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Daniel Fasting with Kristen Feola

Posted by PreachPastor.com

January 11, 2011 Preachpastor.com will begin a 21 day Daniel Fast. This invitation is extended to everyone who is looking to get a fresh Word from the Lord.

The Daniel Fast originated when the Prophet Daniel refused to eat meat that was sacrificed to the Babylonian’s gods’ because it did not agree with the Mosaic Law. Drinking water and eating vegetables and fruits was the diet for Daniel and his friends given to them by the guards while they were in the court of Nebuchadnezzar.

Now, in 2012 abstaining from sweets, breads and artificial ingredients for 21 days is a challenging task. Kristen Feola, is the author of “The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast” a must read to those who are looking to participate in a Daniel Fast or looking to change your diet for a healthier turn for the better.

Question DJ Worship More:

Kristen, your book will be a blessing for anyone looking to undertake the Daniel Fast. What was your motivation when you decided to write “The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast?”

Answer Kristen Feola:

I didn’t actually start out with the idea of writing a book. When our church participated in a corporate Daniel Fast in September 2009, I sensed the Lord prompting me to start a blog about my journey. I didn’t expect it to be anything more than a personal journal. Since I like to cook and had recipes from a previously unpublished cookbook, I began posting recipes and devotions on my blog for people in my church. Word spread, and people began visiting my site to find encouragement and practical help on their fast. Two months after our fast ended, I went to a Christian writer’s conference and proposed a book on the Daniel Fast to an agent, who eventually became my agent. That connection was certainly a divine appointment because it led to a miraculous book contract with Zondervan, one of the largest Christian publishers in the world. God directed every step of my journey, and I give Him all the glory!

Question DJ Worship More:

Your book should not be labeled as just a cook book for it’s the “The Ultimate Guide”. How will this book provide food for the readers spiritually?

Answer Kristen Feola:

Since the purpose of a fast is to spend more time in prayer and in the Word, I provide 21 devotions, one for each day of the fast. The devotions are meant to be a springboard that motivates people into deeper study. For example, Day 6, “Cries in the Night,” tells the story about a time when my daughter was sick and I needed to show compassion. Then, I relate my personal experience to what the Bible says. I also list five related verses on God’s compassion and comfort for those who want to study a little deeper.

Question DJ Worship More:

Kristen, the Daniel Fast isn’t a requirement for Christians. So why should we fast as believers?

Answer Kristen Feola:

Nowhere in the Bible does it say, “Thou shalt fast.” However, there are a number of Scripture passages in both the Old and New Testaments that seem to imply that fasting will be a regular part of our lives (2 Chronicles 20:1-4; Ezra 8:21-23; Nehemiah 1:1-4; Matthew 4:1-11). Perhaps the main reason I believe we should fast on a regular basis is the fact that Jesus fasted. He set an example for us. If Jesus the Son of God, recognized the importance of fasting in his life, shouldn’t we as well?

Question DJ Worship More:

You have an awesome website, filled with various delicious Daniel safe recipes, just curious which dish is your favorite?

Answer Kristen Feola:

Oh, that’s a tough one! There are several that I like. One of my favorite snacks is Apples with Date Honey. I like to add chopped pecans and unsweetened coconut flakes on top. It’s so yummy! The most popular recipes from my book are Baked Oatmeal, Black Bean Chili Bake, and Date Honey.

Question DJ Worship More:

Kristen what websites can we read more about you and your ministry? How can we stay up to date with your latest achievements?

Answer Kristen Feola:

My book is available anywhere books are sold nationwide (both Christian and regular bookstores). You can also order The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast online (my blog, Amazon, etc.). Be sure to visit my blog regularly at www.ultimatedanielfast.com. Add me as a friend on Facebook and Twitter.

Anyone who is doing the Daniel Fast right now should sign up for my January 2012 Seek & Find Daniel Fast Newsletter (right sidebar on blog). You'll receive daily encouragement emails, exclusive Daniel Fast recipes not found in the book, cooking videos showing how to make recipes, and weekly blog chat sessions to interact with me and others on the fast. You can also sign up for my regular Ultimate Daniel Fast Newsletter in the same place.

DJ Worship More:

Kristen, you are the best! I want to thank you for taking your time to share and help encourage so many Christians in their undertaking of the Daniel Fast. You are a writer of a new genre in books labeled under the Spiritual Cookbook!

Thank you and God Bless!

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