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Hopewell, VA

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Hello my name is Chantel Williams and I am the owner and graphic designer of Maxxtell Creations, LLC. Our mission is to deliver quality and far-reaching graphic solutions that foster powerful connections. We work to craft interactive designs that are sure to innovate your vision and captivate your audience. Also social media management and marketing training services are offered. We believe in creating visual concepts that inspire and transform the way your customers view your brand. Click Here to learn more of the services that I offer


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Being a wife, mother, friend, and woman of many talents wearing multiple hats, Chantel faced an immediate interruption in her life, and was forced to pivot. Her force to pivot which created her willingness to balance change over time occurred during the 2020 Pandemic. She was immediately forced into full time entrepreneurship, when her job laid her off unexpectedly. She mentions that it was by the grace of God that she made it through. She goes on to share how her faithfulness, obedience, and sacrifice to God concerning the vision of her business is what kept her humble and even more determined after receiving the news that she would be laid off. The unemployed status pushed her into a different level and way of thinking and provided the ideal tools and resources needed to use her story as an empowerment platform to inspire others while encouraging them to continue living out their God given talent and vision.

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