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World Taste Buds in Yiwu: 7 Gourmet Restaurants

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In the vibrant city of Yiwu, internationalization and traditional culture complement each other, forming a unique and diverse social and cultural scene. And when it comes to the culture of Yiwu, the food culture must be one of the highlights. The city attracts business people and tourists from all over the world, who have brought their own unique tastes and eating habits into Yiwu's dining scene. 

In Yiwu, you will find a series of wonderful restaurants covering a variety of international cuisines, and the intoxicating food journey will take you through a feast of taste buds from different countries and cultures. There are not only authentic Italian pizza and Turkish barbecue, but also Indian curry and Syrian specialties, each dish exudes a strong exotic flavor.

As an experienced Yiwu sourcing agent, we not only help clients to source products, but we are also familiar with the tastes of customers from various countries to ensure that all their needs can be met. In the following guide, we will take you into several famous restaurants in Yiwu, so that you can feel the unique food scenery of this city.

1. TOPOLINO (Italian Restaurant)















TOPOLINO's chefs carefully prepare each dish to showcase the essence and unique flavors of traditional Italian cooking. Their menu is extensive and varied, covering classic Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta, seafood and meat.
And this restaurant is close to Yiwu Market. It's very convenient to enjoy a meal when you're done sourcing for products.

Address: No.3 Building 5, Section 1 Futian, Yiwu China
Tel: +86 579 8315 9085

Recommended dishes:
(1) Carpaccio
This pizza is topped with generous slices of prosciutto. The savory flavor of the ham blends perfectly with the moderately thick crust of the pizza, each bite brings a soft taste and rich sweetness of flour. You can also taste a milky taste.

(2) Fried sausage with rosemary beans
The scorched and tender potatoes paired with the juicy pure meat sausage makes people very satisfied. You can feel the crispy potatoes and the tender meat of the sausage in every bite. This is a delicious combination that friends must order every time they come.

(3) Sauteed Snapper Fillet
The dish features sautéed sea bream fillets. The sea bream fillets are tender and juicy, with a tempting aroma. Squeeze some lemon juice to enhance the freshness and refreshing taste. Paired with homemade sauce, the whole dish has no sense of disobedience and tastes great.

2. Liba Lika (Italian Restaurant)















Address: No.788, Gongren North Road, Yiwu China
Tel: 17758081977

Liba Lika is a restaurant that specializes in very delicious thin-crust pizza. They make their pizzas by hand to ensure the best taste and quality in each one. Here, you are free to choose your favorite flavor, and even try a combination of Shuangpin. Whether you like classic Italian flavors or creative and unique flavors, Liba Lika can satisfy your taste buds.

While their thin-crust pizzas are being baked, you can watch every step of the way as they are made, allowing you to witness the pizza being born. The way they bake ensures that the pizza base is crunchy, the toppings are delicious, and every bite is full of Italian style and deliciousness. Whether it's the classic combination of salami, vegetables and cheese, or the innovative combination of seafood, fruits and vegetables and herbs, you can enjoy the combination of deliciousness and variety.

Liba Lika not only pays attention to the texture and taste of the pizza itself, but also provides a comfortable dining environment and friendly service. You can enjoy delicious food in the warm dining area and share good time with family and friends. Whether dining in or taking away, Liba Lika will bring you a delicious Italian feast with high-quality ingredients and carefully crafted pizza.

Recommended dishes: Various types of pizza

3. Niobal Sare Restaurant (Indian Restaurant)


















Address: No.374, Chengbei Road, Choucheng Street, Yiwu China
Tel: 13819940678

Niobal Restaurant is a unique fusion of Indian and Nepalese cuisine. They have introduced two experienced chefs from India and Nepal to bring you the most authentic taste and unique cooking experience.

When you come to Niobal Sare Restaurant, you will enjoy the unique charm of Indian and Nepalese cuisine. Whether it's the bursting mouthfeel of crispy water polo, or a variety of chicken platters, as well as authentic curry, Niobai Saler Restaurant will bring you a journey of appetite.

Recommended dishes:
(1) Crispy water polo
At Nb Sal, you must not miss one of their signature dishes, crispy water polo. This traditional Indian dish features crispy balls filled with your own DIY dip. When you bite into it, the crispy balls pop open, releasing rich flavors and aromas for a unique palate experience.

(2) Chicken platter
Their chicken platter carefully selects high-quality chicken and offers a variety of cooking methods according to different tastes to ensure that the chicken tastes tender and juicy. You can try different flavors, from spicy to mild, and each bite will bring you a different taste.

(3) Indian curry
The curry dishes at Nb Sal Restaurant are famous for their rich spices and unique seasonings. Whether you like spicy or mild, they can adjust the taste of curry according to your taste preference, so that you can feel the charm of authentic Indian curry.

