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Dec 13, 2021
Sheron Mingo Y left a comment on Public Speakers, Poets, Musicians, and Artists Group
"Hello everyone, I'm excited to be in this group! Blessings. "
Dec 1, 2021
Sheron Mingo Y left a comment on Women Of Grace Fellowship Group
"Hello women of grace😇
I’m Sheron Mingo Y. I’m new on this site so why not introduce yourselves.
Blessings and hope you will become my friends🙏🏼"
Dec 1, 2021
Sheron Mingo Y replied to Mr. Shawn Papi's discussion The Hallelujah Diet in 🔥☀️WELCOME to the Health, Fitness and Nutrition Tips Group!☀️🔥
"Sounds vibrant and healthy. I will post a few recipes. Blessings!"
Dec 1, 2021

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Arverne, NY


August 1

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Author, Guest Host & Transformational Speaker, SuperMementosYea LLC Gift Shop.

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Author, Poet

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Sheron Mingo Y is a multi-genre indie writer and owner of SuperMementosYea LLC and has an MFA degree. She writes and designs original gifts inspired by her innate need to create. See gift items in her online shop supermementosyea.bigcartel.com, amazon and on her website. Try her five cookbooks and enjoy 500 delightful organic Caribbean-American recipes whether you’re a carnivore, vegetarian or vegan!


Sheron writes poetry, fiction, inspirational and more. She simply writes what intrigues her and impacts others and has studied the rudiments of writing. Her writing brings readers linguistic flare with fusions of humor and embellished cadences of life’s joys and pains (see originals on her website: www.sheronmingoy.com). Her poetry collection arrives by February 2022.


Additionally, Sheron guest host’s events and is a transformational speaker who believes that resilience and reinvention are essentials of life. And that life is an endless ride that is sometimes complex and sometimes effortless. But Sheron Mingo Y is a talented-charismatic-transformational-speaker a multi-genre indie author and entrepreneur! Visit her online shop. Invite her to guest host or speak at your special event and expect awesome results when you collaborate.


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