiwu International Trade City. There are more than 2,000 toy merchants with a business area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters. Because of the clear classification, you can easily find similar products, which is very convenient when comparing products. Generally, you need to ask the supplier carefully for product information, compare product quality, price, minimum order quantity, etc. The minimum order quantity of the products here is usually more than 200 US dollars.
Address: Yiwu Chouzhou Road, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province
Main categories: cartoon deformation, electric remote control, assembled puzzle, plush, cloth art, electronic flash, flash games, inflatable toys, pet toys, wooden, alloy toys, Christmas toys, etc.
Operating area:
1. The first floor of International Trade City: plush toys (zone C), inflatable toys (zone C), electric toys (zone C, zone D), ordinary toys (zone D, zone E)
2. The first phase of Trade City (A B C D E five districts are the first phase):
Plush toys in area B (601-1200)
Area C plush toys, inflatable toys, electric toys (1201-1800)
Electric toys and ordinary toys in Zone D (1801-2400)
Ordinary toys in Zone E (2401-3000)
The first floor is dominated by wholesale boxes of toys, and the fourth floor is the factory direct sales area, suitable for large quantities of purchases.
3. Yiwu International Trade City Phase III (International Trade City District 4)
4. Xingzhong community is mainly scattered and mixed. The jewelry street on the west gate of the first phase is made of plush toys.
5. Big toys, high-end toys are mostly from the Guangzhou market or Chenghai, and small plastic toys are cheap from Yiwu. The toy products produced locally in Yiwu mainly include small plastic toys, plush toys and inflatable toys. Yixi Industrial Park has a toy production base.


2. Shantou Toy Market
The Chenghai toy market in Shantou is the largest toy supply chain. Nearly 70% of toys in the world are made in Shantou. As of July 2020, the number of toy companies in Chenghai District has reached 24,650. You can find almost all kinds of toys, such as educational toys, car toys, kitchen game toys, and girl toys, here. After years of development, Chenghai Toys has transformed from OEM processing to brand development, achieving high product innovation.
The Shantou Toy Market is usually called an exhibition hall, and there are more than 30 exhibition halls here. The location of these exhibition halls is relatively scattered relative to the Yiwu toy market. And the minimum order quantity is also different, which will be higher compared to other markets. In each exhibition, you may see the same samples and packaging from the same supplier or manufacturer. The service staff will record the item numbers of the products you are interested in, and you will get all the information listed at checkout, and then order directly.


3. Guangzhou Toy Wholesale Market

I believe many people have heard of the Canton Fair, but they may not know where the Guangzhou toy market is. Unlike Yiwu toy market, Guangzhou's toy market is very scattered. Here are four major wholesale markets for you.

1) Guangzhou Wanling Plaza Address: 39 Jiefang South Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Business area: Floor 1 to 6 is the toy boutique home accessories wholesale market, with a business area of ​​40,000 square meters

2) Guangzhou International Yide Stationery and Toy Plaza Address: No. 390-426, Yide West Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Main business: all kinds of imported and domestic brand-name toys, in addition to toys, mainly stationery and gifts. The total construction area is 25,000 square meters.

3) Guangzhou Zhonggang Boutique Toy Wholesale Market Address: 399 Yide West Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Main business: Toys and stationery boutique industry. It is the earliest toy boutique wholesale place in Guangzhou. It gathers many domestic and foreign famous brands with annual sales of hundreds of millions of yuan.

4) Liwan Toys Wholesale Market Address: 2nd Floor, No. 38 Shiluji, Zhongshan 8th Road, Guangzhou Main business: tens of thousands of toys in plush line, electric, voice-controlled remote control, pull back, puzzle and other categories. The market is mainly wholesale and retail, and provides consignment agency. It is the first professional toy wholesale market with scale and characteristics in Guangdong Province.

