This group was created for members who are Pastors, Evangelist, Teachers, Prophets, Apostles, and Ministry Leaders. We encourage everyone to come and meet other ministry leaders and to share your spiritual insights, fellowship, experiences, prayers, and encouragement for one another. It is a blessing to know each of you and I pray that this group will bless your lives and creates new friendships with other ministry leaders around the globe. 


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  • Are you planning a Christian event open to all believers (not just your church) over the coming weeks or months?

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  • As an ordained pastor and licensed Social Worker, I have been developing neighborhood ministries and assisting churches to develop them since 1974, training pastors to minister to their members since 1984, and training Social Workers to minister to spiritual needs since 1996. I also have a number of books and manuscripts, as well as online courses on Udemy on the basics of the Christian faith, Christian values, and building effective churches.
  • The church has allowed the world to dominate the discussion with its values and we need to stand up for God's values. It is becoming increasingly dangerous to stand up for God's values in America but believers all over the world are laying down their lives for the Gospel.
  • What is the value of mentorship?
    That depends on how it used, mentorship can be:-
    Permanent or short term.
    It can be admiration or two way conversation.
    It can be paid or unpaid.
    It can be inspirational or correctional.
    It can be from someone you are close to or an arms length leader.

    However :- mentorship should always move you forward, don't stay where you are, change nothing and expect to grow to new levels.

    With this in mind for African Christian Leaders we have established 'Whatever It Takes'. a group on Africa's premier leadership, maturity and unity network, Africa Network BFTF with regular zoom meetings with questions and feedback on leadership issues.
    To join the next zoom on May 11 you would need to be a member of Africa Network BFTF here

    and then join 'Whatever It Takes'. #discipleship #leadership #leaders #change #africa 
  • New post: "Caregivers, Caretakers" -
    Caregivers, Caretakers
    These caregiving, caretaking tips might help.
  • All Nations TV is a 24/7 Christian Television Network that has a platform that circles the world. We can viewed on the internet or on ROKU. You can catch us on ROKU by looking for All Nations TV Channel. You can find us on the internet at If you would like to have a broadcast on the network, please reach out to me at 9403684886 and leave a message or text.
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  • The Bible reveals that God is deeply concerned about justice and calls us to share in this concern (Isaiah 1:17 Micah 6:7). My anticorruption Christian initiative (Voice of God Movement) is a movement of the gospel for societal renewal. I love to encourage church leaders to stand up and use the Bible to help control corruption in our current would.
    Over one billion people in the world live in poverty due to corruption.
    I do what I do by creating compelling contents that can help raise awareness, reset mindsets, change attitudes and stir Churches in developing countries to rise and help control corruption in their societies.
    I love to share biblical inspirations that can help transform people and societies with Pastors.
  • I will be happy to interact with pastors, evangelists and apostles around the world. I am am missionary travelling minister and ministered on every continent over the last 40+ years. My primary areas of mission interest are India and Africa where our ministry runs an online network for developing African ministers, we visit when we we can. See my profile for fiull details, feel free to send me a friend request or join one of our programs.
    • Hello Sir! Nice meeting you here
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Why are National Groups Important to Change the Spiritual Environment of a Nation?

 Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what can you do for your country. ~JFK  We believe that by pastors and leaders gathering together and sharing information about ministry, praying for each other, assisting where possible and undertaking some joint events, a great sense of unity in the church in a nation can be developed which will cause the world to sit up and take notice, like Jesus referred to in John 17. We encourage you to join your national group and have your say, add…

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Do you REALLY know why we don't get what we want?

Just posted an article on hearing from God and setting and achieving your goals. Why We Don't Get What We Want. I think you'll get something out of it. It was shared at World Congress in Nairobi, Kenya in August 2023. Are you ready to DO whatever it takes. To save posting the same info twice check it out here.

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Double Your IMPACT

Most Christian leaders are wasting their time on social media, not because they spend hours drooling through the newsfeed but because of how their page looks, what they post, what they don't post.We would like to let you in to a little research and a few simple tips to build your profile in all forms of social media to double your IMPACT in just 10 minutes a day. What do you call a person that knows what to do but doesn't do it? The same as a person that is offered a solution to their problem…

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YOUR KINGDOM COME The Lord's Prayer, Not a liturgy, Not a model prayer; But a whole new way of life.

 YOUR KINGDOM COME Howard Sands The Lord's Prayer, Not a liturgy, Not a model prayer; But a whole new way of life. It's a teaching on victorious living, including character, behaviour and how to conduct our relationship with God.In the Lord's Prayer Jesus was giving more than a liturgy, but an instruction about the whole of life. This book is for those wanting to progress in the Kingdom. More information here   If you…

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