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Yoyo Kuo posted a blog post
The Fundamentals Of 3D Printing3D printing is the inverse process of tomography. Tomography is to "cut" something into countless superimposed pieces. 3D printing is to print pieces of pieces, and then superimpose them together to become a…
Jun 24
Yoyo Kuo posted a blog post
Recently, Guangdong Hongtu, a china aluminum alloy auto parts manufacturer, announced that Xiaopeng Motors finally chose the company as the supplier of integrated structural parts for a certain model of the chassis it is developing. Previously,…
Jun 22
Yoyo Kuo posted blog posts
Jun 17

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Dongguan Minghe Die Casting Company is a seasoned die casting manufacturer from China, which engaged in die casting parts manufacturing, die casting services (Die Casting,Cnc Machining,Engineering Design,Die Casting Consultation, Mold And Toolings,Assembly And Testing,Post Processing,Surface Treatment), investment casting and sand casting services. Over the passing decades, we have invested a number of funds to upgrade our production instruments and improve our research environment, which helps the accumulation of extensive experiences in aluminum alloy die casting, zinc alloy die-casting, mold making, and high-tech machining techniques in a variety of industries to accomplish customer required design and parts. With the persistence on strict quality control, we got the ISO9001:2015 and ITAF 16949 certificate, our die casting parts quality are guaranteed with the possible cheapest prices, we will continuous to implement each regulation in accordance with ISO for better management of die casting services. No matter you are looking for affordable custom die casting services,cnc machining services or other casting service, we are capable to provide rapid manufacturing for medical, electronics, automotive, agriculture, food, machine tool, aerospace, and more industries with vertical, horizontal, 500T,800T and 1600 T die casting machines. Materials can be processed aluminum,zinc,brass, copper, bronze, magnesium,steel and other alloy casting material.Our customer service representative is a vital component of our pledge to provide quality products and service. Well-oriented with Minghe Die Casting Company, Our Sales is always available to take your calls, assess your problem, and then promptly direct you to the appropriate member of our staff. Our Sales is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding your business with Minghe.

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