Guangzhou's toys are not classified by category, so you will be confused when looking for them. The MOQ there is lower, but the price is higher. If you only want to buy a few toys, Guangzhou Toy Market is a good choice. If you plan to purchase larger quantities, then Yiwu or Shantou will be more suitable for you. Because the types of toys are more abundant and the prices are favorable, we have a more complete international supply chain.

4. Linyi Yongxing International Toy City
This toy professional wholesale city is the only professional toy wholesale market in Shandong Province and the largest professional toy market in the country. It is located at the intersection of Linxi 7th Road and Shuitian Road, Lanshan District, Linyi City. The market covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters, with a construction area of ​​60,000 square meters, and 1,200 operating booths. The largest merchants in Linyi's toy circle are all operating here, such as Tianma Toys, Tianyuan Toys, Henghui Toys, and Fada Toys. Business scope: ordinary toys, electric toys, plush toys, inflatable toys, baby carriages and baby products, etc. Compared with Yiwu toy market, Linyi Yongxing toy market has higher domestic sales.

5. Yangjiang Wutinglong International Toy and Gift City
Wutinglong International Toy City is located in Yangzhou, which is known as "China's Plush Toys and Gifts Capital". You can find all kinds of plush toys here. It covers an area of ​​more than 180 acres, with a building area of ​​180,000 square meters, and more than 4,500 shops. The gathering area of ​​Wutinglong International Toys and Gifts City is mainly divided into five major areas, namely: toy accessories area, toy finished product area, logistics storage area, e-commerce trading area, and toy boutique hall. This market can accept small orders, but the price will be higher than the wholesale price.


6. Baigou Toys Wholesale Market
Baigou Toys Wholesale Market is located in Baigou Town, Gaobeidian City, Baoding City, Hebei Province, China. Covering an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, there are more than 380 suppliers like Wutinglong International Toys and Gifts City, mainly selling plush toys, in addition to plastic toys. The quality of the plush toys here is relatively low, but the price is relatively low.

As a Yiwu Sourcing Agent with 23 years experience, we can purchase all Chinese toys for global buyers. Provide toy market and factory tour guidance services, find reliable suppliers for you, follow up production, quality control and delivery to the door.

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Usage Features of The Disposable Skin Stapler

Range of use:


  1. Sterile disposable stapler is a one-time surgical device, suitable for general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, gynecological surgery, burn surgery, emergency surgery and skin stitches in the field salvage.


  1. Be used in operating rooms, maternity wards, emergency rooms, outpatient operating rooms and clinics.






  1. Simple and logical design, easy to operate. Safe and effective surgery with smooth and accurate needle removal.


  1. Smooth and beautiful sutures with small, minimal healing scars. Good compatibility with tissues, low inflammatory response.


  1. The stitches are easy to remove, which will promote healing. Sterile disposable skin stapler reduces patient pain and improves surgical efficiency.




Performance of disposable skin stapler: good fitting ability. After fitting, the anastomosis can support pressures above 3.6Kpa without leaks and cracks. The indicators are clear and safety switching is flexible; the spring is sufficiently elastic and can be quickly reset when released.


Victor Medical Instruments Co., Ltd is a professional firm of auto surgical staplers and minimally invasive surgery equipment, we provide wholesale surgical instruments.the-single-use-linear-cutter-stapler.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x

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How to Use a Straight Cut Stapler

Before performing the anastomosis, the ends should be aligned to prevent one or both sides from twisting; release the sides while ensuring good blood supply to the anastomosis and ensuring that the anastomosis is tension-free.




Place your left hand around the anastomosis to protect it from foreign body entrapment. It is important not to be too loose, nor too tight. As too loose can prevent the two walls from fitting closely, which may result in the poor anastomosis, postoperative bleeding, and anastomotic fistula; too tight may result in extrusion injury to the gastrointestinal tract, causing postoperative scarring, resulting in narrowing of the anastomosis or difficulty in withdrawing the anastomosis, and in severe cases may result in tearing of the anastomosis.




