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Excrepts from my book A Prayer Study Guide

This book makes a compelling argument for the value of prayers in the lives of all believers 8466511663?profile=originalregardless of religious persuasions. The non-believer can go to God in sincere prayer with a repentant heart; God will hear and answer if the prayer request aligns with the will of God. If one were to study prayer from an objective, psychological point of view, or even study prayer from a historical point of view, prayer has a definite value.

The book is available through Amazon.com and from the author by contacting her at white3285@sbcglobal.net.

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1 Peter 1:7; 4:12


That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ: Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:


Today's message reminds us that in this life we will face trails and they are to produce true faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

If the question was raised, are the trials we face necessary? Yes they are in that they are purging us of our sins that can and will cause believers to carry unnecessary weight while running this Christian race.

It is noteworthy to say, unless we have been tried in the fire of life, then we as believers lack the knowledge of how strong our faith is neither is there a testimony of how the Lord brought you through the fire.

The fiery trials of life give believers additional reasons to praise God for His goodness, grace and mercy. This is because it is the Lord who brings us through these trials, and with each trial if purifying us so that at the end of life's journey we will come forth as pure gold.

The fiery trials of life are looked upon as the hand of God shaping us into that smooth pottery of clay. He is the potter and we are the clay.

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Speaker One Sheet 

Weekly Video-Shattered Pieces


Dr. Larry Manley
Enhancing Lives-Transforming Souls with Joy

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“When I first heard Dr. Manley speak at one of his presentations, I was totally at awe with the fact that the words he spoke were words of experience. I was captured by the hope he gave. Following through with his teachings, my life became excep-tionally better. My self esteem rose and my vision of myself was greatly enhanced.” B. Wilkins… Boiling Springs, SC

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(864) 599-9890 or (864) 381-2150


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Blessed And Highly Favored

Luke 1:28


...Thou are blessed and highly favored, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou are among women.


The scene for today's lesson study is the Mary the mother of Jesus being visited by the angel of the Lord informing Mary of her very important assignment as it relates to the promised Messiah's birth. Mary had found favor with God the Father and was chosen to be the human gateway for Christ's birth to fulfill the mission of paying man's sin-debt.

Believers have found favor with God the Father in that we are chosen to be His peculiar people set apart from this world and be the lit candles shining the light of Christ our Savor. Believers collectively are the city that is set upon a hill calling all unbelievers to come and join the family of God as His sons and daughters.

Believers being blessed and highly favored as God's elect, we wear the righteous garment of salvation because all believers have been washed in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Being blessed and highly favored, believers will spend eternity in the presence of God and will have glorified bodies like Christ. Being the blessed and highly favored of God we were chosen from the foundation of the world as God knew from the beginning who would accept His salvation invitation to live with Him forever.

Believers, we are the blessed and highly favored of God as His special people.

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You gotta get up after the fall
And walk with Jesus through it all.

I learned to surrender to him
I Let his spirit come in now I’m born again!
Through trials and tribulations I
Fall down and cry
But I know there’s a God, I feel him deep inside
although I got these problems in life
I pray to him and
Keep my head up high
The bills keep coming, the haterz keep hatin
But I’m a walk with Christ and change my situation
Like the Job, after they took it all
He kept the faith and got blessed after the fall
You gotta get up after the fall
And walk with Jesus through it all.

The enemy aint playin no games
So you can’t stay the same you gotta grow and change
Put on the whole armor of God
It’s real out here yo, times is hard
You want Gods guidance, light and protection
Spiritual resurrection
Don’t be out there all alone in isolation
Cause that’s mental and spiritual incarceration
Christ came for soul emancipation
That sound good let me say it again
Christ came for soul emancipation
So praise the Lord and let your soul ascent c’mon!
Download on Bandcamp!

