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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ we urge you to continue prayer for the ministry of Darshan Churvh in a small village of Nepal .We have been serving God all over Nepal among very bacward and discriminated communities from rural villages and hill areas .Darshan Church is in service of God with commitment and has a goal to reach as many as possible souls with gospel and save people in the kingdom of God.Nepal is a small country situated in Asia continent and has population around 30000000 people with diverse topography , religions, culture, castes and ethnic groups. There are still many villages in terai region and hilly regions of Nepal where the life survival of people is very difficult due to lack of employment, education, water, electricity and transportation facilities. Nepal is a type of conservative social oriented country where people from various communities are discriminated and isolated on the basis of their caste and culture and such groups are isolated from other societies and are deprived of education employment and other facilities provided from government. These communities have hard time to maintain their survival and run their lives.   Their children don't get privillege to have education near by because they live in rural villages and isolated territory from towns and they need to walk more than five or six hours to get to town from their settlement. Our goal is to reach to every communities that have lost their hope and yet have not heard gospel , even they have not heard name Jesus.   Darshan Church has been reaching the communities from such isolated background with hope in Lord Jesus by all possible ways , helping the needy, providing basic education for children in their own communities, scholarship plan, helping widows , orphans and old aged.      Our main goal is to spread in every corner of Nepal but at present Nepal government doesn't allow Christians to share gospel in public and Hindu religious communities have been threatening Christians not to preach gospel but we can not stay silence and since twenty two years we have been reaching to the possible villages and corners of hilly regions with gospel. We share love of Jesus with words , action and attitude. Everything Darshan Church is doing is with Single effort and its tough for us to meet all necessities due to insufficient financial stuffs to run village after villages.we need prayer love and support from people like you to continue our mission in Nepal.please remember in prayer that we may find support from people who love to help the servants of God in these discomforting areas.    We promise all our well wishers and prayer warriors that we will be providing all details of your donation to you personally and provide all evidences clear to the people who love to help us with prayer.    Please check our website and pray for us .we appreciate any help you make to Darshan Church......You can visit our facebook page by clicking the link below.........https://www.facebook.com/Darshan-Church-Beltar-Nepal-173150410145714/

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