The anastomosis should be performed quickly and accurately, in one single movement, to ensure that the surgical stapler does not swing left, right, up and down, so as not to aggravate the tissue damage around the anastomosis or increase the possibility of anastomotic fistula or stenosis.




The cause of the unsuccessful anastomosis should be identified immediately and an instrumental or manual anastomosis should be performed again.


Victor Medical Instruments Co., Ltd is a professional firm of auto surgical staplers and minimally invasive surgery equipment, we provide wholesale surgical instruments.anorectal-surgery-products.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x

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Wholesale New Design Laminated Folding Brochure Printing Product List

Product name

Laminated Folding Brochure Printing


L30*W20*H0.5cm  Accept Customization




Square Shape

Industrial Use

Brochure Printing


Laminated Folding Brochure


Customer's Logo


CMYK 4 Colors And Pantone Color


110gsmWood Free Printed Paper


Matte lamination


Accept Customization


ISO9001:2008, SGS, FSC

Sample charge

Free for plain sample

Sample time

7 working days

Custom Order




If you want wholesale brochure printing,you can find us,we can provide brochure printing wholesale and paper box printing.Guangzhou Extra Link Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd. is a packaging companies in china.


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Hot Selling Brochure Card Catalogue Printing Wholesale Flyer Printing Brochure Product List


Product name

Catalogue Printing Wholesale


L12*W29 cm  Accept Customization




Book Shape

Industrial Use

Printing & Packaging




Customer's Logo


CMYK 4 Colors AndPantone Color


80gsmoffset paper &250gsmart paper


Matte lamination


Accept Customization


ISO9001:2008, SGS, FSC

Sample charge

Free for plain sample

Sample time

7 working days

Custom Order



5000 Pieces


Our business also includes wholesale flyer printing and cheap wholesale flyer

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Buying In China

Top Ease covers 5000+ direct factories, 50,000+ items for all of China. We are your one-stop purchase agent in China. Only need to give us your requirement, and we will purchase and deliver. We are a group of experienced merchandisers and international trading professionals, who know the effective way to do business in China, have the right connections to local manufacturers and suppliers, and excel in international trading practices.


You can buy goods from China Wholesale Markets:


  1. Christmas and Party Items from local Yiwu city.
  2. Plastic and Electric Toys from Shantou city.
  3. Plastic and Household Items from Taizhou city.
  4. Ceramic and Glass Items from Hebei and Jiangxi province.
  5. Luggage Boxes and Bags from Baigou international trade city.
  6. Furniture and Home Furnishing from Langfang city near capital Beijing.
  7. Leather Shoes and Sandals from Wenzhou city.
  8. Plastic slippers from Jieyang and Jinjiang city.
  9. Hardware tools from Yongkang city.
  10. Electric Tools and Electric Items are from Guangzhou and Shenzhen city.
  11. School Use Items from Ningbo city and Shanghai.
  12. Clothes and Dressing and Trousers from Guangzhou city.
  13. Bed Sheets and Bed Covers from Suzhou city.
  14. Fabric materials from Keqiao city.
  15. Huge machine and trucks from Shandong province.


Yiwu working as the biggest trading center in the world, all the above products have their own showrooms here in Yiwu international trade city. You can find anything you want there.


Our company can supply all the information you need for YIWU MARKET - THE BIGGEST WHOLESALE MARKET IN CHINA. TOP EASE, as a good Yiwu purchasing agent, helps with buying goods from China at very competitive price.


Yiwu Market

Market Map


Yiwu International Trade City is the primary wholesale market complex in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. It's the biggest wholesale market in China. There are a number of other large wholesale markets in Yiwu including the Huangyuan Market for clothing, several furniture markets, a capital goods market, and others. According to a CNN report, it is the world's largest wholesale market for items that are "relatively inexpensive, non-technical, mass-market", serving as the major conduit for many types of such goods. The Yiwu small commodity wholesale market is divided into 5 districts covering an area of 4 million square meters for 75,000 booths where 100,000 suppliers exhibit 400,000 kinds of products.


