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Apr 8, 2021
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Thanks be to our GodWe give thanks to all our dear brothers and sisters for the prayer...we were able to join water tap in construction site....though it was hard bringing water to the place from far away but God helped ingetting availability of…
Apr 1, 2021
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We are thankful to God and all dear friends for your prayer and love towards us🙏
Please remember in prayer we have just started to dig a foundation to construct a church for a village where our sister church believers' group can have regular…
Mar 29, 2021
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Mar 29, 2021

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  • Darshan Church was established in 1999 in a rural village of Udayapur district of Nepal .Our main goal is to spread gospel among discriminated societies and isolated communities of rural villages and hilly regions of Nepal.Darshan Church has been serving God since twenty two years independently in faith and prayer in Lord and with much struggle formed 13 sister churches all over Nepal in very rural places and currently planting churches, providing support to pastors, believers and needy like widows, disable , helpless and ministers in all our areas of ministries. We are in the need of your prayer love and support to win Nepal in Kingdom of God   contact us  at  vision320ch@gmail.com


DARSHAN CHURCH has been doing a lot since 22years in Nepal stood by self with much struggle of pastor Indra and Minister Sujan Ghimire to bring this ministry upto this....God was always in our ways to bless and guide us .whatever we could do was our self effort with guidence of God and prayers and co operation of our believers .we did everything out of nothing only being supported by prayer of our believers ...our faith in God led us and strengthened us to serve Him much that as we could .But no one can stand always or no ministries goes well without being financially supported by people.we always urge people of God to pray and help to the ministries of Darshan Church in every way its possible from your side.We are in most discomforting zone in rural village of Nepal serving Lord all over Nepal Nepal special attention paid for the places where gospel is not preached and there is no places for worship. OUR goal is not complete yet and we have to do a lot in Nepal to spread good news among those poor souls who still have not heard about Jesus .We go only to the places where gospel is needed and we are not silent even in the times when there are persecutions and torture to christians for preaching gospel but we believe we preach Jesus by words attitudes and action.At present christian movement is in risk in Nepal orthodox religious group doesn't want Jesus be preached in Nepal so Darshan Church is still active to share gospel through different means like providing aidto disable , widow , orphan, helpless women and kids, poor children and all needy.we have been able to win thousands of souls in Lord all over Nepal and altogether we could established 13 churches in rural villages of Nepal but in some places we have group of believers only but no house of fellowship.To continue our services, fellowship and ministries further we need prayer and help from people like you who love Jesus and who love serving God with pure heart and love to give something for servants of God who are doing hard works in these very discomfort places of Nepal please pray and support for the plan that we need to fulfill for the year2021 to carry all necessary services in Nepal Darshan Church always needs your prayer , advice and financial help and we are committed we won't make anyone to feel regret of them donating for Darshan Church Ministry in Nepal OUR NEEDS: (1) Three churches Construction(2) Three toilets construction for churches where there is no toilet(3)Gospel outreach management(4) 15water tank construction in villages all over Nepal (5)Means of transportation for Main Church to look over whole Nepal (6) two scooters for pastors of villages(7)30 Family support for pastors and volunteers in all sister churches of Darshan Church(8)Spiritual training and Bible study training twice for the leaders and believers (9)Teaching learning materials for childrens from socially discriminated communities and helpless.(1o) regular monthly help to 15 widows of Church all over Nepal.(11) Aids for disable people for their needs (12) 24Goats distribution for the year for poor women(13) Youth Fellowship and Training(14) Other emergency services needs and utilities bill payment etc Please pray and help Darahan Church to grow progress and expand all over Nepal to make Jesus known to people for bringing them in light of life in Jesus

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Currently Darshan Church is on a project of constructing Church in a small village named Bhorleni.We are trying to do our best from our side to reach every goal and fulfill all tasks that God has given us but till now we don't have any particular donor who can regularly help us in the ministry everything we are doing is only through faith in Lord Jesus and with the prayer of our believers and friends.Its very tough to do all these things in villages....the village is six hours away from town where there is no water electricity and transportation facility but we need to build a church in this village urgently due to some serious problems of pressure from Hindu religious societies and house owner asking us to leave the room often...our believers in this village were conducting their regular services and prayer on rented room and now we are forced to leave the place so according to available resources we are working to build a small hut for ourselves in the village for our sister church group so that they can have fellowship and prayer without any threaten .we collected some stones with local effort and we need prayer and help from people like you who love to give something for service of God.we would love to provide all details and records of donation you make to Darshan Church .we will be giving all pictures and videos of work details of our ministries how we work.so anyone willing to support Darshan Church in the ministry can contact us directly at vision320ch@gmail.com or go to our website and facebook page details .God bless you all.I know people love to donate in big organization and well established churches but no one cares about small church in village where ministers are having hard time and living in faith that one day God will wipe out our tears....Darshan Church needs your prayer love and support to continue all our ministries all over Nepal please give a look to our ministries and remember us in prayer.we aporeciate any help you can make to Darshan Church.     Blessings to all       Prayer Needed    Dear friends please remember Darshan Church in your prayer for the ongoing plan of construction for a church in the village.....due to many challenges in the village for the place of worship we are trying to build a house of prayer and fellowship in this rural village where there is no water electricity and transportation facility required for construction work we have to fix water and electricity there and start the church construction work soon and this village is 4/5 hours away from town. As we mentioned we our believers were conducting their prayer and fellowship in rented room and often had to leave room and transfer to another and mostly house owner asked to leave place ...this condition occured many times and Darshan Church is responsible for providing the place for believers to gather for services......Its our mission to plant churches and help our believers from villages to continue all services for their spiritual growth.We are in very rural village and not having funds to meet all needs of the ministries and construction we need prayer and help from people like you who love to donate something for the work of God and to prepare and expand His kingdom on earth we need your prayer and support please keep in prayer for for these things be managed and all materials be available on time .......we need your prayer and support to make this task complete and to provide place of service for believers in village We are in prayer that God will meet all the needs of construction on time We request all brothers and sisters for prayer and to make possible help available to Darshan Church We appreciate any help you can make to Darshan Church Blessings https://www.darshanchurch.org/

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