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April 9

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Hi, my name is Sabrina Thompson. I design orbits and trajectories for NASA (unmanned) missions. In addition, I run a company called GIRL IN SPACE CLUB where our mission is to inspire more girls to become tomorrow’s innovators using art (particularly fashion) and STEM. We make STEM fun and fashionable. I’m interested in connecting with analog astronauts and learning more about mission opportunities.

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GIRL IN SPACE CLUB was established by a real-life Rocket Scientist who was that girl in high school who owned every pair of Jordans you could imagine. Our streetwear line caters mostly to women and girls (however, we love you too, fellas). We pride ourselves on making Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fun and fashionable. We do this through our art, books, STEMulating Art® program, fashion line, and other merch.

Our fashion line is known for its unique, androgynous style that blends street flavor with a little bit of “nerdiness” and inspiration. Our most infamous designs feature an astronaut with dreadlocks protruding out of her helmet. She represents the future of space exploration: more women and more inclusive.
Our products and services aim to keep girls inspired and engaged in STEM from their first day of school to the moment they become innovators who change the world!

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