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Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market (also called as China Small Commodity City) is located Yiwu City, which is a city located in the middle of the Zhejiang Province. It is a large e-commerce platform elaborately constructed by Zhejiang China Small Commodity City Group Co., Ltd. to provide information services and network marketing services for Yiwu China Small Commodity City Market, which is the official website of Yiwu Small Commodity Market . The company launched a purchasing platform facing retailers all over the country - the public platform to shorten the distance between manufacturing and terminal sales, providing retailers with high quality, low price and competitive goods to help terminal sales. Founded in 1982, it is one of the earliest big wholesale markets in china. Over the past 20 years, going through four relocations and eight expansion, Yiwu small commodity wholesale market now has a business area of more than 26 million square meters, more than 50,000 business places, 200,000 employees and more than 200,000 passengers per day. In 2013, the total market turnover reached 68.302 billion yuan, which was awarded the honorary title of "quality and credibility" by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection. It is the circulation, research and development, exhibition center of international small commodities, and the largest export base of small commodities in China.


Yiwu small commodity wholesale market has advanced and developed market system, and the exhibition industry started early with a great influence. Since 2000, Yiwu small commodity wholesale market has taken WTO entry as an opportunity to establish a new goal of "building the world's largest supermarket, building an international shopping paradise", actively implement the internationalization strategy, vigorously develop the shopping tourism industry, and accelerate the construction of market infrastructure.


According to the latest statistics of Yiwu Customs, the BRICS countries exported by Yiwu Customs amounted to $550 million in the first half of this year, an increase of 40.5% over the same period last year. Among them, $280 million was exported to India, up 27.2% year-on-year. For the first time, it replaced Iran as the largest market for Yiwu's small commodity exports, while $140 million was exported to Brazil, up 40.1% year-on-year.

Our company can supply all the information you need for YIWU MARKET - THE BIGGEST WHOLESALE MARKET IN CHINA. TOP EASE, as a good yiwu agent, helps with buying goods from China at very competitive price.


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Crystal is one of the most powerful gemstones on earth, ideal for healing, improving mental abilities, meditation, lucid dreaming, enhancing imagination, and opening the third eye.


Crystals are all over the world. There are three main mining areas in the world: Brazil, Madagascar, and Mount Ida in Arkansas. Edgar Casey speculates that Atlantis is located near Binimi, if his guess is correct, and we assume that Atlantis uses crystal technology, then we can speculate that these crystals are most likely found in Arkansas, of course, there are rumors that they may come from another planet.


Some crystals contain impurities such as stripes, blisters, cracks, metal particles, halo, and mist. Many spiritual masters and therapists believe that this type of impurities actually enhances the supernatural properties of crystals, so please do not treat them as defective.

From the perspective of supernatural abilities, crystal represents a collection of five elements: earth, gas, fire, water, and ether.


Crystals grow deep in the earth, and most of them are formed in the earth's crust, but crystals, like the gas element, allow light to pass through. Crystals are piezoelectric, and their hexagonal molecular structure-similar to snowflakes looks like ice crystals. Crystal is a concrete manifestation of etheric elements or spiritual elements, which is equivalent to the cosmic vitality energy that maintains the basic energy of all known forms of energy in the universe.

Each crystal is unique. Just like when buying jewelry, it is important to choose the crystal that suits you or attracts you.


If you use crystals for healing, you will transfer the crystal's energy into the recipient's body by holding the recipient's hand. If you are using a double-tip crystal, you can use both ends of the crystal to channel this energy. Your crystal will activate and amplify its vitality, and transmit this energy to the object you give.


