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How to Wholesale Kitchen Product from China – Complete Guide You Need to Konw

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With the popularity of cooking, all kinds of kitchen supplies are getting more popular. Especially in the past two years, demand has grown substantially. Many people wholesale kitchen supplies from China. So why choose wholesale kitchen supplies from China? What do you need to pay attention to if you want to wholesale from China? This article will give you a complete guide for importing kitchen products from China. If you read this article carefully, you can avoid some problems. Of course, you can also seek assistance for professional sourcing agents, they can help you solve all import problems, such as Sellers Union.

The guide introduces the following aspects:
1. Kitchen supplies introduction
2. Advantages of wholesale kitchen product from China
3. China kitchen product industry cluster distribution
4. Kitchen products related exhibition
5. Wholesale kitchen supplies website
6. China's famous kitchen supplies manufacturer
7. Notes need to know in Chinese wholesale kitchen supplies
8. Matters need to be considered when you need OEM

1. Kitchen supplies introduction

Category by function
Kitchen storage supplies:
Storage utensils are generally divided into two parts: food storage and equipment supplies. Food storage mainly includes food containers, seasoning bottles, refrigerators, freezers, etc. The equipment storage is referred to as a tableware, and the cookware provides a storage space, such as a closet, a hanging cabinet, a rack, and the like.

Cleaning washing supplies:
Including the washing pot, clean the ball, rag, dishwasquet, etc., some modern kitchens are also equipped with products such as disinfection cabinets.

Cooking Preparation Tool:
Cut vegetables, ingredients, tools for conditioning, such as cutting machines, juicers, peel, garlic press, eggbeat, scissors, etc. Kitchen gadgets.

Cookware and baked goods:
For example, a boiler, wok, pan, baking tray, baking and ice cubes mold, manual stirrer, etc. Some kitchen small appliances: rice cooker, air fryer, microwave, oven, coffee machine, etc. also belong to this class.

Tools and utensils used during meals. For example, trays, spoons, bowls, cups, etc.

Classified by Material
It can be divided into glass, stainless steel, plastic, silicone, pottery, aluminum, wooden, silverware, etc. Stainless steel kitchen supplies have been very popular. In recent years, silicone kitchen product have also become a trend and has been loved by more and more people.

Because people are more and more interested in interesting, unique and multifunctional kitchen utensils, the kitchen product type is still updated and increased.


2. Advantages of wholesale kitchen product from China

Production capacity advantage
Most kitchen supplies in the world are made in China. China has the most abundant suppliers and perfect supply chain resources, and China's factory attaches great importance to productivity. It is generally professional training for employees, and employee production is also encouraged to produce, and update the equipment regularly. These initiatives have made the Chinese factory have very good productivity.

Technical advantages
Nowadays, people are more and more inclined to build modern kitchens, and the demand for small kitchen appliances has also increased. Chinese manufacturers will not only follow the trend and innovate designs, but also invest a lot of money in upgrading machinery and equipment. The creating and modern procedures make the entire production process streamlined and efficient, and some products with certain technical difficulties and processes can also find the corresponding plant to produce.

Price advantage
Reasonable cost is welcomed in any trade. Chinese manufacturers are always research a certain type of product, constantly improve their production technology and optimizing their production processes, which is why Chinese manufacturers can create a delicate product at a lower cost. Plus China has a wealth of kitchen product supplier resources, and the competition is very fierce, prompting them to continuously increase the price advantage of their products.

Logistics warehousing advantage
China's logistics has developed very rapidly in recent years, and the quality and efficiency of logistics infrastructure are continuously improved. Many logistics companies compete together and constantly improve the relevant system. Among them, there are also a lot of good multinational transport companies to provide transportation services for overseas buyers. Many warehouses are now automated, and most product components are manufactured in China, product transportation and assembly can be completed in a short period of time, which is conducive to reducing transportation costs.

If you already have the idea of wholesale kitchen supplies in China, then next, we will give you a detailed guide on wholesale kitchen supplies.

