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Your engine is the heart of your vehicle, and maintaining it is the best thing you can do. Did you know that the average age of fleet vehicles in the U.S. has increased by 17% in the last decade?

The automotive industry's success is the result of technological advances and increased awareness of maintenance among fleet owners.

One of the main factors affecting engine health is the condition of the oil. Regular engine oil changes are always recommended to keep the oil fresh and to avoid engine blowouts.

Did you know that engine maintenance requires regular oil changes? Do you know how to maintain your engine? Well, if you don't know, don't worry! In one of our articles, we talked about 6 important maintenance tips for diesel engines. Go check it out!

Do you want to know how important an oil change is for your vehicle? Then read on!


#1 Keep your engine lubricated

There are many moving parts in an engine. Now imagine them moving day in and day out under tremendous pressure and heat without lubrication. It will completely wear out the parts and cause some very serious damage.


To avoid this, it is highly recommended that you check your vehicle's owner's manual and choose an oil that is especially beneficial to your vehicle. You may want to check the exact weight and grade of the oil before filling the engine.


We recommend that you fill the engine with a sufficient amount of oil to properly lubricate the different components.


#2 Cooling engine components

As we have already said, engines consist of many moving parts that generate a lot of heat. This heat, if left untreated, can cause serious damage to your engine.


This can displace parts (in millimeters) from their original position, which can lead to engine blowouts and other types of problems. In order to maintain adequate temperature and cleanliness, it is recommended that you regularly add fresh oil to your vehicle. This not only helps to regulate the temperature but also helps to remove dirt, dust and other harmful particles.


Therefore, change your oil regularly and keep your engine components cool.


#3 Promote vehicle life

It's simple - the better your engine oil is, the longer your vehicle will stay powered. Routine maintenance helps extend the life of your vehicle. Did you know that not changing your oil for an extended period of time can build up dirt in the oil, which can cause engine parts to rub and wear?


In addition, buildup in the oil can cause your vehicle to lose fuel economy and power, and make internal components work harder. This can shorten the life of your vehicle.


But you can avoid these conditions by simply changing your oil regularly. Pretty simple, right? Well, it is!


Some other reasons why oil changes are important

Regular oil changes have additional benefits, such as


Improved engine performance: Over time, oil can become contaminated with dirt particles, wear particles, and may even begin to form sludge. This can affect the performance of your engine. But regular oil changes can help keep your engine clean and performing well.


Improve gas mileage: Changing your oil helps remove dirt and avoid buildup. In addition, fresh oil keeps the engine lubricated. As a result, the engine performs well, which in turn improves gas mileage.


Protect different parts: As we said before, there are many moving parts in an engine that need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly. If they are not fed, the parts will be damaged. Therefore, regularly refilling the engine with clean oil helps to protect the different parts.


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