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Kingdom Blessings All,


This appeal goes out to all the members of this network, and all those connected to your personal networks...     Please share this if you will...

Recent events have made it all too clear that life here on earth is just a moment, and there are no guarantee's any one of us will see tomorrow, but if we are granted that blessing it counts so much what we do with today, and each day granted.  We must show resilience in our efforts to pursue what we feel is our life's purpose, ever praying for guidance to be true to what we feel is our calling.  I was taught by my parents  (Bless their souls; May they R.I.P.)  that it was not always in my best interest to give me what I thought I wanted, but to teach me that I might attain things myself and share them with others.  A lesson well learned, while also learning to give is to receive.  My goal is to teach others those same principles, while hoping to help provide viable skills to enable and motivate them to become contributing independents' and  spiritually grounded individuals.  The work is not hard when it's a labor of love in "Gods' service."


We realize these are hard economic times, but there are those who give to seed their harvest and those able and willing to give back because they know any success or substance they have acquired....


This says it all...$5,00 raised by 1 person since it's creation....This is from our appeal at; http://www.gofundme.com/2fn040     


We are a  Christian based  501(c)3 non-profit organization.  We have a Ministry site that informs anyone (curious enough to check out or  willing to help), about our efforts,  We hope you will inquire.  We are a home based unit,  until God provides a facility through His people.

We are a Music Ministry as well, but without a operating or promotional budget, It's not easy to raise funds selling music.  At present, we are operating out of pocket. and  it's a job just to maintain our websites.  We have given away most of our product and will continue to do so because we feel the music we produce is more like a public service, but to get real...it comes at a price....longing for the day when money will no longer be an issue.





Thank you & may God Truly bless you all 

Denny & Mike Jenkins

...Spirit 2 Spirit...






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