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This group was created for members who are Pastors, Evangelist, Teachers, Prophets, Apostles, and Ministry Leaders. We encourage everyone to come and meet other ministry leaders and to share your spiritual insights, fellowship, experiences, prayers, and encouragement for one another. It is a blessing to know each of you and I pray that this group will bless your lives and creates new friendships with other ministry leaders around the globe. 


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  • The Bible reveals that God is deeply concerned about justice and calls us to share in this concern (Isaiah 1:17 Micah 6:7). My anticorruption Christian initiative (Voice of God Movement) is a movement of the gospel for societal renewal. I love to encourage church leaders to stand up and use the Bible to help control corruption in our current would.
    Over one billion people in the world live in poverty due to corruption.
    I do what I do by creating compelling contents that can help raise awareness, reset mindsets, change attitudes and stir Churches in developing countries to rise and help control corruption in their societies.
    I love to share biblical inspirations that can help transform people and societies with Pastors.
  • I will be happy to interact with pastors, evangelists and apostles around the world. I am am missionary travelling minister and ministered on every continent over the last 40+ years. My primary areas of mission interest are India and Africa where our ministry runs an online network for developing African ministers, we visit when we we can. See my profile for fiull details, feel free to send me a friend request or join one of our programs.
    • Hello Sir! Nice meeting you here
    • Thank you peter, we are already friends on Africa Network BFTF.
      Thank you for connecting. Have you heard about the new fb group that ieveryone is getting super excited about for training and growing African leaders? Hundreds of people have now an found exciting family that actually wants to help them grow their leadership skills, provides free resources and training, free gifts and direct personal encouragement and mentorship to take it to the Next Level in ministry. You would be most welcome to join.
      We can all learn and we can all give something. If you would like to be a part of the exciting vision to grow 10,000+ African Christian Leaders this year, consider joining to grow personally and sharing some of your expertise to help others grow?
      There is a gift to all members who join called The Person God Uses, a powerful sermon series that may be helpful for you.
      There are 3 questions to get admitted to help with your training and send you your gifts. JOIN here
      Facebook Groups
      Growing African Christian Leaders has 740 members. Welcome to Growing African Christian Leaders by Beautiful Feet Task Force. Here is where you can c…
    • I am joining this Facebook Group right away. Thank you very much Sir!
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You Know There Are Things You Don't Know but ... You Don't Know What They Are.

You know some things. But you know there are other things you need to know. We are looking for 10,000+ Ministers of the gospel in Africa that want to maker a bigger impact for Jesus that need some help but also have something to give.Growing African Christian Leaders is a new family on facebook that will help you in that. Join our family this month and we would love to share with you this powerful sermon series as a free gift to help…

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