3. China kitchen product industry cluster distribution

Most industrial clusters are derived from local materials, but there are also small parts due to trade demand, such as many kitchen supplies manufacturers to set the factory in Linhai Region (Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu), this is In order to facilitate transporting goods to the port. Because the production of kitchen supplies isn't concentrated in a city or province. If you want to import kitchen products from China, you can refer to the following list:

Stainless steel cookware: Guangjiang, Jiangmen, Chaozhou, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Metal cookware: Zhejiang Yongkang
Cast iron cookware: Shijiazhuang, Hebei
Silicone rubber plastic kitchenware: Guangdong Dongyi, Zhejiang Taizhou
Plastic storage: Yiwu, Zhejiang
Glassware: Xuzhou, Jiangsu
Tableware: Guangdong Jieyang
Disposable tableware: Shanghai, Qingdao, Dongguan, Wenzhou and Guangzhou and other cities
Kitchen Furniture: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shunde, Foshan, Zhejiang, Fujian

4. Kitchen products related exhibition

Canton Fair
The Canton Fair is the oldest, highest-level, large-scale, and most product type of trade exchange meeting in China.
Looking for kitchen supplies suppliers, recommend participating in the Phase I and Phase II.
Time: Spring: April 15th to May 5th: October 15th to November 4th.
Location: No. 382, Hujiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China.
Main products: kitchen appliances, kitchen equipment, kitchenware and kitchen accessories, food containers, dining tables and decorations.

HKTDC Household Products Exhibition
At present, the largest and most professional household exhibition in Asia. Its scale can also be ranked around the world, and it is already one of the exhibitions that have domestic and foreign suppliers and buyers must participate.
Time: April 20-23.
Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.
Main products: dinnerware, glassware, electrical appliance.


Founded in 1953, China Daily Necessities Fair (CDATF) is a professional B2B platform that brings together domestic and foreign brands in the department store industry. Every year, there are more than 3,000 suppliers and thousands of products, attracting more than 90,000 buyers.
Time: July 22-24.
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center.
Main products: kitchenware, cookware, dinnerware, ceramic products, small appliances, glass and wine set, cleaning supplies.


Global Household Products Exhibition
The exhibition was hosted by the B2B platform global resource and started in 2003. Up to now, the purchaser attended by more than 2.15 million.
Time: April 18-21.
Location: Hong Kong Expo.
Main products: kitchen and restaurant supplies.

Shanghai International Central Kitchen and Technology Exhibition (CKEXPO)
The exhibition attracted hundreds of central kitchen suppliers from 40 countries and regions around the world, nearly 1000 leaders, military, hospitals, etc. The exhibition gathers domestic and foreign catering enterprises and catering chain related companies to enhance the understanding and friendship between catering enterprises, supply and demand and food procurement management, and promote the win-win situation of supply and demand cooperation.
Time: April 27-29.
Location: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (NECC).
Main products: kitchen equipment, fast food equipment, storage equipment, refrigeration equipment, washing disinfection equipment, kitchen supplies.

China Kitchen & Bathroom Exhibition (KBC)
It is an Asian leading kitchen and bathroom exhibition, founded in 1994. The exhibition provides the buyer with the latest trend of kitchen furniture, built-in kitchen, bathroom equipment, accessories and valves. More than 6,000 exhibitors each year.
Time: October 8-10.
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC).
Main products: overall kitchen bathroom facilities and products, kitchen bathroom appliances, valves and faucets, kitchen hardware accessories, cookware, kitchenware.

5. Wholesale kitchen supplies website

Kitchen supplies are a big classification. If you have intentionally wholesale kitchen supplies from online, it is more recommended that you use Alibaba or DHgate and other well-known wholesale websites. They have rich categories and suppliers. For details, please refer to our previous guide for Chinese wholesale websites.

It isn't a simple matter to choose a reliable supplier in many China suppliers. You need to consider multi-faceted issues. If you are hard to make a decision, or if you feel that the import process is too cumbersome , you can contact us. We are your reliable sourcing agents in China, which can easily solve all import problems easily with our expertise and supplier network.

6. China's famous kitchen supplies manufacturer

Midea kitchen supplies manufacturer
The United States is headquartered in Guangdong, China, is the world's No.1 kitchen small appliance brand, and is also the world's No.1 home appliance and consumer electrical manufacturer. You can see Midea products in more than 200 countries and regions around the world.
Main products: kitchen appliances, refrigerators, small appliances, cleaning supplies, etc.


Supor kitchen supplier manufacturer
Supor is headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, is a leading brand of Chinese kitchenware and small appliances. It is the world's second largest cookware manufacturer.
Main products: stainless steel cookware, pressure cooker, environmental protection home appliances.

Joyoung kitchen electric manufacturer
Joyoung soymilk machine pulp can be said to be a household name, which is also a solid foundation for the well-known brands of China, focusing on smart kitchen small appliances. In recent years, Joyoung has aimed at the youth market and has co-branded with many trendy brands in appearance design.
Main products: Soymilk, dishwasher, breakfast machine.

