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Decatur, GA


January 1

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Marvin Plater

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LCD Housing Solutions is a national funding agent with access to over 240 Capital Sources consisting of banks, financial institutions, and very wealthy individuals. We have over 100+ loan portals, 10,000 loan variations, 200+ loan agents, a loan school with second to none tools for students that are learning the craft, earning while learning, and ground-breaking technology from pricing engines to mobile applications.

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Business Owner, Networking

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As real estate investors ourselves, we know how hard it can be to grow!
That's why we built a different path called LCD Housing Solutions, LLC.

Founded by investors who wanted a better way to the life they envision, we help other investors use real estate to scale their income, their freedom, and their lifestyle. All without the long hours, strained relationships, and relentless headaches, etc.

Business Consulting Services

Does your story sound like any of the following...

  • Long hours with no payoff

  • A revenue roller coaster that never ends

  • The aroma of desperation chasing leads

  • Personal relationships on the decline

  • Making money for someone else

  • Missing out on the lifestyle you deserve

We help real estate entrepreneurs scale operations, optimize their business, and make more money.

We Buy and Sell Properties

We’re the cash home buyers in Decatur, GA who help people get a fresh start from tough situations.

  • Structural issues

  • Facing foreclosure

  • Need for cosmetic fix-up

  • Retirement or downsizing

  • Liquidating assets to pay bills

  • Death of a loved one

  • Inheriting a property you can’t keep

  • Troublesome mortgage terms

  • …and many more

Paying by Phone
Credit Restoration Services

We can show you exactly what’s hurting your score & how you can work to fix it. Get your FREE online credit evaluation now!

  • FREE credit score

  • FREE recommended credit solution

Who needs credit repair services?
Turns out millions of people have inaccurate or unfair negative items wrongfully hurting their score. Credit repair is the process of finding and addressing these questionable items.

Unsecured Loan Funding

We can help you get funding within 7 business days!

  • No application fees

  • No collateral

  • No appraisals

Unsecured funding can be used for renovation repairs, real estate investments, franchise investments, investing in stock, debt consolidation, student loans, medical bills, and much more.

To learn more about our services, please visit our website at https://www.lcdhousingsolutions.com



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