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What Exactly is 3D Product Animation?

3D animation is a way of presenting your product in a 3D space through video. It has seen a significant improvement in the last few years, partly due to the film industry and the development of 3D animation techniques. In the last few years, 3D product videos became more affordable, and various industries use them for advertising purposes. Many industries like the food industry, mechanical, construction, and aerospace industry use product animation to put a spotlight on the product’s greatest features.


Old methods such as creating scale models vanished from the process. It means the 3D video industry and marketers can now enjoy faster prototyping, quicker marketing and promoting a product more efficiently than before.

Xiamen Xuntend Media Co,.Ltd is a full service 3D animation studio based in Xiamen China, specializing in high-quality realistic 3D engineering technical animation for trade show animations, instructional videos, product marketing videos and more!



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