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There is only one word difference between aluminum casting and aluminum die-casting. Many people mix the two together. In fact, these two kinds of die-casting are different. In order to better distinguish between aluminum die-casting and aluminum die-casting, we will elaborate on the performance characteristics, application scope and manufacturing advantages. Explain the difference between the two. When customers buy die-cast products, they can also choose suitable die-cast products according to their own needs.

   Aluminum die-casting.

   The main raw material is aluminum. After the aluminum is heated to a liquid, it is injected into the die of the die-casting machine, and then formed by die-casting, which is the basic process of aluminum die-casting. Aluminum has good fluidity and plasticity, and is widely used in the die-casting industry. The parts made of aluminum are beautiful in appearance, the price of aluminum is not high, and the production cost is greatly reduced, which creates more wealth for the enterprise.

   Aluminum alloy die-casting.

The main production materials are alloy and aluminum. The aluminum die-casting produced has good gloss. The aluminum die-casting factory needs to be grinded after the die-casting. The aluminum die-casting adds nitric acid during the grinding to inhibit corrosion and improve the brightness of the grinding. The processed aluminum die-casting Aluminum alloy die casting is generally used in electronics, motors and other industries, with better performance and greater toughness, and is an important part of mechanical parts.

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