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Zeke Sistrunk commented on Dwayne and Leia Norman's event Your Mission: should you decide to accept it
"Looks like an awesome event! Sorry, I miss this!"
May 3
Zeke Sistrunk commented on Cecil H. Doggette's blog post Connecting Kids to Coverage National Campaign
"This is a great resource! Thank you for sharing!"
May 3
Dwayne and Leia Norman commented on Dwayne and Leia Norman's event Your Mission: should you decide to accept it
"Hi, thanks for your comment Shawn.  They have church there every Sunday, but I won't be there.  I am just their guest speaker for today (May 2, 2021).  Have a great weekend! 
And call me if you have anymore questions, thanks. "
May 2
Mr. Shawn Papi commented on Dwayne and Leia Norman's event Your Mission: should you decide to accept it
"I can't make this Sunday meeting. Dwayne, Is this event weekly? If so give me a call during the week."
May 2

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Upper Marlboro, MD


January 9

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Dr. Tasheka L. Green is a transformational servant leader who leads with the heart of a servant but the mind of a leader. She views leadership not as a position or a title, but a calling with a greater purpose. Dr. Green has over 20-years of experience as an educator. She is an inspirational speaker, influential coach, fourteen-time best selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, talk show host, and the Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of To Everything There is a Season, Incorporated which comprises of the following entities: The Deborah C. Offer Bulgin Business and Leadership Development Institute, To Everything There Is a Season Publishing, The Deborah C. Offer Bulgin Memorial Foundation, Women of Virtue Walking in Excellence Awards, Signature by William Green, and I am a QT...Queen in Training. 

She serves with a focus to support individuals and organizations in identifying the gifts and talents within themselves and providing them with the systems, structures, and resources to fulfill their purpose.

Her innovative coaching techniques influences personal, professional development, and organizational change. Because of her competency with bringing coherence to improving culture, systems, structures, and people, Dr. Green is sought after by many. The work of Dr. Green garnered her a feature in the Harvard University School of Education, Harvard edX Course, Introduction to Data Wise: A Collaborative Process to Improve Learning & Teaching.

A scholarly and virtuous woman of extraordinary faith, vision, talents, presence, and accomplishments, have allowed her to obtain a plethora of recognitions and awards. Dr. Green is an example of when preparation meets opportunity, the end result is success. She loves God and radiates with the joy of the Lord.

Dr. Green is married to William Z. Green Sr, and they have three beautiful children, Marquis, Mikayla, and William Jr. 

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To Everything There is a  Season Inc. is dedicated to providing personal, professional, leadership, and educational development through coaching, collaborating, consulting, and calibrating with individuals and organizations to support them in leveraging their talent, passion, and purpose to maximize an individual's and or organization’s greatest potential.

To Everything There is a Season Inc. is built on four pillars: A Season to Grow, A Season to Learn, A Season to Serve, and A Season to Give.

To Everything There is a Season Inc. is committed to providing high-quality service that is built on excellence, professionalism, integrity, and a culture of change and improvement.


To Everything There is a Season Inc. envisions bringing inspiration, innovation, and insight to individuals and organizations so that they can perform at their best.

"If you are still here, you have purpose, go and live a purposeful life."

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