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  • Hi Brother Shawn,
    Thanks so much for the quick approval LOL and for the warm welcome. Yes I did see that you were from Newark, NJ...I am actually from South Jersey but moved north when I graduated Kean University to begin teaching years ago...I live only 10 minutes from your old stomping grounds now LOL (Eliz and Newark are neighbors as you well know). Anyway yes I was hoping you promote NJ events as my dance ministry has a huge one coming up...where do I go on this site to promote the event OR do I send the info to you? Please inform asap thanks). Also I have an empowerment organization I will be launching soon here in NJ so I will promote that as well here if that's ok? Bless you my brother and the work the Lord has planted in your soul...I will keep this company in prayer...ttyl.
  • Whats up Shawn - miss you my brother hope that you join the laughter Oct 4th at First Sundays HEY back to where we met, NEW BEGINNINGS!
  • Well thank you. Congratulations on the site!
  • Hello Shawn. I will do exactly that. Talk to you soon.
  • Thanks. Good to be counted among the number!

  • Hello Mr. Papi!

    Thanks for adding me to the network! Have a number of events coming up and will be sure to use your services!

    Cheryl A. Pullins
  • Hi Shawn,

    I've added the 2009 People of the Word Retreat. I'd like to have this mailed to your 9000+ subscribers. What is the fee?
  • The pleasure is all ours!...God Bless Ya!

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  • Hi Bro. Shawn,

    Thanks for allowing me to join your Christian Network and I hope to attend the event scheduled for Sept 7, 2009

    God bless you,
    Sis Angela
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