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If you’ve been married for more than a month, you know marriage is amazing and wonderful, but it’s also hard work. It takes more than strong feelings; marriage takes intentionality, effort, sacrifice, and commitment to make it last. And just because you’re both Christians does not make marriage any easier. Christian marriages are particularly vulnerable to the Devil’s schemes — he would love nothing more than to see two people who are united in Christ become divided and broken.

It’s both easier and harder than ever to find good resources to help your Christian marriage thrive. It’s easier than ever, because we have so much great information at the tips of our fingers. But it’s also harder than ever, because there are a lot of voices out there telling us what to do and what to believe, and it can be hard to know which of those to trust.

Yes, marriage is hard, but it’s also possible to make your marriage last. It’s possible to bear good fruit and find more joy than you thought possible i