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April 25

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https://Hallelujah Village Church Trust

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We are village Christians ministry and village churches

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Pastor / Bishop

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We are small,simple, humble village Christian ✝️independent faith based indigenous,interdenominational, non-profit Pentecostal evangelical gospel ministry and village churches in Vellore 🇮🇳 India we are conducting Sunday worship services in 13 different villages and we conducting

   Children's ministry vbs children ministry

   We are conducting villages pastors leadership meeting and village needy pastors welfare ministry

   Fasting intercession ministry

   Women ministry

   Food distribution

   Bible distribution

   New clothing distribution in 🎄Christmas and 🐣 Easter holiday season

   Tracts literature distribution

   Van truck outreach ministry

   Covid19 realif ministry

   Srilankan réfugiées welfare services

   Blinds and disabled and widows,orphans welfare ministry

   Please do pray 🙏and do needful support help for poor needy  by using PayPal mrsvijikumari@gmail.com

   MoneyGram ,Western union or RIA Money 💰transfer or Wire money 💰transfer to bank account  kindly send your love 💘 offerings by using PayPal mrsvijikumari@gmail.com


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