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Distracted driving kills.

In 2010, AT&T launched the “It Can Wait” program, educating distracted drivers that no call, text, email, or notification is worth dying for. Over the years, AT&T has turned ‘It Can Wait’ into a social movement through its award-winning ad campaigns and activations. The campaign to end distracted driving has achieved tremendous success, inspiring over 36 million Americans to take the pledge. But the work is not done.

In 2018, AT&T was looking to reach Gen Z, Millennials and adults 35-54 where they are most highly engaged and active—on their mobile devices to:

• Drive mass awareness through messaging that creates advocates, changes behavior, and generates positive sentiment for the brand

• Leverage innovative tactics and test new approaches to traditional media to create buzz and promote engagement


Speak up - to help reduce distracted driving
57% of people are more likely to stop driving distracted if a friend or passenger pressures them to. 1 That means half