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8466473687?profile=originalFeel free to send you videos in for the new airing of my TV show "Bless the Mic". I would like to have more gospel and inspirational music on it. It airs in NYC,Brooklyn NY, Northern NJ on Time Warner, Fios & Cablevision and will soon be in Atlanta. We will also have it on the internet and Bless The Mic TV and Magazine Please email files (WMV, Mp4, Mpeg, Avi) to Blessthemicmag@gmail.com (If file is very large, send it via Transferbigfiles.com or Sendspace). Sincerely, Kamal Imani God Bless You.

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Enjoy this inspirational hip hop and R&B song "I Will Make It" by Kamal and Niva. Produced by Jonathan L of Newblackmusic.




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Oprah Winfrey Said it!

By Phenola Moore


I developed earlier than most girls my age. In the 5th grade, I was 5’2” and had the adult physique to go along with the height. Don’t worry, my parents kept a watchful eye on me to make sure my womanly body didn’t rob me of my childhood innocence. :>) Eventually, I would reach 5’8”and my body continued to develop with my height.


Needless to say, children aren’t too kind to others who look outside what they perceive as normal. The taunting and isolation from the popular groups played a toll on my self-esteem that made an indelible mark on my soul. But I didn’t realize the depth of it until I reached adulthood.


In order to release this pain, I wrote down my experiences and how I felt through writing. First, I was inspired to write articles and poems that developed into an online magazine, Press On! Webzine, www.pressonwebzine.com.


And later, I compiled my poems in Reveal the Real You Poetry Collection. There it was in black and white, my internal struggles expressed in poems.


Poems like “Can You Handle the New Me?“ reflects me embracing my self worth as I learned to accept the internal and external me. “A Conversation With Survival,” addressed the inner war I went through after my eldest sister suddenly passed away. “Destiny” reminds us that we are on a journey. And when we think we can’t go any further, “Strength” reminds us of the inner force that pushes us forward. These are just a few of the poems that will inspire you to look within yourself to reveal the real you.


Oprah said during the final episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” that everybody has a calling and our job is to find out what it is and get to doing it. Writing is my calling and I hope these poems in Reveal the Real You Poetry Collection,” encourage you to push past any obstacles and walk in yours.


Order the book at http://www.amazon.com.


Visit the author website http://www.pressonwebzine.com.

Poetry reading from \”Reveal and Real Poetry Collection\” titled \”A Conversation With Survival\”

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Have You Ever Seen A Dead Man Angry?

This is an article written by a dead man after he realise he was dead. It was written to all those who are still alive to themselves.If you want to be delivered from you, read on.If you want to be mortified instead of edified, read on.If you think the way up is down, read on.For all those who are still hiding themselves from themselves, less at the sight of themselves they sickned themselves.I urge you to change your name to Mr./Mrs. Pride and your address to 123 Destruction Ave. Going Nowhere,? 00000Have you ever seen a dead man angry?Have you ever heard a dead man complain?Have you ever heard a dead man say, "I can't do this?"Have you ever seen a dead man put himself first?Are you more concern about yourself than others?Then you haven't died yet.Are you more concern about making money than making friends?Then you haven't died yet.Are you more concern about getting what you want then helping others get what they want?Then you haven't died yet.Do you get angry when your dowline don't produce or order for the month?Then you haven't died yet.Are you spending more time on your MLM than your FAMILY?Then you haven't died yet.Are you offering a product than a solution?Then you haven't died yet.Are you working on being rich than being better?Then you haven't died yet.Is your favorite holiday your birthday?Then you haven't died yet.If you ask the mirror on the wallwho is the fairest of them allWill it replyMe, Myself, and I?Then you have'nt died yet.***** I wrote this because I'm dead. You are reading this because maybe you are dying.*****I keep my friends rather they join my program or not.Because I'm dead to my feelings.I don't jump on every new hot deal that comes along.Because I'm dead to my impulses.I own things, but things don't own me.Because I'm dead to my possession.Put others first and myself last.Because I'm dead to pride.Except a seed fall into the ground and die, it abide alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.Have you died yet?To all who read this, may your ego rest in peace.Sincerely yours,HardinA dead man
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