According to Dr. Richard Gerber, author of Vibration Medical Practice Guide: Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation, "In any case, if a properly cut crystal is used, the healer will use the crystal as a surgeon removes the tumor. Release the negative energy in the body and restore the body to a complete state. "


"An interesting phenomenon can be found on the material basis of crystals. Humans are living crystals to some extent. Some aspects of human energy systems have the same transformation characteristics as natural crystals."


"When we use natural crystals for healing, the energy transfer occurs partly due to the resonance effect between the crystal and the crystal system of the cell that is common to the crystal."


"Two identical biological crystal elements amplify a certain aspect of vitality in a special energy circuit running throughout the body. The biological crystal system is a medium that can efficiently input high-frequency energy into the body."


where to find natural crystals?


We have geodes carved into skulls for sale, crystal geode skull for sale, stone skulls for sale and mini skulls for sale, If you need, please contact us in time.



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All along, there have been many stalls of novice friends consulting entities where to buy good? Where can I get into the cheapest stall? And so many other questions. Today, we share with you the cheapest source of stalls in the preferred wholesale city: Yiwu.



  1. Before you go there to buy goods, what is the purpose of your trip? That is to say, the main thing to see is what goods, casually look at the heart will only see nothing.


  1. How much does the purchase price want to be less than? Which varieties are going to be introduced? And so on and so on related questions, you must plan in advance and then go to purchase. Speaking of booth goods, how can we get less of the capital of small commodities, Yiwu, Zhejiang Province? The cheapest vendor city: Yiwu, Zhejiang.


Yiwu Market: I believe that you should be familiar with this place. If you want to enter cheap and varied sources of stalls, you should first promote Yiwu, Zhejiang Province.


International Trade City (Phase I): Intersection of Huancheng East Road and Chouzhou North Road; Handicrafts, Jewelry, Toys, Flowers


International Business City (Phase II): east of North Road of Chouzhou and west of Futian Road; hardware, electronics, bags, rain gear, clocks and watches, etc.


Zhanyuan Market: No. 51 Zhanyuan Road; Daily Department Stores, Ribbons, Shoes, Needles and Cotton, Style, etc.


Binwang Market: No. 158 Binwang Road; Clothing, non-staple food, tie, bedding, towels, plush, dried fructose, knitted cotton, textiles, cosmetics, etc.


Knitting market: 93 Chengzhong Road; Socks, socks accessories, raw materials


Household appliances market: 101 Binwang Road; Various kinds of household appliances


Communication Market: 211 Binwang Road; Various communication tools


Computer Market: Computer, Computer Consumables


Material market: No. 199 Chengxi Road; Aluminum products, clothing materials, ceramic building materials, stone materials, decoration materials


Wood market: 266 Chengxi Road; wood-based panels, wood threads, wood flooring, decoration, hardware, buttons, paints, logs, bamboo, doors and windows processing


Furniture market: 238 Binwang Road; Furniture, office appliances


Agricultural Trade City: Overpass of Midwest Road; Fruits, cereals, oils, vegetables, flowers


Market of means of production: No. 251 Chengxi Road; Decoration materials, plastics, metal materials, building materials


Cosmetics market: 238 Binwang Road; various cosmetics, cosmetic appliances


Garment Market: First Floor of Binwang market area A, first floor of area B, clothing and furry


Non-staple food market: non-staple food, groceries, dried fruits, candies and fried goods on the first floor of area D and C of Binwang Market


Tie Market: Ties on the 2nd floor of Binwang market Area D


Bedding Market: Bedding, knitted underwear, shirts on the second floor of area A and area B of Binwang Market


Lace Market: Various Laces on the 2nd Floor of Binwang Market Area D


Towel Market: Towels on the third floor of Binwang Market area C


Textile Market: Textiles and Fabrics in Area E of Binwang market


Eyeglasses Market: North Side Eyeglasses of Zhengyuan market


Cultural goods market: Cultural goods


Knitting raw materials: all kinds of knitting raw materials on the second floor of the knitting Market


Yiwu is the sea of small commodities in the world. There are many kinds of products that can be wholesaled occasionally. Different kinds of products have different products gathering places. However, Yiwu's largest and most influential wholesale market is the International Trade City, also known as the Futian market.


