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Nov 24
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Pastor Ann
Pastor Ann
Thanksgiving a word that is set aside for a special day. A word that is used on a daily basis.

Some people say it is a day that we set aside to fellowship with family members as we give thanks together.

Some say it's a day set aside to give thanks for what others has done and it's in there memory.

Thanksgiving for me is daily. Giving thanks to God first for life, what is life to me.. Christ in me is life to me.. Paul says I live but not I, but Christ that liveth in me. The very breath that I BREATHE is God himself.

I'm thankful for the LOVE of God. That Love that cause him to put on flesh and walk as man on earth, the God that is fully man and fully God, the fulness of the God head bodily. The God that through his Love brought reparations to me, to mankind, (to bring us back into a spiritual reconnection to our God). In brief.

What an awesome God. Such Love that many today cannot understand, I thank God, that through his revelation, I humbly embraced that revelation and that knowledge of the awesomeness and loving kindness of our great and mighty God.

Lord I thank you that you are my King. You are my rock, my strength, my life, my source, my councilor, my shelter, my healer Jahoviah Rapha, my provider Jehoviah Jireh, Adoni, Yahweh, my butler, Jehavoh God.. the I AM.. You are my God.
I am so greatful for your love, your grace, Oh Lord, You are the uncreated creator.

Thank you Lord. Thank you, thank you, for who you are, all you have done, all you are doing now. Thank you.. Lord words cannot express my gratitude, infinite, unreachable, unfathomable God. None like you Lord. There is none like unto you. I thank you that you are my life. The greater one that liveth in me. Christ in me the hope of glory. Thank you Lord. Thank you. I love you Lord. I appreciate you. Glory to God. Thank you for your mercies In Jesus Name Amen.
#Thanksgiving #lovingsaviour #God #love #restoration #Jesus #king

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