Galanz kitchen electric manufacturer
Located in Guangzhou Foshan, one of the world's largest microwave manufacturers, in the US, Britain, Japan, Chile, Russia, Canada and Germany have subsidiaries.
Main products: microwave, but currently developed its own refrigerator, dishwasher and other kitchen small appliances.

Little Bear kitchen Ssmall appliance manufacturer
Little Bear was established in 2006, compared with other old kitchen supplies brands, it can be said that it is growing rapidly, and now it is already a popular kitchen small appliance brand. Its intelligence and user-friendly product design is deeply loved by contemporary young people.
Main products: electric cooker, health pot, yogurt machine, electric lunch box.


Some other kitchen product manufacturers:
Wanhe: The largest manufacturer of gas appliances in China.
Fang Tai: Focus on the research and development and manufacture of high-end embedded kitchen appliances.
Haier: The most famous product is fridge. There are 29 manufacturing bases, 8 integrated R & D centers, 19 overseas trading companies. Product covers refrigerator freezer, washing machine, water heater, air conditioning, TV, kitchen, smart home appliances, and eight categories.
LINKFAIR: The kitchen manufacturer mainly produces, export stainless steel kitchenware products and other stainless steel kitchenware products.
Emperor's Emperor: Focus on the R & D and production of healthy cookware. The health selenium wok with national invention patents, as well as the Chinese medical stone non-stick pan, the native iron ore cast iron pot and other health cooking utensils, hand-casting alloy cookware industry NO.1.

7. Notes need to know in China wholesale kitchen supplies

Good kitchen utensils make life simple, but you need to pay attention to the following points when wholesale kitchen products from China.
Different relevant regulations
Notice! This will be related to whether the products purchased in China can be sold locally.
Make sure you have a full communication with local suppliers when purchasing products, which is due to the difference with other countries in China's food contact materials regulation. In fact, almost every country has different regulations on food contact materials. Be sure to refer to the relevant laws you want to purchase products. EU per member states can freely customize their own food contact regulations. Importers in the United States must comply with FDA management regulations. If you are buyers selling online, you must take into account each user and the relevant regulations in their area.
If you can't divide these regulations, you can hire a Chinese sourcing agent to serve you.
BRC standard is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) approved certification program. Food safety system certification (FSSC) 22000 is a recognized certification of global.
The above two certificates aren't mandatory, but because they are all recognized globally, they have received the favor of buyers.

Different food habits
Different eating habits per region, the popular kitchen supplies are different. In the case of wholesale kitchen utensils, you should refer to the environment of the local market. For example, in China the soymilk is more popular than the coffee machine, because the Chinese believes that breakfast is good for drinking soy milk, which is good health, coffee is not a necessity. But in Europe or USA and many countries like to use a cup of coffee to open their own day, so the coffee machine is one of the essentials.

3. Different methods of use of cookware
China's induction cooker is a large part of the direct heating furnace design, but if it is a US induction cooker, there are many uses to achieve the effect of heating pot by heating the large resistance. So when choosing wholesale kitchen utensils, it is necessary to consider whether the products made by the Chinese factory can be or suitable in use in a local kitchen.

8. Matters need to be considered when you need OEM

Manufacturing cycle
If you need to design your own products from the beginning, you will need 60-120 days from the product design to the sample. If your product is more complicated, this time may be longer. If you need to get your product at a specific time, you You must count this time, plus the time of manufacturing is the time produced by your product.

Production method
The factory production model will have a great impact on other links. Professional production models can increase production efficiency and product quality. But the factory production method is professional or not, this requires you to use your expertise.

Cost control
OEM often requires more resources than ODE. Product customization requires injection mold, generally need a large number of order quantities, your own cost will also increase. If you don't get their order quantity, the factory will not be willing to open a new mold.

Risk level
Beware of them use other factories's samples or outsourcing you unfamiliar factory. It is very recommended that you arrange an agent in China to check the credibility and work schedule for your factory, or you can also ask the factory to contact you regularly.

More ways to ensure the smooth delivery of your product, you can refer to: How to find a reliable supplier in China.

Summary, wholesale kitchen supplies from China are indeed profitable, but there is a lot of problems you need to consider. If you know very well on the field you are engaged, you can consider using OME mode to customize your own products in the Chinese manufacturer. If you want to reduce the risk, you can use the Chinese manufacturer's design only to change the appearance.
But need attention, the price should not be the decisive factor you decide whether to purchase. The cheapest product sometimes doesn't ensure quality.
If you have a demand or related questions from China imported kitchen products, you can also choose to contact us, we can provide a perfect one-stop solution for you to import kitchen supplies.


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