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Hello, I trust everyone is doing great today! I love to teach on faith and healing. My wife and I go into churches and have what we call a "Day of Healing"; where we teach on healing and minister to the sick in Jesus' Name. I have a book called "God's Will is Healing for Everyone" on Amazon if you would like more teaching. One point that I like to bring out is that healing is in Jesus' atonement (the stripes He bore for us, and all that He did at Calvary). The reason that is important is because the atonement was for everyone, and since healing is in His atonement then healing is for everyone. Now listen, that does not mean that healing will be automatically manifested in your body because it's in the atonement; you still must receive by faith and appropriate your healing, just like you did for salvation. Matthew 8:16 says that Jesus healed ALL who were sick.  Since Jesus said that He only did the will of His Father, and He healed ALL who were sick, then healing must be God's will for all people!  Also, our youtube channel is: Dwayne Norman Victory in the Word, and I have 4 video messages entitled "How to Live Free from Sickness and Disease Parts 1-4". It is time that we (Christians) learn how to use the faith God gave us to experience all that Jesus finished for us in His death and resurrection!


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Dwayne and Leia Norman. Website: dwaynenormanministries.org Youtube channel is: Dwayne Norman Victory in the Word

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