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Beloved in Christ
We humbly request all brothers and sisters for prayer
Darshan Church is currently working on a plan to build a small house of fellowship and prayer in a village named Bhorleni where we have group of believers for a sister church group and formed a regular fellowship there in a rented room since 11 years .Often we were asked to leave rented room or not to have prayer and fellowship there as the Hindu religious communities are threatening christians not to do our regular prayer, meetings and fellowship and often we kept moving from one room to another for rent..Now urgently we have to again leave the place where our believers were gathering for worship and we planned for constructing small prayer house though its a small hut or building however God is going to provide.
Darshan Church often went with such challenges all aroubd Nepal wherever we are sharing gospel and forming church group but we are still in faith and hope in our Lord and praying day and night.
We are currently on work for construction process and the place where we are building a church is 6 hours away from town ....there is no water , electricity and transportation service is difficult to take materials there. As we always serve in all areas through faith and prayer and not having any donation for our ministry and trying to do all with prayer and local resources available from our Church effort.
We believer united effort can make big difference and your help is going to be worth in any aspect of these ministries here in Nepal.
We need prayer love and support from people like you always so that Darshan Church can continue our construction plan and complete on time .
We request all dear friends to remember on prayer and make possible help available to Darshan Church.
Our main goal is to spread gospel in the places where people have not heard yet , to make diciples and form group of believers , provide them place to gather for worship, prayer and regular services for spiritual growth and save lives of people by giving them hope in our Lord Jesus
We aporeciate any help you are making for Darshan Church

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