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When you get into something older than you, ask"the good way" from those who have been there before you came.
We are all children of God, but we don't operate at the same level of revelation and authority. Even in heaven, there are Elders!
In the body of Christ, we are in three levels. Children, Emerging leaders and Fathers. 1 John 2: 12-14.#ReceiveSense
Anyone teaching you that you are equal with the Elders in the faith is preparing you for self-destruction. #ReceiveSense
Lucifer craves for a lawless world, and he is working 24/7 to undermine the place of authority at home, church and society.
There are foundational truths that must remain unchanged irrespective of progress in time & civilization. Don't alter them!
Any "Reformation" that seeks to change the unchanging statutes, precepts and concepts of God's infallible Word is 'Deformation.'
Fathers of faith are not necessarily titled clergies,but those raised by God into that dimension of authority & Responsibility.
Elders & Fathers of faith are "Made by God" and chosen from "the furnace of affliction" to guide and lead the body of Christ.
Titles don't make a person an Elder in the faith. The fact that we have opportunists who are masquerading as elders and fathers and causing harm; that doesn't mean the underline principle is questionable. What we need is the discernment to distinguish between fake and the real deal. Just as nature teaches us the value of parents, spiritually, God has put in place parents in the faith. This equality notion designed to grant premature independence to people who should be under genuine authority is responsible for the madness we see in Pentecostal circles today. We don't worship men but God, but failure to submit to spiritual authority leads to spiritual chaos.
We are in a state of chaos in Christendom today, especially within pentecostal circles because children and emerging leaders are now parading themselves as elders and fathers of the faith. As a result, the children of God are misled, misinformed, and misdirected, leading to colossal damages. The underline cause of this mayhem is the quest for control and earthly vanities. God is correcting this error in his own way!
Dr. Etta
GFC Visionary
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