4. Sutan (Turkish Restaurant)
















Address: No.475, Chouzhou North Road, Yiwu China
Tel: 0579-85547474

Sutan is an award-winning Turkish restaurant known for its grilled meats. The roast meat here is selected from the finest meat and cooked using traditional methods to ensure that the meat is tender, juicy and full of aroma. Many of the guests who come to Sutan Restaurant are foreigners, and they are full of praise for the barbecue here.

When you come to Sutan Restaurant, you will appreciate the mellow aroma of barbecue, the uniqueness of rice pudding and the sweetness of ice cream. The food here attracts many foreigners and makes them feel the unique food culture of Turkey.

Recommended dishes:
(1) BBQ platter
Whether it's charcoal-grilled lamb, grilled chicken or roast beef, each piece of meat has been carefully processed to retain its original flavor, allowing you to experience the rich authentic flavor while tasting Turkish cuisine.

(2) Rice pudding
This dessert combines traditional rice with pudding, which is soft and delicate with a slight sweetness. Every mouthful of rice pudding exudes a unique rice fragrance, which is intoxicating. The finishing touch is the crushed pistachio on top of the pudding, served with complimentary ice cream, you'll love it.

(3) Ice cream
Whether dine in or take away, we recommend trying their ice cream platters. This platter contains a variety of flavors of ice cream, each bite can taste a different taste. Whether you prefer classic vanilla, rich chocolate or refreshing fruit flavors, Sutan's ice cream platters will satisfy your taste buds and bring you a sweet treat.


5. Bedi (Turkish Restaurant)


















Address: No.479, Chouzhou North Road, Yiwu, China
Tel: 0579-89055789

Bedi Restaurant is a Turkish restaurant that provides customers with an authentic Turkish food experience. They are known for their grilled meat platters, which are juicy and juicy with fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.

For those who love Turkish tastes, this is a place worth trying. However, for customers who are not familiar with Turkish cuisine or have different taste habits, it may take some getting used to.

Recommended dishes:
(1) Seafood Soup
The seafood soup here tastes great. A bowl of soup is paired with a few fresh and large pieces of fresh shrimp, plus some lemons. The unique seasoning surprises the taste buds.

(2) Spicy Pot Cheese Curry Shrimp
Served with Turkish flatbread, this dish is delicious. The aroma of cheese curry shrimp is tangy, and the shrimp meat is tender and juicy after a bite. It tastes great when paired with the special Turkish flatbread.

(3) Lemon Shrimp
For lovers of lemon, lemon shrimp is definitely a delicacy not to be missed. The chef carefully selects each shrimp to ensure its freshness and deliciousness. By adding the unique seasoning of lemon, the shrimp exudes a fresh and sour taste, which makes you feel more pleasant during the tasting process and has an endless aftertaste.

(4) Salmon bread tower
This dish takes salmon as the protagonist, and it is paired with the chef's unique special sauce, which has a rich and varied taste. The crispy bread tower is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and the combination of fresh salmon and special sauce inside will make you feel full of satisfaction after one bite.

6. Grandfather's House (Syrian Restaurant)

















Address: No.475 Chouzhou North Road, Yiwu, China

Special roll
A well-deserved signature, a crepe filled with fruits and brownies, covered with thick chocolate sauce, the heat and sweetness are bursting in one bite, it can be paired with a pot of their coffee or black tea, slowly savor an afternoon.

When you come to Grandfather's Restaurant, you can slow down and savor this unique "Special roll". Its unique taste and careful preparation will bring you an unforgettable culinary journey, allowing you to appreciate the unique charm of Syrian cooking. Why not come to grandpa's house and enjoy this delicious dish with family and friends.


7. Terrace (Mexican Restaurant)


















Terrace is famous for its rich and varied Mexican cuisine, allowing you to experience the unique charm of Mexican culture while tasting food. Whether you're interested in sandwiches, nachos or salmon tartare, Terrace will take you on a flavorful journey.

Recommended dishes:
(1) Mexican beef tacos
Mexican beef burritos are one of Terrace's signature dishes. The crunchiness of the sandwich is just right, and the beef is tender and juicy. Paired with slightly sweet and sour tomato sauce and sandwich cheese, you can feel the wonderful balance of flavors in every bite.

(2) Minced meat corn flakes
These cornflakes are crunchy, and it is recommended that you add some cheese for a richer taste

(3) Salmon Tartare
A very refreshing dish, the combination of salmon and avocado is wonderful, making people feel the delicious taste and fresh flavor.

Thank you for reading the first issue of "Yiwu Food Guide"! We took you through Yiwu's unique food culture and diverse food choices. During this period, we recommend 7 selected restaurants to you, each with its own unique characteristics and delicacies. We know that this is just the tip of the iceberg of Yiwu's food culture. In the next issue, we will continue to bring you more selected restaurants.

Whether you are interested in international cuisine, or want to taste authentic local dishes, we will provide you with a comprehensive food guide. As a professional China sourcing agent, we also provide the best one-stop service, from sourcing to shipping. If you have any needs, welcome to contact us!

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