Futian wholesale market can wholesale a lot of products, but also more complete, the daily flow of people is also very large, so there are many vehicles to go there. Almost every bus stop has a bus to the Trade City, but the stops are different. But in fact, the goods in the commercial city are really not cheap, and they are really cheap to sell in some other wholesale markets. These are the professional stall wholesale markets. There are railway stations and airports in Yiwu. The railway stations and airports are several kilometers apart. So it's convenient to inquire about the number of routes before you go, take a bus to the city and then go to the city.


I hope you can use this Yiwu wholesale market guide to find the yiwu goods you are satisfied with!

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China Products Sourcing Services

We have more than 1,000 employees in getting products from China. We source, inspect, and ship directly to you, providing professional China sourcing services. TOP EASE is an expert China products wholesale sourcing agent company.


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Shoe Care

Shoes or boots play the equivalently important role in the business appointment, negotiation, conference as well as lecture or speech in our daily life nowadays. As a result, for an already successful or a prospective businessman or businesswoman who travels a lot in their daily work, the shoe care products may be accounted as one of the critical factors for them to choose and determine the specific hotel to stay or certain hotel brand to stick to. Thus, shoe care supplies products have definitely to be included in the list of hotel amenities catalog, especially for the business hotel.


Yangzhou YiLanMei Hotel Supplies Limited Company as a professional manufacturer with many years experience in the hotel amenities industry has served for many different type and ranking of hotels located all over the world. To meet our hotel worldwide customers' diversified requirements, Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies Limited Company has also made efforts to provide the varied choices of hotel shoe care supplies. Our shoe care accessories include different categories ranging from the hotel shoe cloth, hotel shoe horn and hotel shoe polisher, etc. For each specific category of shoe care products, we also offer different choices made from the varied material, with diverse color, shape, decoration, and pattern as well as size design. All of our hotel shoe care products are subject to the strict incoming, in the process and outgoing inspection conducted by our dedicated quality team. In addition, our manufacture process has been certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, GMPC, ISO22716 authentication. This is the main reason why our quality shoe shine supplies wholesale have obtained the extensive and constant trust from all of our hotel customers located in different countries and regions worldwide. We strive to meet your individual needs and demands with our hotel shoe care products. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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High-grade Placemats-Vinyl Placemats

The dining table is a narrow space, but it is a broad platform to achieve many creative ideas. Many families still use the linen plaid tablecloth that was popular more than a decade ago, or some tableware mats that are not aesthetic and easy to hide dirt. In fact, just changing a beautiful tableware mat can make you eat with more quality and taste.


So what is such a magical and high-grade placemat? It must be known to all that wholesale vinyl placemats are made of vinyl braided mattresses one by one, which bring people a sense of environmental protection and green. Elegant mattress can bring you a more comfortable dining experience.


Nowadays, this wholesale vinyl placemat is very popular in the market, which is well received from various families. Everyone knows that "people depend on clothes", while tablecloths and tableware mats are like clothes for tables and tableware. Their aesthetic design can well embellish and set off the main characters on the table. Cushion products are another kind of decoration, which makes the dull interior space vivid.


Jinhua Wantu Daily Products Technology Co., Ltd provides you with wholesale vinyl placemats of excellent quality and very beautiful appearance. Welcome to buy!

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Chenille Patches

Chenille patches are made of soft chenille yarns by stitching onto a backing fabric and gives a velvety appearance. Chenille fabrics are also often used in Letterman jackets also known as "varsity jackets", for the letter patches.


Donghong Craft offer custom service of chenille patches. If you want to know more details or want a quotation for chenille patches wholesale, just feel free to contact us!8466610268?profile=original

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