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July 27

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It is my desire to heal hearts, provide comfort & joy through song.  For a long time, I battled my inner turmoil regarding singing “secular” music.  I have come to discover and recognize that what I have been blessed with reaches people and their souls; I feel that is the greatest responsibility of any performer to cherish that and only present songs that speak to themselves; as well as, acknowledge the paths we all have traveled while leaving each listener in a better place mentally & spiritually.  

Through this vocalist’s interpretation of Jazz Standards and reinvention of songs of all genres, Tacha Coleman Parr bridges the gap between die-hard jazz lovers and those who are not - yet giving both audiences material to which they can relate.   “Tacha presents this magic with controlled tone - emoting syrupy sweet to achy and longing - becoming in the space of a couple of songs, petulant and withdrawn, or fiery and life-affirming. Her honesty to a song endears the listener; she knows how to use her voice and feels the music.  Indeed, she can interpret a lyric well enough to remind one of Carmen McRae, and the intimacy she creates is the sort that makes you believe — without question — that she is telling you a very personal story (Barry Nix, author, producer).”

Tacha began singing as a child, and admittedly “sang anything that could be sung”. Growing up in North Carolina, she received classical vocal training, and was also immersed in Gospel and Choral music. It wasn’t until she moved to the Washington, DC area that she began to explore other genres. Training and performing locally for several years, marriage and children pleasantly interrupted, yet did not derail her passion.  Tacha, a proficient singer with an impressive 4 1/2 octave range, continually studies her craft.   In 2014, Tacha began studying with local legends, Ron Elliston and Ronnie Wells-Elliston, both respected Washington, DC jazz educators & performers.  She has also had the honor of studying with other notable jazz performers and instructors such as Wayne Wilentz, Chris Grasso, Kenny Washington, Carmen Bradford, Giacomo Gates, Ann Hampton Callaway, Carmen Lundy, and, the late, Rebecca Parris. 

Her musical influences include her “holy trinity: Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald and Carmen McRae”  Added to that list is Nancy Wilson, Dianne Reeves, Termaine Crouch, Joe Williams, Ronnie Wells, Rebecca Parris, Chet Baker - according to Tacha “we could be here all day with this! I hope I have learned something from everyone I have ever heard sing or play an instrument. Local to national artists, professional singers to those who only sing on Sundays. I think my biggest influence - especially when I first began, were the singers at my church (Little Creek FWB - Ayden, NC & St. Augustine’s Catholic Church - Washington, DC).”

Having performed extensively around Metropolitan Washington, DC, in venues including The Kennedy Center, Twinn’s Lounge, Bus Boys & Poets, Westminster Church’s Jazz Night in Southwest, The East Coast Jazz Festival, The id-Atlantic Jazz Festival, The Carlyle Room, The Montpelier Art Center, JoJo’s @ U Street, Alice’s Jazz & Cultural Society (AJACS) and WPFW’s - Live at Five. Tacha began a 2 year run at DC’s historic Mr. Henry’s (2015-2017) in their Ladies of Jazz Series, and, in 2016, was voted one of the top three singers in The Washington City Paper “Best of…” Poll.  She has also graced stages in San Francisco, New Orleans, Costa Rica, Australia, Hawaii and England.  

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For event bookings, updates, and news, please visit my website at https://www.tachacolemanparrmusic.com/

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