Since the recorded beginnings of language, Poetry has been a sacred pathway to the soul.

Whether read silently from the page or exhorted aloud on the stage, poetry is powerful! Poetry can inspire hope, poetry can build faith, poetry can encourage and motivate. Poetry can comfort those who mourn. Poetry fosters community. Poetry is spiritual because it touches the heart of the reader and the soul of the listener. The Bible contains several poetic books because God is the original and eternal Poet! 

Connecting with people through P.O.E.M. is the core of the ministry of The Poetic Evangelist. Through LIVE events, spoken word presentations, poetry readings, direct mail campaigns, print media, online videos, etc. -- The Poetic Evangelist shares the Good News with people from all walks of life. 

With the help of P.O.E.M. Partners, the out- reach sows seeds of faith, hope and love, as well as...

 - Clothing and food for orphans, widows, & elderly
 - Clothing and school supplies for disadvan- taged children
 - Infant care supplies for nursing mothers in need
 - Assistance for shelter, medical, & dental care
 - Evangelism crusades and summer camps

​P.O.E.M.'s mandate is the Great Commission! Your
 donations are tax-deductible.

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Gail Moss dedicated her life to God in her childhood. It was during her teen years, while grieving her mother's passing, that she started to write poetry as a form of ministry. Gail discovered inspiration and encouragement in the pages of the Holy Bible.


Gail Moss is known as "The Poetic Evangelist", and her mission is to make a righteous impact in the lives of others through written and spoken poetry. The Author has curated a passionate collection of spirit and life writings that exemplify her love for God. She believes her poems invoke His presence, ignite a passion, and inspire the people who experience them.


Mrs. Moss earned her degree in Christian Ministry, is a Certified Christian Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Spoken Word Artist, and the founder of P.O.E.M. Her favorite scripture since childhood is John 3:16.


The Poetic Evangelist currently resides with her family in Southern Maryland.

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