This group is intended for all public speakers, poets, musicians and artists to fellowship and network with each other. This group will also be notified when event planners or members have events and contract opportunities for you to perform. 


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  • Just posted an article on hearing from God and setting and achieving your goals. 
    Why We Don't Get What We Want. I think you'll get something out of it. It was shared at World Congress in Nairobi, Kenya in August 2023. 
    Are you ready to DO whatever it takes. 
    To save posting the same info twice check it out here.

  • What is the value of mentorship?
    That depends on how it used, mentorship can be:-
    Permanent or short term.
    It can be admiration or two way conversation.
    It can be paid or unpaid.
    It can be inspirational or correctional.
    It can be from someone you are close to or an arms length leader.

    However :- mentorship should always move you forward, don't stay where you are, change nothing and expect to grow to new levels.

    With this in mind for African Christian Leaders we have established 'Whatever It Takes'. a group on Africa's premier leadership, maturity and unity network, Africa Network BFTF with regular zoom meetings with questions and feedback on leadership issues.
    To join the next zoom on May 11 you would need to be a member of Africa Network BFTF here

    and then join 'Whatever It Takes'. #discipleship #leadership #leaders #change #africa  


  • Hello everyone, I'm excited to be in this group! Blessings. 

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