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Thank You Papi

Spirit2Spirit MinistryFor those of you who don’t know me…and that’s just about everyone…

My name is Denny Jenkins; my brother Michael and I are founders of “Spirit 2 Spirit Message Music Ministry Communications Inc.”  We formally incorporated almost two years ago and are a fairly young 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.  We are a ministry of music and hope.

We are honored to be members of this network and thank Shawn for his public relations and promotional work for us (praying only to do our share in helping heal the world)  We believe a ministries duty in Christ is to help the disadvantaged, less fortunate, non-believers, believers and the undecided build a meaningful personal spiritual relationship with God to find purpose in living. We believe we are all blessed with gifts and talents and when nurtured and used in a purpose greater than self will lead to a meaningful joyous life. In order for any individual or organization to achieve and build on their goals they require cooperation, partnerships and support from others to succeed.

Shawn Papi explained to me the purpose for building The Hey Papi Network was to achieve just this! He went on to say the purpose for our Business Networking Dinner Event was to create an intimate setting for each of us to meet and establish relationships greater than new friendships and business alliances. He prays we will become brothers and sisters in Christ. I believe that is the key for one another’s unconditional support.

With faith we claim the victory…

Denny & Mike Jenkins

Spirit 2 Spirit Ministry


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