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Melisa Cross posted a status
I am currently working on a multi-post study that I'm excited to share the first past of.
Jun 21
Melisa Cross posted a blog post
One of the stories of the Bible that I find most intriguing, is the story of Deborah (D’vorah). Deborah was a judge and prophetess, one of only three prophetesses listed in the Old Testament, along with Miryam, the sister of Moses, and Huldah who…
Jun 16
Melisa Cross posted a blog post
As I read the verses that I’m going to use as the focus of this post, I have meditated on them, prayed about them, and then did a word breakdown into the Hebrew for multiple words in the verses. In sharing them, I am going to take a page from the…
Jun 13
Melisa Cross posted a status
I am excited to be able to share my blogs here. Here is the link to read the ones that are posted as I am not sure that I will try migrate them all to here.
Jun 11

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Lahoma, OK


July 31

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Just a wife, mother and grandmother with a passion for the Lord that has led me to writing about the things He shows me as I walk with Him and as I study His Word.

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