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Christian Marriage Resources

Christian Marriage Resources

If you’ve been married for more than a month, you know marriage is amazing and wonderful, but it’s also hard work. It takes more than strong feelings; marriage takes intentionality, effort, sacrifice, and commitment to make it last. And just because you’re both Christians does not make marriage any easier. Christian marriages are particularly vulnerable to the Devil’s schemes — he would love nothing more than to see two people who are united in Christ become divided and broken.

It’s both easier and harder than ever to find good resources to help your Christian marriage thrive. It’s easier than ever, because we have so much great information at the tips of our fingers. But it’s also harder than ever, because there are a lot of voices out there telling us what to do and what to believe, and it can be hard to know which of those to trust.

Yes, marriage is hard, but it’s also possible to make your marriage last. It’s possible to bear good fruit and find more joy than you thought possible in your marriage. We hope that these resources will help guide you and your spouse into greater intimacy, trust and love as you live out your calling to love one another all the days of your life.

Here below are some great Christian faith-based Marriage Resources by First Baptist Church of Glenarden.

Couples Focus Studies are six to 10-week intensive studies designed to address issues and concerns that marriages face. Classes are available year-round, and each focus study has a specific subject matter. The classes help couples gain a deeper knowledge of biblical principles and how to apply the principles to their marriage.
Meeting Day/Time: 7 p.m. Days vary, please check with the ministry.
Sign up to receive updates and announcements at https://fbcglenarden.org/ministries/couples-focus-studies/
Couples Mentoring encourages married couples to develop and maintain healthy marriages. Couples will be equipped by going through two 12-week sessions which consist of proven strategies, principles, and practices adopted from the Home Run Marriages conflict resolution method. One-on-one mentoring is also available. Classes begin in March and October.
Meeting Day/Time: 7 p.m. Days vary, please check with the ministry.
Sign up to receive updates and announcements at https://fbcglenarden.org/ministries/couples-mentoring/
3. COUPLES 8@8
Doing life together is what Couples 8@8 is all about. Small groups are established for accountability, spiritual growth and relationship building. This is done through sharing of the Word of God and regular engaging activities.
Meeting Day/Time: 7 p.m. Days vary, please check with the ministry.
Sign up to receive updates and announcements at https://fbcglenarden.org/ministries/couples-88/
Couples in Discipleship is a 10-month discipleship ministry designed to foster greater intimacy between a husband, wife and Jesus Christ.
Meeting Day/Time: Wednesday and Thursday, 7 p.m. and Sunday, noon
Email Address: cid@fbcglenarden.org
Sign up to receive updates and announcements at https://fbcglenarden.org/ministries/couples-in-discipleship-cid/
Whether you’re newly married, have been with your spouse for a number of years or are engaged, our monthly Couples fellowships and date nights help reinforce the covenant of marriage.
Meeting Day/Time: 2nd Saturday, 7 p.m.
Email Address: couples@fbcglenarden.org
Sign up to receive updates and announcements at https://fbcglenarden.org/ministries/couples-ministry/
Newlyweds in Discipleship is a 10-month discipleship ministry for couples married three years or less. This ministry is designed to provide tools necessary to have a godly marriage that can last a lifetime.
Meeting Day/Time: February-December
Email Address: nid@fbcglenarden.org
Sign up to receive updates and announcements at https://fbcglenarden.org/ministries/newlyweds-in-discipleship-nid/
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