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4 cylinder diesel engine

A four-cylinder engine, which can also be called a four-cylinder engine, is a machine capable of converting one form of energy into another, more useful form of energy.

Usually it is the conversion of chemical energy into mechanical energy. Sometimes the term engine applies to both the power generating unit and to the entire machine including the power unit. The basic principle of a four-cylinder engine is to convert the thermal energy of petrol (diesel) into mechanical energy by pushing the pistons to work as the gases burned in the sealed cylinder expand.
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Model characteristics:

Leading domestic DPF technology for driving, parking and service regeneration More than hundreds of thousands of national five products have been used in advance, with mature technology and professional service, users can rest assured to use.

(1)Strong adaptability

The intake flow sensor has been changed to a venturi sensor to meet higher accuracy requirements, and the crankcase ventilation adopts a closed cycle system to meet higher emission requirements. The structure of the National 6 is as much as possible consistent with the National 5 and is highly versatile.

(2)Perfect performance

Adopting four valves, overhead camshaft, small worm gear supercharger, patented double tangential airways, high injection pressure of 2000 bar, precise control of gas distribution to achieve efficient combustion, fuel consumption level is more than 1L lower than competing products. The best choice for customers.

(3)Comfortable and durable

The adoption of a full floating plastic cylinder head cover and chain drive greatly reduces engine noise and makes driving more comfortable.

Adopt high-strength body design, internal cooling piston + wedge-shaped pin seat + graphite treated piston skirt and surface chrome plated phosphate piston ring, reduce the use of failure, effectively extend the service life of the engine, users more worry-free!

(4)Long oil change

Adopting integrated oil cooling, composite multi-layer filter paper and other technologies, the 50,000 km long oil change can meet the use needs of light vehicles for one year, improving the occupancy rate and saving time, money and heart for users.

This article focuses on the definition of a four-cylinder diesel engine and its characteristics to give you a more detailed understanding of it. If you want more information, you can contact FAW, which has high quality4 cylinder diesel engines for sale.

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