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A Man Like God Book Preview

Chapter 4

The Man: Without God

Strip a man down to his bear soul and all he is left with is choice.  He has a choice to die with nothing but his soul, or the choice to grow on from there and reach for higher heights than where he currently finds himself.

However, when you look at the things upon the earth that man can strive for, what does he actually obtain that he can take with him when his soul dies?  For all the things which man strives for, breaking his back to accomplish, using his time and energy to build; what of all of that can he actually account for when he dies?

His soul takes pride in his accomplishments, his degrees, the grand homes, cars, and bank accounts, but in the end he leaves all of that for another man to squander, plunder, and waste.  Yet for all that, the one thing or asset which he can take, or that will follow him to the grave and beyond; that he rejects.  He rejects it because it can’t be measured, counted, or stacked in a room.  It can’t be put on display, hung on a nail, or in a display case as a trophy.

No one can readily see it, acknowledge it, or praise him for it; and that which he receives praises for, or acknowledgement for is a hoax, false, made to be seen, heard and praised as something he brings attention to; as if to say “see me what I’ve done”.

Therefore, in the pride of his heart he lifts up his knowledge and his intellect for what else does he truly have?  However, what shall even remain of those, for his knowledge shall come to nothing.  The car and the home for which he takes pride in himself for obtaining, is not truly his, because someone else has the title and deed.  He has bought into a false sense of ownership, because if he misses a payment the bank comes-a-knocking, or they remove him or the property which is rightfully theirs.

So of all the things that a man says is his, what is actually his?  What can he keep that he can say is truly his and no one else’s?  Even his life the breath he breaths is not his, but he utilizes them only for the short time he is upon the earth.  Then they return to the one who gave them.

He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool: but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered” (Proverbs 28:26).

Man left to himself can only follow the imagination of his own heart, which we can see in scripture is divisive, having taken on the nature of Satan.  Yet man doesn’t even have his own mind, because most of what he thinks apart from God is a product of the Devil.  It is written: “Man’s goings are of the LORD; how can a man then understand his own way” (Proverbs 20:24)?

The evils that man has committed are from the Devil, the lies he tells belong to the Devil; for the Devil is a liar and the father of it (see John 8:44).  He gets angry and hurts, or murders someone which is the product of demons.  Anger, jealousy, malice, envy, pride, all these are products of demons.  He wars and terrorizes and takes credit for the aftermath, and yet even this is born of demons.  Therefore, all the pride that man takes in doing mischief to each other is actually the inner workings of a demon that influences him to do so.  The final act of doing it is man’s doing for which he will be judged, but the thought behind it is not.

The belief that there is no God, comes from demons, therefore, man can’t even take ownership of many of his own belief systems, because they are also devised from demons.  Of course demons don’t want men to know this, and keep their dealing, plots, and plan secret making the man think he is in control when he really is not.

In this manner the man plays the fool, for it is written: “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God” (Psalms 14:1).  He plays the fool because he thinks that when he doesn’t believe in the God that made him, he is actually expressing his own thoughts.  He may have bought into them, but they certainly didn’t come from him.

Man’s beliefs system mainly stems from thoughts, ideas, and situations which occur outside of him, which demons construct to direct his thoughts and men considers these things, and makes a final decision on what he will believe.

I mean which of us by taking thought and considering all the things which gives us pleasure, would not make the decision to engage in them?  After all it’s fun, enjoyable, gives us pleasure, makes us feel good, helps us forget our troubles, and in the case of frequent sexual escapades boosts our ego.  Therefore, many of the things demons use against us are the things we find pleasurable, exciting, sociable, and thrilling.

God is seen as the strict parent making us miss out on what we consider the fun of life.  Therefore, the laws and commandments which govern them are tested and tried by men to see how far they can go in their disobedience, before judgment falls.

Even in the Body of Christ many risk daily their salvation for just a moment of forbidden pleasure.  Lusting and desiring things which we know God does not delight in.  Living a secret lifestyle away from the crowd; after all who is going to know what we do in the privacy of our own home?  Therefore, we maintain forbidden friendship, acquaintance, and fellowships just in case.  Deceived by the fact that those around us who befriends us really support us in the things we do, and we keep those who would challenge us, confront us, and expose us at arm’s length never allowing them to get too close, because what if.

In this we play the fool again, not understanding that it does not matter if man sees us; God sees us, and in due season he will judge, for it must be that judgment begin at the house of God (see 1 Peter 4:17).

Therefore, man has found himself in a precarious situation, having been put out of the Garden, facing a cruel world essentially on his own, with new rules and regulations which he is not accustomed to.  Not understanding that he is under a system which is bent on his destruction.  The harmony of God is gone; the intimate, close, touchable love of God has dissipated.  All that is left is the insecurity he now feels being left with only his thoughts, and a demon poised to take advantage of it all.

For without God we are lost, contrived, and detrimental to our own selves.  If we don’t allow the architect of our being access to direct, lead, purpose, and build our lives then we are simply a mound of flesh hasting to our death; for without God we are dead while we live.

Coming Spring of 2013.

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