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Building A Dynasty

8466484865?profile=originalBuilding A Dynasty

Kingdom Blessings All.

When most people are getting ready for sleep or rest from a long day or night of doing whatever it takes to maintain their status in life, (job, family, kids, business, ministry, ect...) or build on what they have accomplished, I’m wide awake, can’t sleep or rest.  My mind seems to stay in a state of unrest because I know someone doesn’t have a place to sleep, and somebody kids don’t have food to eat; ect…but; some couple just flew to the islands to have dinner and have a private jet waiting to get them home so they won’t miss their tennis lesson the next day, but I have no control over it.

When I was a active addict I would burn the candle on both ends to get and stay high until I was burned out just not to have to deal with so called reality…I had no control over that either.

However, today even though I can’t sleep because of the things out of my control, The Holy Spirit that lives within me reassures me “We” as a people can make a difference.

For years black people have been asked to pool their resources to become owners of businesses instead of just consumers only to eventually sell out and think about themselves, once again…like crabs in a barrel, pulling one another down being their own worst enemy never realizing the enemy in self.  Don’t delude yourself…The truth is, it’s going to get worse before it gets better, yet those who have made up minds to be their brothers keeper will prosper even in times such as these. However; you have to be genuine, and you must have faith!  Guilt will destroy any hope for change, so it is not my intention to feed ones guilt, but to let you know you can make a difference.  Together we can save lives, create businesses and jobs; cloth and feed the needy, care for the elderly, mentor our youth, care for the handicapped and those who live with infectious disease, fund feasible research…HEAL THE LAND… As individuals, we can…SHOP TILL WE DROP…. and leave it all behind when we DIE for our families to dispute over. 

We need your support to make a difference…Give and it shall be given you, pressed down, 100 fold if you have faith in something other than yourselves.  I shared this because the Spirit within compelled me to, and maybe…some of you can’t sleep either…

Stay encouraged, & be blessed!

Denny & Mike


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